Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Euterpe must have been Russian. But now she is bowing to China

A fork in the road: everything is one

Valleys and alleys—
Which one to choose?
The latter open up cities
And used to change stables
Into sidewalks with trees.

Through them your life
Might also want to stream
And so develop at an angle
Or even grow parallel
With the main street.

And though I like cafes
With little cups and talks
And those so quiet and wise
Libraries, squares and parks,
I would gladly follow the path,

On which Weng Wei had passed,
Heading into a valley—just simply
In a company with carefree  clouds
For man too is like that road’s dust
—lonely, lowly—yet lofty

When some valley’s beauty outside,
Love, the found little first sign
Missing in alleys or the deepest sky
Picked him up without regard
And so into the light he goes and flies.

Inspired by Weng Wei’s The Yu Gong Valley

Heading into a valley
Quite simply traveling
With nobody else
But Master Li
To accompany me
Nothing is needed
For either of us
Except a place to sleep
Empty and carefree
Content without regard
Whether it’s spring or summer
Or whichever way
East or west may lie
Just like a child
That’s how it feels
Lowly and lofty
At one and the same time.

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