Thursday, July 9, 2015

Russian Foreign Ministry forbade itself to talk of Novorossiya, but one of its official now dared to mention the word "freedom"

A Russian Foreign Ministry official has just dared (whether by design or by mistake) to suggest behind the back of Lavrov that the Novorossiya Army is not fighting for some ill-defined Soberbereiche ("temporary/temporarily special region), few administrative reforms, or "nothing special," as Putin called it at the economic forum in St. Petersburg, but for freedom! 

Of course, if Donbass is fighting for freedom (especially freedom from Nazism and its Bandera regime), then many other things would have to be also very different.

The Russian Foreign Minister even dared to suggest (correctly) that the Kiev forces are forces of terror.

Nevertheless, the official also insisted that, while the Novorossiya forces are fighting for freedom, then "accusations against Russia of supporting them militarily have no relation to reality."

However, the whole Minsk arrangement is based on the unconditional negation of freedom of the Donbass people expressed in their referendum and on a Munich-deal-like diktat dropped on them by the joint efforts of the West and the US via Germany and France together with Russia.

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