Monday, January 27, 2020

True Story (Remixed)

“The Soviet Union formally dissolved on December 26, 1991, but it was on January 31, 1990 that the Bolshevik dream died in all practicality. On that day, a McDonald's opened in Moscow.”
Nick Keppler, a mentalfloss,com article
A Moscow pipe factory worker  said he forked over four days’ wages for a Big Mac, cheeseburger, apple pie, and two milkshakes and added: “What is killing us is that the average worker does not know how to work and so does not want to. Our enthusiasm has disappeared. But here my meal turned out to be just a supplement to the sincere smiles of the workers.” Francis X. Clines, “Upheaval in the East; Moscow McDonald's Opens: Milkshakes and Human Kindness,” The New York Times, February 1, 1990
I was drunk with a bunch of Russian officers before it was appropriate/allowed/authorized. Their comment was to the effect the next war would not be East v. West, it would be North v. South. Don’t get excited, they were talking about hemispheres and civilization v. Islam. Turns out they were teaching that, even in the 80’s.”
A US Army Captain, a veteran of the War on Iraq
“The Third World War will be the war against the Third World.”
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, #93 of  A Far Rockaway of the Heart
When in 1990 Russians sold
their Great Immortal Victory
over the Fascists from 1945
for a McDonald’s hamburger
and a sugar fix of Big Coke,
their leadership, but not only—
others too who still had
their Soviet oaths printed
clearly and proudly
in their state IDs
rushed to propose
that from now on
Russia and the USA
bound as a gang together
in ripping off and raping
the Third World weaklings
while as if forgetting
or not all—that the New
Third World was to be
and was Russia herself.
And in that way they decided
to side with a sly, thus certain
death sentence to the people
without any snob or whimper
or the slightest protest’s murmur—
of conscientious objection,
with a parricide of their own
Motherland and history
by slow but sure genocide
contracted and coldly delivered
to their new Third World nation
by the sociopaths most uncultured,
yet so spawned, fed and cultivated
in Russia’s own kleptocratic Kremlin,
yesterday’s KGB and hollow communists
turned into today’s state mafia and gangsters
planted, trained, vetted and encouraged
in accordance with the “Danish” script
parts of which are already in print
to give a heads-up to those who could read.
The collapse of Russia has been set and put
into a pipeline for the early 2020s—
to open the door to a Golden Age
for the USA when the Russian egg
boils and cracks thanks to Putin’s pimps
and due to their thorough rottenness
as they make Russia a new a “poacher’s
paradise”—open to the business and the kill
after “the West succeeds in dominating Ukraine
which would make Russia utterly defenseless”
and through better final solutions and smarter schemes
of Russians-cleansing penury and merciless deprivation.
For  “the U.S. grand strategy has always been
such Russia’s fragmentation as the first line
of defense for U.S. control of the seas and nations”
by inducing and convincing these new Russians
that yesterday’s absurd is new rational—
that is to abandon themselves as they are
being putanized while “shrinking—
Russia down to medieval frontiers.”
(George Friedman, The Next 100 Years)