Saturday, August 1, 2015

Gennadiy Dubovoy on "sliv" (betrayal) of Novorossiya

Gennadiy Dubovoy, a military Donbass correspondent, on the question with which he is bombarded every day--the question about the perceived betrayal of Novorossiya by the Kremlin. The gist of his views:
1. Greater Novorossiya (up to 8 regions) was terminated (betrayed?) already in April of 2014 when the Kremlin made a political decision to cancel this great Novorossiya as a political and strategic project. So those who are asking the question of "betrayal" now, are more than one year late (as if Dubovoy is asking "where have you been all that time"?)
2. Novorossiya was also conceived as an idea of Russia's own rebirth and resurrection. This is now out of question as well. On the insistence of the female journalist, Dubovy says that, of course, one can never say never. Eternity or contingencies cannot be excluded absolutely.
3. People  fighting in the Army of Novorossiya do believe that the Kremlin has let them down.
4. According to Dubovy, the US now controls and owns Ukraine. The US has "bought" Ukraine on all her levels and is not going to give it away again. The US has no reason or intention to do so.
5. The two parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which now exist as "republics," which even the Kremlin does not recognize, will, in Dubovoy's view, exist for a long/longer period of time as Transnistria 2.0 (here I think he is wrong). He thus argues that people need to get used to this fact and accept it.
6. In the text attached to the video by Anna News, which is not in the words which Dubovoy says in the video, the blame for the very early abortion of Novorossiya is placed on the "passive masses." The masses--the people--"betrayed" themselves by their supposed passivity. Blame the victim sort of thing.

Someone also attached to this Anna News this insightful commentary:

"I don't think that the Yankees and GayEurope will agree to Transnistria 2. The Kremlin (will the moderator allow criticism?) is weak and, in essence, it has been the head of the 5th column already since 1985. Strelkov is right 100%. In everything. Forget Transnistria 2! The apparent ceasefire is a myth. It exists only in the media and in the heads of the oligarchs.  20-80 [official] breaches of ceasefire every day are nothing else but war, aren't they? And in this war Russia is in front of either a shameful capitulation or victory! There is no third way!

"Не думаю, что янки и гейропа согласятся на приднестровье - 2. Кремль -(модератор пропусти критику?) - слаб и по-сути возглавляет 5-ю колонну ещё с 1985-го года.
+ + +
Кажущиеся "затишье" - тоже миф. Оно существует лишь в СМИ и в головах олигархов.
20-80 нарушений "перемирия" каждый день - что это, если не война???
И в этой войне Росию ждёт либо позорная капитуляция - либо победа! Третьего не дано!!!"

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