Friday, July 31, 2015

German Gref, Putin's confidant and associate: Crimea is not Russia

The funny feeling (such as when a person digests something very rotten) when you realize or see confirmed again that the so-called Russian liberal opposition is not only in opposition, but that it is established in the Russian government where it has been making decisions and effecting strategies.

German Gref, head of Sberbank, thanks to Putin and once one of Putin's mentors and strategists, declared in his interview for WDR, Media Training Devision DW-Akademie that

Sberbank's view on Crimea is that of the West and Kiev--for Sberbank (and Gref), "Crimea is not Russia." Russian Sberbank under his command will, therefore, never work in Crimea as long as it is Russian.

Sberbank is Russia's biggest lending bank and it has become notorious for its ongoing vast financing of the Kiev junta even at a great loss--all in accordance with Putin's own explicit instructions confirmed during the Russian government's meeting last May (available on Youtube and referred in one of the old blogs). Gref is also very close to the current head of Russia's Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, who was put in that position by Putin and with strong Gref's backing. Gref used to be her superior and mentor as well.

German Gref is as big an antithesis to any people's republic or antifascist struggle as the Nazi junta in Kiev. He was also part of the group last year, in which, just around Minsk 1, Russian oligarchs formed with US and Ukrainian oligarchs and CEOs a group for the Ukrainian crisis much in the spirit of Minsk.

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