Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Right Sector and the shots in Mukachevo: The Kiev regime and the monopoly on violence demanded by the Nazis

What happened in Mukachevo? From the available information, which I came across (without digging into that much), this is what I gathered:
1) Transcarpathian Rus is a region that, after Donbass, has been the least friendly to Maidan and the new regime. It is also controls pipelines going to Slovakia and important transit routes.
2) The Right Sector acts much like SA, SS, and Gestapo combined (with the SBU trying to cope with the functions of the last one).
3) Its special forces unit was ordered an assassination of a high value target in Mukachevo closely linked to what the Kiev regime sees as a region which has not been yet totally "lustrated" or brought within more secure control of the junta. The hit might have been part of such attempted consolidation of control as well as the Right Sector's attempt to establish its own little fiefdom in a strategically developed area.
4) However, the assassination team almost immediately ran into resistance from the local police.
5) The Right Sector sees itself as the vanguard of the junta and demands impunity and immunity--to have and enjoy monopoly on violence and terror.
6) Its supporters do tend to see politicians with contempt and are unhappy with the perceived lacked of radicalism and fascist purity. They would like to have more power and control than they have now already.
7) So the Right Sector is mad that anyone dared to resist and oppose them in today's Ukraine and they also demand more power (and respect) from the government and everyone in Ukraine.
8) it is also possible that, as during the days of Maidan and its immediate aftermath and here and there afterwards, the Right Sector has been tasked with starting a new wave of "pre-emptive" political assassinations.
9) It is also clear that nearly all the Naz battalions under Avakov do sympathize with the Right Sector. And, frankly, I don't see now any force with the Kiev regime willing or eager to make war on the Right Sector.
10) Furthermore, it is also clear that the Right Sector does demand a greater share in the pie/spoils shared by the oligarchs.

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