Friday, July 10, 2015

General Petrovsky claims that Moscow picked Khodakovsky (SBU commander of the bloodshed at the Donetsk airport on May 26,2014) as the DPR new head

General Petrovskiy (Khmurnyi) claims that Zakharchenko will be removed and that Moscow will make the new head of DPR, ex-SBU Khodakovsky, the former commander of Vostok, which is now the DPR "Republican Guard" (see the interview with the Guard's commander who says that the war is now meaningless and stupid and that Ukraine is indivisible, which I posted earlier).

Here is the portion of the interview:

Petrovskiy: What exactly? Ask specifically what exactly you want to know about the future head of the DPR and, if I know, I will answer.

Q: What? Is he (Khodakovsky) going to be the next head of the DPR?

P: Yes and very soon. The question with the resignation of Zakharchenko has been settled. You need to understand that it is now us who are making decisions about former SBU (Ukrainian KGB) members and things like this.

Q: And for what service will they make Khodakovsky the head of the DPR?

P: In fact, candidates were two--he and Purgin. But at this moment, Khodakovsky's patrons are winning.

Q: Who decides?

P: In strictly human terms and in accordance with justice, Khodakovsky's appointment is not right. I mean completely wrong. It is enough to read his interview(s). Khodakovsky clearly represents interests of local businessmen [oligarchs], who are leaning toward the fascist scum. That's very clear.

Q: It seems to me that he should not be the head of the DPR.

P: Completely agree. And especially because the time for former field commanders to lead the DPR has passed. Purgin is currently the most suitable candidate.

On the withdrawal from Slavyansk, Petrovsky claims that the sole reason was a "psychological" state of Strelkov, but then he also claims that the Slavyansk militia had ammunition for about 10 more days. However, Petrovsky also confirms that Slavyansk was nearly totally surrounded by then with no prospect for lifting the encirclement. Strelkov was told from a place above and outside of Donetsk to stay (and die) in Slavyansk,with a large amount of ammunition and weapons supplied to him (that which was not intercepted and held in Donetsk) completely rusty, with calibers mismatched and faulty anti-tank rockets. The same people--well outside of the Donetsk area--who supplied Strelkov with unusable and unsafe weapons--were also commanding Strelkov to stay in Slavyansk to the last man.

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