Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Update on MH17: Running a circle around the false flag (Or in sync with Petri Krohn's and Max van der Werff's findings)

Since virtually all signs are pointing to the MH17 tragedy as a deliberate false flag  attack with only side standing to benefit from it, if it became successful, it is both possible and necessary to sketch the likely game and to put in sync with Petri Krohn's and Max van der Werff's latest analyses:

1. To pin the blame on the Novorossiya army required establishing a possible connection to a plausible weapon, that is, a Buk missile battery since NAF has no air force.

2. This means that it was needed to use a Buk missile to take down the plane.

3. However, to do that also required that the Buk missile be fired as close to the rebels-held territory as necessary since it would have been impossible to sneak a battery and a radar unto the rebels-held territory itself.

4. This was achieved by positioning a Ukrainian Buk missile battery in Zaroschenskoye, where the Ukrainian Army parked it just and only for that day, July 17, when the Malaysian airliner was shot down presumably by such a Buk missile.

5. The positioning of the Ukrainian Buk missile battery, documented by satellite images of the Russian Armed Forces and disclosed in Moscow on July 21, was made a mere 8 km south of rebels-held Shaktyorsk, which the junta tried to occupy on July 26-29.

6. In doing so, the US government and Western media used a deliberately very imprecise map issued by "the  Ukrainian Council of National Security and Defense:"

The map is especially greatly imprecise in the south-west part of the war zone, where it gives to the rebels significantly more territory than what they held there, as can be easily checked against any other maps and accounts. However, it is futile to expect the corporate media or Western talking heads, i.e. Kerry or Psaki, to have any desire to be precise on this account.

7. A better map showing the situation around July 17 is this one, even though this one too is not sufficiently detailed and thus does not show the Zaroschenskoye pocket. Map of July 17; but it allows a good comparison with the US/Ukrainian map and it shows well the bluntly striking attempt to add to the rebels a huge chunk of the territory in the south-west, which was and is in the hands of the Kiev regime and where its Buk missile battery was deployed just for July 17:

8. A more detailed map (as this one) shows not only where the Ukrainian battery in Zaroschenkoyoe was placed, but it also shows that the position was within a thin wedge conveniently, if not precariously wedged in-between rebel’s-held positions at that time—between Pokrovka and Blagodatnoye.

9. Only on July 23-24, the Ukrainian Army was able toenter the village of Blagodatnoye, while it attempted to storm Pokrovka on July 30. („И 23 июля завязали бои за исходные районы этого наступления – Дебальцево и Благодатное. 24 июля им удалось окончательно закрепить за собой Благодатное …”

10. Having positioned the Buk missile battery there, it is also very likely that, if the Ukrainian Army fired a Buk missile, it would have come from there. This would also be consistent with the fact that the US refuses to publish its own satellite photos of what it claimed is its intelligence or established fact that a Buk missile was fired, while, then on the briefing for US media by “US intelligence officers” on July 22 in the aftermath of the briefing by the Russian military offices the day before, a new version of the event was that people in Ukrainian uniforms or “a Ukrainian defector” or “Ukrainian drunken soldiers” might have fired the missile “by mistake.”

11. From the available information and the ongoing discussions, it does seem that the Malaysian Boeing was hit while passing Snezhnoe or, at least, that an attempt to down the plane was made when the plane was over Snezhnoe.
12. In order to create the necessary footprint and the false flag narrative, we can assume, and it is consistent with the information that is available, that the Ukrainian Buk missile was fired against the Malaysian airliner.
13. According to the Russian Defense Ministry’s briefing, when the plane was struck, it was at a point of trying to return to its flight path after suddenly veering 14 km off its path to the north-east. The plane would be thus coming from north-east rather than from north-west.
14. According to Aleksandr Zhilin’s analysis (to which I referred earlier), the plane was proceeding straight and, when hit (by a jet fighter) made a U-turn to the left over Grabovo.
15. According to Petri Krohn though, the plane made not only a U-turn, but almost a circle and crashed when flying from the west and not from the south-east. According to this version, the cockpit, which fell in Rozsypne several kilometers from west off Grabovo, was lost first  and then the main body of the plane with the wings and the engines felled in Grabovo.

16. To adjudicate between Krohn’s and Zhilin’s version should not be the difficult. First, it does make sense, if the cockpit or front of the plane was hit, for this part to fall first, since the inertia would carry the rest of the plane further (the reverse does not appear to be likely). Second, the direction of the wings and the engines should also indicate from which direction the plane was crashing. From available photos from Grabovo, it appears that the plane was, indeed, coming from the west. And thus it seems that Zhilin was mistaken with respect to the direction of the U-turn and that Krohn is right. Zhilin’s version does account for the semi-circle made by the plane to the east and back, as outlined in the Russian Defense briefing.

17. The crash site is otherwise not only some 20 km past or back from Snezhnoe, the furthest (southern) known point reached by the MH17 plane, but the direction of the crash site (west-east) is also at odds with the assumed north-west to east-south flight route of the Malaysian Boeing. These facts almost completely exclude the US official version of the story, in which the plane was hit by the rebels with a Buk fired from Snezhnoe and then fell (sideways) almost 25 km in Grabovo/Rozsypne in front of Snezhnoe.

18. The sharp deviation of the plane to the east and back is, indeed, very strange and otherwise inexplicable. It appears that, for a while, the plane lost its navigation, coordinates, and GPS and did so right in the middle of the war zone. It is thus very hard to assume that the plane would be directed to make this “mistake” by Ukrainian air controllers or by the pilots themselves. If this was, as it appears to be a false flag operation from the very beginning, then it would be also possible to assume that this sudden deviation from the course was not a mistake, but that it might have been somehow a part of the plan. By making this deviation over the war zone, it appears that the plane was saying or, better said, even baiting: “I am a strange plane: Would any civilian plane do this? Please shoot me!”

19. By making the deviation, which was then putting the plane more straight or head-on with respect to the Ukrainian battery in Zaroschenkoye than sideways (or at an almost right angle: Zaroschenkoye versus the original flight path from the north-west), it might have been possible to “fake” the direction and trajectory from which the missile was fired—aligning the new flight path with Zaroschenkoye instead of Snezhnoe in order to present the latter for the former.

20. The deviation of the plane 14 km off and (almost) back before being hit would almost indicate that, when the deviation started, the pilots were either no longer alive or that the plane was either flying at remote control or on re/pre-programmed auto-pilot, whereby the deviation was executed.

21. After this hit or attempt, the plane apparently traveled another 50-70 km (making the loop), which would take some 4-5 minutes with its travel speed of 900km/h. But since the plane's speed falling to 200km/h, the time would take few additional minutes.

22. The available information, especially Krohn’s investigation and analysis, thus seems to be indicating that, if a Ukrainian Buk missile was fired, it did not fatally destroy the plane. The plane started losing quickly speed and altitude, but was still capable of staying in the air and continuing on its new circular route/deviation.

23. At this moment, as the Russian Ministry informed, from the left of the plane, a Ukrainian military fighter appeared, climbing above 5000m towards the plane and then staying in the vicinity of the Malaysian airliner for at least another 4 minutes.

24. The damage to the cockpit and the wings does seem to indicate that the coup de grace delivered to the Boeing was then executed with either a fighter’s cannon (Krohn's preference) or with a Ukrainian jet fighter's air-to-air missile(s), which then caused the front part to sever and fall in Rozsypne before the rest of the plane crashed in Grabovo. Since the distance between the cockpit and the rest is about 2-3 km, one can also assume that the plane was gunned down not that far from these two places. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

MH17: Killing Innocent Civilians in Order to Save Fascism for Ukraine and NATO Expansionism

A fuller version of what happened starts emerging piece by piece. First, as I pointed out earlier, in one his daily battle reports, Strelkov or his associates indicated as if in passing that the Malaysian airliner, Boeing 777, was shot down by Ukrainian jet fighters. Then came the briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defense, which showed a Ukrainian SU-25 within 3-5 km from the Boeing at the very moment when the Boeing was hit. In the next four minutes, the Ukrainian fighter remained in the area. At the moment, when the Boeing was hit, it was also within the range of several Ukrainian Buk batteries, which were deployed close to Donetsk and then, just for that very day, 8km south of Shakhterskoye, which is also only several miles from the crash site.

On July 23, Anna-News published an interview with a Russian Air Force retired colonel Aleksand Zhilin (Александр Жилин) who is a frequent military commentator on the conflict in Ukraine. The most important information is stated at 2:00-5:00 in the interview.

According to the colonel, at 16:19:45, a Ukrainian jet fighter targeted the Boeing with an air-to-air missile R-60. The missile damaged the right engine of the Boeing. The Boeing was hit, but still managed to stay in the air. However, in doing so, the Boeing turned 180 degrees to the left. It was at this moment that the false flag attack started falling apart. According to Zhilin, part of the plan controlled by the US with Ukrainian hands executing it was to have the Boeing crash past the southern frontline by the Ukrainian-Russian border. Had the Boeing fallen there, securing the crash sites with the troops in response to international pressure was on top of all else effectively allow Kiev to lift the encirclement of its brigades in the southern pocket by the Russian border.

When, however, the Boeing started to turn in the opposite direction and was still apparently manageable, "the US-Ukrainian headquarters of the special operation panicked and order the Buk battery to destroy the plane in the air in order to preempt the possibility of the Boeing's emergency landing." A Buk missile was fired and the plane was then finally destroyed.

The disclosure of the Russian electronic intelligence (in fact, only one part of it) on July 21 put the US against the wall. The existence of this intelligence and other data also means that the US cannot show the real intelligence, which they also have, including the data from their electronic warfare exercise SEA BREEZE 2014 and the data from their spy satellite, which just happened to be over the area during the downing of the Malaysian Boeing.

The other relevant information, which the Russian colonel revealed, was that the Malaysian Boeing was insured for $97 million against damages or losses as a result of military actions.

«Проанализируем то, что известно по Боингу. Самолет отклонился от заданного курса и пролетал над зоной боевых действий. Вел его диспетчер или так произошло по ошибке пилота, станет понятно после исследования «черных ящиков», - рассказал Александр Жилин. – Один из украинских штурмовиков, сопровождавший авиалайнер, сделал выстрел по Боингу, в результате чего тот повернулся на 180% и полетел на территорию Украины. В руководстве спецоперации началась паника, ведь им никак нельзя было допустить экстренной посадки Боинга. Поэтому был отдан приказ нанести второй ракетный удар, окончательно уничтоживший самолет, который, по изначальному плану, должен был упасть в зоне российско-украинской границы.Безусловно, здесь на лицо спланированная акция США, которую не смогли реализовать фашисты. По всей видимости, даже высшие силы нам помогают в этой войне, ведь если бы план американских спецслужб был выполнен, ополченцы стали бы криминализированы в глазах мирового сообщества. А этот факт сильно бы усложнил положение воинов Новороссии, а также ослабил бы позицию России относительно украинского кризиса. Теперь ситуация, после объявления результатов экспертизы, может обернуться боком как для кровавых украинских карателей, так и для возомнивших себя хозяевами мира властей США».

Aleksandr Zhilin, a Russian Air Force Colonel from Moscow, also offered a short write-up with a map of the very last moment of the MH17 flight with the indication of a sharp 180 degree U-turn following the loss of its right engine after being hit by a R-60 air-to-air missile from a Ukrainian fighter jet.

If Zhilin's flight map is correct, then the MH17 plane was hit basically right over the frontline when already passing Snezhnoye, and that means sooner than what other so far published information asserted. The timing and location of the attempted downing also accords with the theory that the crash site was to be either on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian army or much closer the border between Russia and Ukraine where the "securing of the site" would allow lifting the strategic encirclement of the Ukrainian troops in the south and thus, on top of other objectives, saving the Kiev junta from its first major military defeat.

Zhilin's analysis based in part on investigation of Nikolai Istomin reveals one singularly shattering fact,  which Kiev, the US, NATO, and corporate media kept under the wraps. A more detailed and careful analysis of the flight path of MH17 does, indeed, confirm that LH17 reached Snezhnoye at 16:19 local time still whole, complete, and in good health, so to speak. But the crash site is in Grabovo, which is almost 20 km (25km by road) NORTH of Snezhnoye. That, indeed, means that the plane 1) flew then backwards and that 2) its crash site ended up well behind the furthest southern point, which the plane reached. 

This completely disapproves the US (US State Department) creative "drawing" of the supposed NAF BUK missile hitting the plane head on from Snezhnoye. This U-turn then also helps explain why Kiev's first fake "leaked conversation of the rebels" tried to place the "rebels's Buk battery" in Debaltzevo, which is just straight ahead from Grabovo--further north. However, that would not explain the U-turn, which they tried so much to conceal, for it points to the Ukrainian jet fighter. 

The second "leaked" tape tried to place the "rebels' Buk battery" to Donetsk, for the first attempt was too much at odds with the timing of the (first) impact. The missile would have to pass the plane, then turned around and hit it from behind ... The quickly produced "Donetsk" fake tacit correction was supposed to address these inconsistencies, which were expected to arise. But the crash site in Grabovo, north of the acknowledged fight path and hence also further from the range of a battery put into Donetsk did not resolve well all the remaining discrepancies, not to mention the fact cunningly or just sloppily overlooked by the White House and the Western media, that already these two tapes were not only mutually exclusive, but also mutually refuting each other. 

So, just several hours after the second tape, Kiev came up with a video, most likely showing the very Ukrainian Buk battery, which was actually shooting 8 km south of Shakhtyorsk against the Boeing. Kiev, however, claimed that it was the rebels' Buk battery. Alas, the billboard on the left side of the short video shot from behind a bush, made it clear that the video was made in early morning hours on July 18 in Krasnoarmeysk controlled by the junta since May 11. 

This video and further fake US "intelligence" thus started to assert that the rebels shot at the plane from Snezhnoye. This, however, required either to lie about the location of Grabovo, which, indeed, some Western media then put south of Snezhnoye, or to move the point when the (first) missile struck back northward. This still, however, could not explain why the crash site was east of the route, and it also presupposed that the plane would have been hit the Buk missile head-on.

To keep this story flying required revealing as little facts and topographic data (or a map of the crash site) as possible, which, for, the Western media, has never been a problem. 

As a result, the one crucial fact revealed by Zhilin is the crucial fact that the rear of the plane and the main crash site is in Grabovo, some 20km east and north of Snezhnoye, which the plane actually passed, and, on top of it, that the pilots' cabin is even more north (and more to the west) than the rest of the plane. The pilots' cabin crashed in the village of Rozsypne/Rassypnoye, which is few kilometers north and west of the main crash site of the plane, as can be glanced from the maps of Zhilin and Istomin and this map of the area (the village of Rozsypne/Rassypnoye is well marked): 

This location of the pilots' cabin and the main body of the plane cl
early shows in which direction and from which direction the plane was falling to the ground--the very opposite to what we were led to believe. 

On the heels of announcements that Ukraine refuses to give to the international investigators of the MH17 crash records of the conversations and directions passed between Ukrainian air traffic controllers and the Malaysian Boeing are coming reports that these records got lost, and that the key key dispatcher from Dnepropetrovsk who was communicating with the plane has disappeared.

Other reports alleged that a group of US experts is busy reviewing the records in order to decide what can and cannot be released and in which form, if at all. Perhaps the decision has already been made.

The air traffic control, which guided the plane in its last moment over the Donetsk People's Republic, operates from Dnepropetrovsk, which is also the bastion and main seat of oligarch Ihor Kolomeysky's power and his expanding Nazi fiefdom.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Tragedy of MH17 and the Existential Necessity of the Fascists in Kiev and Their Friends to Lie about It

How the Empire acts: in order to sell wars, that is, unjust wars, it has to lie and not just to lie, but to lie as often as these wars are launched and pursued, which is more or less on a perpetual basis. Furthermore, small lies are no longer enough.  The Empire as perpetual Hobbesian war (against the Rest) requires besides blood and morbidity big, fundamental lies about what matters most.

Not even half a year elapsed since the major international crisis over the false flag chemical attack in the East Ghouta near Damascus on August 21, 2013, which the US and NATO blamed on the Syrian government in order to bomb and destroy Syria so that it would fall into the hands of the jihadists led by al Nusra and ISIS, two till then fraternal fractions of the same al Qaeda of Iraq.

This time we have the downing of MH17, which we know happened right at the moment when a Ukrainian regime's SU-25 quickly climbed to the same altitude and came as close as 3km (less than 2 miles) from the Boeing. In the next few minutes, the Boeing was on the ground destroyed, and 298 people dead. While the wreckage was burning, radar-deflecting chaff ejected by the Ukrainian jet fighter was recorded on the same video which also captured the plumes of smoke rising from the debris.

On July 21, the Russian Ministry of Defense disclosed the first hard evidence about the case, which the public received, besides John Kerry "evidence" limited to the metaphor "mountain of evidence." Otherwise, starting from Obama down to the whole food pyramid of the Western mighty propaganda machine, in which the transition between the state and media corporations is seamless, we were fed with the pure Goebbelsian hate for Putin and the Russians on top of the statements the logical structure of which was simple: "We know, and the proof of it is that we are telling you so."

So, one day after the game-changing briefing in Moscow delegated to the bottom of news and few snippets in the West, U.S. intelligence came out to salvage its least their own professional honor, if not honesty. And thus the following message was made: "Senior U.S. intelligence officials claim [today--July 22] that their services have not found any indication that Russia was involved in the demolition of the MH17 in eastern Ukraine."

This means that U.S. intelligence officials are basically saying that US President Obama, State Secretary Kerry, all the other leaders of the West, NATO, and the EU, and virtually all the Western corporate media have been 1) grossly lying to the world in a way that was posing a threat to peace and security, conversely put, that 2) all these Western leaders and the media have been making unsubstantiated claims and accusations, and 3) that this is a de facto U.S. forced response to the hard evidence about the MH17 case given by the Russian Ministry of Defense on July 21, which was officially and in the media ignored, belittled, and ostensibly dismissed.

At the same time, the U.S. intelligence forced and belated admission comes after four days of intensive, global, well-planned and coordinated vitriolic smearing campaign demonizing Russia, the Russians in east Ukraine, and Putin personally.

Since July 17, the list of documented lies include:
1. the "tapes" issued by Ukraine
2. the video issued by Ukraine--with their own Buk missile battery
3. claims by Ukraine and supported by the West that Ukraine had no military aircraft in the air at the time of the crash of the MH17 plane. These claims were made till the evening of July 21. On July 22, Poroshenko changed the tune--he was forced to by the overwhelming evidence against Ukraine.

What has been thus established is that Ukraine as well as the US, the EU, NATO, and other Western countries have been systematically and grossly lying about evidence pertaining to the tragedy of MH17, thus willfully and bluntly abusing the tragedy and the demise of the victims and the suffering of their families for perverse political goals related to NATO expansionism to the gates of Moscow and anti-Russian hysteria and Russophobia to support the fascist regime in Kiev and its violence, from the Maidan snipers through the Maidan massacre and the deliberate destruction of civilians and civilian infrastructure in east Ukraine.

The smearing campaign has also been used to demonize and criminalize antifascism and its resistance to the fascist dictatorship in Kiev enrolled by Ukraine's thieving oligarchs. The campaign also tried to mark both Putin and Russia as "international outcasts" or "pariahs"--outlaws.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Russian Ministry of Defense's Game-Changing Revelations about the Downing of MH17

A major announcement from the Russian Ministry of Defense was aired on July 21 (many thanks to Simon Hozyainov for the timely alert).

Here is the full, possibly game-changing briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defense-both in Russian and English. A brief, incomplete version is also here.

Besides the Ukrainian army deploying in the region 3-4 Buk batteries, I take the most important revelation to be a documented fact of a Ukrainian military jet being around the Boeing 777 just at a time of its downing with the Ukrainian fighter jet come as close to the Boeing as 3 km.
The military jet started suddenly gaining altitude on the radar right at the moment when the Malaysian plane was hit, which showed on the radars as a sharp drop of its altitude and speed: within a minute the Boeing's speed dropped to 200 km/h. The military jet remained in the vicinity of the Boeing at this moment for at least another 4 minutes.
The military jet is believed to be a SU-25, which can briefly climbed up to 10km and can shoot air-to-air missiles with a range of up to 12 km with a basically guaranteed hit of the target within 5 km.
At the moment when the Boeing 777 was hit, it was within the reach of not one, but two Ukrainian Buk batteries, as can be seen on the graphics presented by the Russian Ministry of Defense.
One of the Buk missile batteries was moved specifically on July 17 to a new location in the village of Zarochenskoye only 8km south of Shakhtyorsk, which is right by the crash site of the Boeing. The next day, this Ukrainian Buk battery was removed the area.
The other thing: the video with the Buk battery released by the Kiev regime, supposedly showing the NAF moving the battery "back to Russia" was made in Krasnoarmeysk and is showing Ukraine's own Buk battery. I know that a number of people already established that, but it is again confirmed in this briefing. The junta lied about their evidence against the NAF and Russia from the very beginning (with the various mutually self-refuting and inconsistent taped "conversations"). The video with the battery with one of the missiles missing is yet another big instance where the Kiev regime was caught bluntly lying big time.
Importantly, the presence and deployment of Ukrainian Buk missiles within the range of MH17 was previously denied both by the Kiev regime and the White House.
During the hours of the passage of MH17 over the DNR, the space was moreover under surveillance by an experimental spy US satellite the task of which is monitor missiles on the ground and their launch.
I am sure that the statement of the Russian military command will be now widely available and, hopefully, will help tank the anti-Russia media and info campaign launched by the US, NATO, and the corporate media.
This is also confirmed by local witnesses who both heard and some of them also saw a military jet in the air with the Boeing.
And here is also an astute observation from Before It's News, yet with another proof of the presence of a military jet right at the moment and right above the crash site (thanks to Brian Souter).
Right after the crash, the Ukrainian government issued denials of any Ukrainian Air Force activity on that day in the region.
In this briefing, the Russian command also disclosed that they were able to detect flying objects in the area above 5000m. If there was a launch of a Buk missile, which would need to reach an altitude of 10 km to strike the Boeing, then very likely the Russian monitors would have picked it up.
The strange sudden deviation of MH17 over the DNR 14 km to the north of its path identified in the briefing appears to me as a last second order to reroute the plane in order to keep it longer in the zone. The deviation prolonged the time of LH17 in what then turned to be its kill zone for about two critical minutes.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Make no mistake: The West is now beating drums of war over MH17 for the sake of new fascism: to make the world safe for fascism's return

The MH17 massive demonization campaign directed mainly against President Vladimir Putin is deliberately played against the background of the centennial anniversary of the outbreak of World War I on July 28, 1914. We are now just about a week from the anniversary. Can the false flag attack on MH17 be an equivalent of the shots from Sarajevo one hundreds years ago?

1. Religiously and culturally, the West has been for most of its time Manichean--with a need for and belief in a personified evil. This personification is thus regularly brought back when the Western powers wish to make a war on someone. Today, the so-called coverage of the MH17 tragedy is not just brutal propaganda, it is a massive beating of the drums of war.

2. The crash of MH17 came right on the heels of the conclusion of the historic summit of the BRICS countries, which began to form a new anti-hegemonic alternative.

3. The crash of MH17 is also coming at a moment when NATO started to be panic over losing the information war over Ukraine.

4. The crash of MH17 is also coming at a critical moment to save fascism in Ukraine and to make the fascist dictatorship appear as a victim of antifascist "terror." Antifascist resistance is thus demonized as the worst kind of terrorism. Europeans and Ukrainian fascists are now called upon to feel solidarity with each other and to unite for their new would-be "common cause"--against Putin personally and Russia as a whole.

5. The vicious propagandist campaign over the crash of MH17 is the institution of a new type of sanctions against Russia. The key word-trigger-label introduced by the Western corporate media and Western (corporate) leaders is "outcast" and "pariah." Economic sanctions are or can be serious. However, an aggressive attempt is being at presenting Vladimir Putin and the Russians as standing outside of the fold of humanity and morality itself. In other words, if the junta's Prime Minister Yatsenyuk called the people in east Ukraine and those who are helping them "subhumans," which ought to be exterminated, the West is now effectively adopting and making into its official policy. There is also a talk about some "ultimatum" that is to expire in the next few days. Alas, that too is reminiscent of how World War I started.

(Back in 1988 when the US shot down the Iranian airliner, President Bush, Sr. declared that he would never apologize for anything the US does, whatever the facts could be.)

6. In accusing Putin for the downing of the plane over Ukraine, the US, its allies, and the media are unapologetically going to extremes, throwing away remaining restraints and objectivity.

7. In contrast with the West, and now especially the US, the characteristic of Russia has been a great reluctance to go to war and to make war. This, besides the influence of the oligarchs and bureaucratic inertia, explains, in my view, also the great restraint and also apparent vacillations with respect to Ukraine and the crisis there. One of the consequences of this restraint, almost completely dismissed by the West (unless it was perceived as a sign of weakness), has been also the political restraint towards the fascist junta in Kiev. And, so if the West is now in full gear painting Putin as a new Hitler, Satan, and the "subhuman" leader of new "subhumans" (I am now thinking of the words used by Timothy Garten Ash in the New York Times yesterday, but other examples of this demonization abound), the Russia government did really make a case for unmasking the highly dangerous and aggressive merger between Ukraine's thieving oligarchs and its fascists. This was left almost entirely to the antifascist resistance in Donbass and alternative and Russian media.

8. Sadly and tragically very instructive is the vast, enormous difference between the anti-Russian and anti-Putin hysteria over MH17 now and the Western reactions to the Odessa massacre, when unarmed, peaceful civilians were trapped in a building and then chopped, burned alive, and beaten to death by 1,500 thousand fascist paramilitaries protected by the police. Russian leaders not acting resolutely enough back then are now in the weaker, more dangerous and more vulnerable position now. When you let fascists and war criminals get away, the danger of their crimes, provocations, and false flag attacks is not diminishing, it is only further increasing.

9. The Kiev fascist regime is also trying to use the tragedy of LH17 as a new blank check for its ongoing atrocities, terror and systematic targeting of the civilians. It wants to finish off the antifascist resistance and its national-liberation struggle. In this respect, the West is trying its best to criminalize and demonize not only antifascism, but also any effective assistance to and support for the antifascists' just struggle.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

MH17: Who is hiding behind the Buk?

Czechs have an idiom "číhat (čekat) za bukem," which means "to lie in an ambush"--literally, to "hide behind a beech," which, in Czech and other Slavic languages, is "buk." 

The key to the tragedy of flight MH17, Boeing 777, is to look behind the Buk, whether taken literally as the name of the missile, which could have brought the plane down, or in a sense of the very thick wall which has been built around what could have been a well planned ambush the main target of which might not have been the plane itself, but peace and fates of several nations. If the downing was not an error, then it was an act of war calculated to affect the course of the war in Ukraine.

1. By now, it is evident that there are a number of local witnesses who claim to have heard and seen military jets in the air when MH17 crashed down.
2. A number of witnesses also reported at least two-three explosions. Assuming that one of them could have been secondary, this also increases a probability that more than one missiles were fired.
3. Ukraine has clearly several batteries of Buk missiles. Could the Kiev authorities provide information on their locations and logs?
4. In this regard, the most interesting would be any possible Buk battery south of Snezhnoye (the area of the crash site) for, the front-line is running just south of Snezhnoye.
5. Interestingly enough, the Ukrainian troops tried to capture Snezhnoye (this reminds me of the rush of al Nusra to capture a site of the previous chemical attack in Khan al-Assal near Aleppo).
6. The downing of MH17 offers two basic possibility: either it was an error or it was deliberate. If the attack was deliberate, the key factor would that of the motive. In other words, who could benefit from shooting down the plane? Clearly no one--unless part of the motive was to blame wrongly the other side. And this means that one does need to ask which of the parties would believe to be able to benefit from a false flag attack, and especially at this particular moment? In this regard, the current vicious global PR campaign leaves no doubt: the Kiev fascist regime and its Western sponsors.

From an RT article:
Aleksandr, another local who witnessed the plane falling from the sky, was watching TV but when he heard “a roar and two explosions.” He went out to see what was going on.  “[I] saw a spinning plane without a wing with something falling out of it. The plane was shot down,” he told RT. “There were explosions in the sky. And apart from the loud sounds of the plane itself, I heard the buzz which fighter jets make.”
Donetsk self-defense troops declared that they simply don’t have the military equipment to shoot down a plane from a 10,000-meter altitude, while Kiev said it could not have fired a missile at the passing civilian plane because it had no Buk missile launchers deployed in the region.
Meanwhile the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Ukrainian military has several batteries of Buk surface-to-air missile systems with at least 27 launchers, capable of bringing down high-flying jets, in the Donetsk Region where the Malaysian passenger plane crashed.
Moscow calls for intl probe into Malaysia MH17 flight crash – Russia’s UN envoy
Later it added that a Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft missile battery was operational in the region and deployed at a site from which it could have fired a missile at the airliner.
7. First signs of the damage on the body of MH17 appear to confirm that the plane was hit by a fragmentation warhead, or continuous rod warhead (see, which is ALSO characteristic of an air-to-air missile. 

8. Moreover, the picture which is used for the above said analysis might be also very significant in its own right. For the holes created by the fragments might also allow to establish the direction of the blast. As far as I can tell, "safety line attach points" are for emergency landings (i.e., on water) and they are to be found on the upper side of the wings. Now, again, if I understand it correctly, then the writing is printed to be read from the front. Putting all this together, it would then appear that the blast came a) from the outside of the plane (hence this puts an end to the bomb-on-the-board hypothesis), b) the blast was actually initiated from the front of the plane not from behind, hence it would this means that, if a fighter jet was shooting, it was shooting not from behind, but from meeting MH17 head-on; and c) the holes appear to be made by fragments flying against the plane not only head-on, but also from above and not from below! If this is correct, then this would seem to indicate that the missile exploded in front and somewhat above the plane.

Here is an even better picture of the same critical portion of a wing of MH17. 

It shows a path of a fragment: from the front, slightly above, and, if this is the right wing (looking forward from the plane), then the missile was fired against the plane and from 2 o'clock, which, given the flight path, would be from south-west, that is from Amvrosivka-Artemevka. The explosion might still have originated from an surface-to-air missile, but the chances of an air-ti-air attack appear to have increased.

10. The identification of the direction of the blast, moreover, also disproves the junta's videos with "leaked conversations" from July 17 and from July 18. The first leaked tape was supposed to feature commander Bes from Gorlovka (40 miles north-west). The second "conversation" placed the presumed Buk battery in the rebels' hands in Donetsk "behind a library"! 

But the missile could not have been launched either from Debaltzevo (the July 17 tape) or from Donetsk (the July 18 tape) for the simple reason that these places are in the wrong direction and also a bit too far. 

The Kiev regime came up with a video of a Buk battery taken somewhere from behind a bush, which it claimed was made in Snezhnoye. This video, in turn, refutes both the tapes of "recorded conversations" of the rebels previously released by the Kiev regime. 

Moreover, as we can see, the two tapes an the video from Snezhnoye are actually refuting each other! All of them present a very different story with a very different scenario (commanders, names) and a different location of the presumed Buk battery! In addition, there is no way for the rebels to move a Buk battery across to Russia, as claimed by the Kiev regime, for Snezhnoye is near a front-line and is separated by the Ukrainian troops from Russia to the south.

If the Ukrainian Army used a BUK missile, then it would most likely have to be fired north of Amvrosivka, which is a place of a large concentration of Ukrainian troops. It is also south--west of Torez and Snezhnoye in the proximity of which the crash site is located. BUK missiles have a range of up to 20 miles--but, practically, closer to half that range. But that's enough for a battery in the Amvrosivka region.

11. The key one undisputed fact that we have is that the Ukrainian authorities changed the flight path of MH17 on Juy 17 and move it more than 200 miles north--directly over Gorlovka and right into a war zone and the very space where Kiev was carrying out on that very day and also during that critical moment combat missions with their Air Force. 

Timothy Garton Ash and her Royal Majesty's Perversion of Fascism

The New York Times and British Timothy Garton Ash (who was one of the British handlers of the anti-communist dissidents in Prague and made a new career out of it) are on board with the Ukrainian dehumanization of the Russian government and the Russians as a nation.

The former has published the latter's essay, which, against the background of the MH17 tragedy, paints Vladimir Putin as a "irritating man with a rather ratlike face" whose use of the Russian neutral word "narod" (people) someone translated into German as "volk," which Ash develops into the adjective völkisch to insinuate that Putin is today's Hitler.

According to Ash, it is Putin, not the US-organized regime change through a violent putsch that "covertly stirred up violent mayhem in eastern Ukraine and [is] explicitly advancing his 19th-century völkisch vision as the policy of a 21st-century state."

Never mind that it is the Kiev fascist regime that carried out the Odessa massacre and which, only in one day yesterday (July 18) killed over 40 civilians and wounded over 200 just in the city of Lugansk.

According to Ash, it is also Putin who "perverted ... the Western-developed and United Nations-SANCTIFIED humanitarian doctrine of the 'responsibility to protect.'" Thus, according to Ash, Putin is also a perversion of the holy, which was "developed by the West." So Ash also paints Putin as a Satan. So Ash presents the leader of Russia first as a "rat-like," then as Hitler-like and at last as Satan-like. The hyperbole has become absolute.

For Ash, Putin is then nothing less than "totally unacceptable and a grave threat to world peace." In comparison, the imperial demands of Her Britannic Majesty are "legitimate rights and responsibilities" with which "we also have to agree." In contrast, as claimed by Ash, "Mr. Putin’s völkisch version of the 'responsibility to protect' produces disastrous possibilities." 

In his conclusion, Ash then presents Putin as a new Hitler-like "völkisch" dictator who rose from "an obscure renter" and who now stands for "a deadly doctrine," "an ideology of resentment written out in blood."

Of course, this brutal propagandist demonization happened before--recently, at times when the West wanted to justify its illegal wars and interventions, which is now again a possibility. The other obvious goal is to beat Russia back into a position where it would turn its back on the legitimate national-liberation struggle of the millions of those in Ukraine who have risen against fascism, the junta, and NATO's Drang nach Moscow.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another false flag? MH 17 likely downed by a SU fighter jet about 20 miles south east of Gorlovka

This could almost be a smoking gun of the false flag attack with respect to MH 17. Some five hours after the loss of MH 17, the Ukrainian Security Service published a recording of alleged pro-Russian military officers led by commander Bes, who is based in Gorlovka (Horlivka), allegedly confirming that they shot down the Malaysian Boeing 777.

The video was uploaded about 5 hours after the time of the plane's crash--20:16 PM local time.

The video tape claims that the call took place at 16:40 local time. But the plane was lost between 17:15-20 local time.

Moreover, and even more importantly, as the log of the video shows (see the photo), it was actually made the day before on June 16 at 19:10 PM:

The first alleged recordings are at 16:40 and 16:33. Apparently local time. At the alleged 16:40 (still more than half an hour before the plane was supposed to crash), a person in the taped conversation claims that the plane was shot down "about half an hour ago." At 17:10 the next call is made that is telling about allegedly finding a first casualty.

Now, it is true that legendary commander Bes is based in Gorlovka. But Gorlovka is some 30 miles from the crash site in Grabovo. A Ukrainian officer was later quoted that the self-evidence has allegedly a battery of Buk missiles 15 miles way from the crash site, which still put it some 15 miles away from Gorlovka. According to the tape, the site which was supposed to fire the missile is identified as a "block-post of cossaks" in Chernokhyne near Debaltzevo, Lugansk, which is about half way between Horlivka and Grabovo but further to the east away from the line between these two places. But blockposts are  not exactly positions to be equipped with Buk missiles.

Now what is also interesting is that July 17 MH17  flight was the FIRST ever flight which Ukrainian air controllers diverted directly over the Donetsk People's Republic away from its usual routes which avoided both the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics either to the south or to the north. Not this time. On the previous routes of MH 17 see here (scroll down the page).

Furthermore, Ukrainian air controllers made sure that the flight goes directly--precisely over Gorlovka (, which happens to have the legendary self-defense commander Bes with whom the Ukrainian secret services have a whole history of especially acute animosity and accounts to settle. His name or codename is also one of the best known and most recognizable among the self-defense commanders right after Strelkov, Babay (who is now away), Mozgavoy and Khodakovsky. So, clearly, the Ukrainian junta also wanted to pin the blame not only on the resistance as a whole, but also on a specific person with an established name and fame.

And what are the chances that out of all the places Ukrainian air controllers would send the plane just over Gorlovka and right by a place where they claim to have a knowledge about Buk missiles being stationed there? (Can anyone find any Buk missiles near Debaltzeve?)

From the trajectory is then also clear (unless self-defense did have a functioning Buk missile system and, despite the expertise which is needed for operating such a complex system, they could not distinguish and recognize a big civilian plane) that MH 17 was almost certainly not shot by a Buk missile, but that it, indeed, had to be a Ukrainian fighter jet some 10-20 miles south-east of Gorlovka.

In fact, self-defense has its own tape of a conversation of an unidentified Ukrainian jet pilot in the area exactly at the time when MH 17 was shot down. It is here: 

Thus, if this was, as it looks, a setup and a false flag, special operation, one may also ask what plan, if any, there was about with respect the place where the aircraft would be crashing down. It is possible that the idea was that a successful hit would make the jet disintegrate in the air. However, with a big plane like this one, that's not likely. In this respect, another good question to ask is how far is the crash site from the nearest Ukrainian position. That would also be good to know.

Another interesting and relevant piece to the puzzle of MH 17 downed south-east of Donetsk: on July 15, the Kiev regime suspended its flights over east Ukraine after losing a plane. But then, in the afternoon of July 16, Ukrainian troops resumed flights of military aircraft over Donetsk and Lugansk, and especially over Saur-Mogila, which is relatively close to MH 17 crash site, a spokesman for the Ukrainian national security service reported. The flights were suspended on Tuesday after the downing of a transport plane in Lugansk Region. The resumption was confirmed by militia sources, which said airstrikes were being delivered near Saur-Mogila Hill in Donetsk region. The next day, July 18, MH 17 was directed by Ukrainian air controllers over the very zone where Ukrainian military aircraft were operating.

Sources closed to the Novorossyia armed forces believe that MH 17 was indeed shot down by a SU jet fighter whose pilot was most likely a Polish mercenary. The fighter jet was reportedly at an altitude of 7-10 km. Earlier reports from multiple sources were saying that MH 17 was "accompanied by a pair of fighter jets." The range of Buk missiles is otherwise about 2-15 miles. 

In other news, Strelkov dismissed "humanitarian corridors or ceasefires" for any investigators of the crash of MH 17--the crash site is on the territory of the DNR and no extra security arrangements to get there are needed.

The aforementioned Novorossyia source alleging an involvement of a SU(-27?) jet in the original: "По поводу сбитого гражданского судна: маршрут самолета должен был пролегать через небо Крыма. Диспетчер, сознательно или помогли (неизвестно), сменил маршрут. Цель ясна - провокация в отношении России или Новороссии, попытка обвинить в международном терроризме. Однако, увы, те буки, которые были захвачены ополчением, годятся только для буксировки машин, да и то не грузовиков - это спасибо УВС. Самолет был сбит сушкой с высоты 7000 по 10000, и согласно радиоперехвату, в паре шел диалог на английском языке. Уже давно не секрет, что в небе над Новороссией летают не летчики УВС: Коломойским были выписаны летчики из Грузии (21 человек) и есть польские наемники (им хорошо знакомы советские самолеты); также известно, что переговоры в эфире поляки ведут на английском языке, поэтому очень высокая вероятность, что за штурвалом самолета-убийцы сидел наемник."

Monday, July 14, 2014

Russian liberals: Ayn Rand's Creators in whose eyes the rest of Russia is intellectually dumb, impotent or dead

What many in Russia call "the fifth column" is, according to Lukyanov, Russia's "creative class"--"THE creative class," which the Kremlin cannot afford to lose even though this "creative class" is "intensely disapproving" of Russia's reunification with Crimea and Russian independent foreign policy as a whole.

Thus, for Lukyanov, these pro-Western liberals are the one creative class, which Russia has. As he put it, they are "made up of representatives of Russia's creative intelligentsia, the educated and 'progressive' part of society."

And Lukyanov thus argues that this "creative class" (or fifth column in the eyes of others) are for Russian indispensable; they are the ones who "create" something and Russia thus depends on them and needs to depend on them: "[This] creative class has been the conduit for ideas of modern development and an agent for change: technological, social and cultural ... [and so] losing the support of the creative class would certainly be a blow to Russia. These people are usually oriented toward the West and are international in lifestyle and profession. They serve as a link between Russian society and the world. It would be dangerous to totally alienate them from the authorities." If Lukaynov speaks truth or if he is right, then Russia has no other intellectuals and creators to speak of or, if there is some other intelligentsia after all, it is not progressive, creative, and it does not count, and the Russian government must carry out such policies, which would not "alienate" this one sole creative class. And the case of Crimea was one big "alienation" and "disillusionment" for these exclusive and privileged intellectuals.

Lukynanov is especially concerned about the feelings of this class--more than about the interests of the Russian state, not to mention the people: "For the greater part of Vladimir Putin's rule, this progressive class has cohabited successfully with the government. But relations began to erode before Crimea, between 2011 and 2012, when the supporters of change, galvanized by the promises of modernization under Dmitry Medvedev, felt deceived by his departure from the presidency and the abrupt change in national discourse." And Russian patriotism is clearly something which this "progressive class" does not appreciate: "Crimea and Ukraine made the atmosphere even more fraught due to an upsurge in patriotism, a militarization of the narrative, and Russia's ideological contraposition to the West. ... [As a result of this and the sanctions, this] active minority has felt isolated both at home and abroad."

The alienation of this class, which mirrors the feelings and attitudes of the Western ruling class, is then "the source of the intelligentsia's radicalization, their rejection of everything emanating from the Kremlin, and their cynicism about the future." The resulting "radicalization" of this fifth column or exclusive progressive intellectuals has made their "feelings" even stronger and "mobilized them to find an exit strategy."

Lukyanov then tries to claim creatively or intellectually that the reunion of Crimea with Russia has been in many respects bad, counterproductive and harmful: "... if it turns out that the only long-term gain is a relatively small peninsula, people will start to ask if it was worth the trouble."

Clearly, he thinks that, in contrast to saving Crimea and the military bases from Ukrainian fascism, pleasing the pro-Western liberals in Russia would be worth the trouble of alienating the Russian people themselves.

Fyodor Lukyanov works as the editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs, which is linked to to the US journal, Foreign Affairs, published by the Council on Foreign Affairs.

Interestingly, back in 2010, speaking of the significance of the US invasion of Iraq, Lukyanov said this: "It is clear that in the 21st century, on the basis of false evidence, bypassing international law and without any kind of political or legal justification, a sovereign state can be invaded, its regime overthrown and the country occupied.  Military strength, which during the 1990s was seen to have lost its critical significance, has now returned to world politics full-scale and in the most brutal form."

On June 1, Lukyanov was also the principal expert quoted by the Washington Post on what was dabbed and praised by the Empire as Russia's "curious retreat in Ukraine."

Kolomoysky on behalf of Ukrainian fascism: Oligarchy in Ukraine is dead!

Recently, Igor Kolomeysky, the principal financier and brain behind the Ukainian fascist oligarchy, gave an interview to Poroshenko's TV 5th Channel. In that interview, he tried to do a remarkable thing--to deny that the same oligarchs who controlled everything in Ukraine before the Maidan are still there (now with lots of help from avowed fascists) and that they are oligarchs.

An interesting question, worthy of a graduate seminar at which students like to defend sometimes the most implausible opinions,  then is how to deny what is a basic and most self-evident fact?

As Kolomeysky knows or believes, it is quite simple: one has to deny the obvious. One just needs to do it very authoritatively and announce it, if possible, through controlled "public", that is, corporate media, if possible through the very same which the self-same oligarchs control. For would the oligarchs lie?

So this what Kolomeysky said in order to assure the deceived people of Ukraine: "With the flight of Yanukovich, oligarchy has died here. And with the attack on Ukraine by Russia, there are no oligarchs in our country anymore."

Kolomeysky's brazen denial contains within itself an interesting sophism though. For, however, his denial is stupid, it might still work for those who do need something--anything--to maintain their denial or reality and cognitive assistance. In this regard, and for those people, almost anything what dear leaders say is good enough.

But Kolomeysky himself is no stupid man. I do believe that he is by far the most cunning and smart brain with the fascist oligarchy has. And this means that Kolomeysky's stupid statement does also contain or hide within some more interesting points.  To indicate what it could be, one has to be a bit esoteric. In this light, Kolomeysky's declaration indicates several things:

1. The Maidan is not exactly a continuation of the previous oligarchy. Yet, it is, and yet it isn't. Oligarchy and fascism "co-penetrated" each other as two mutual dialectical negations (if it is OK to use that style today), and all of Ukraine got screwed up as a result.
2. The Maidan is, after all, a radical change of the regime and its oligarchy led by the oligarchs themselves. So how to understand this strange dialectic? Oligarchy remains and yet it is no longer the same oligarchy.
3. As Sergey Fyodorov pointed out, Ukrainian oligarchy (following its own genesis and demands from Washington), embraced violence. And not just violence, but, with it, also fascism. And by turning decisively and irreversibly fascist, it crossed its own Rubicon. This Rubicon means its "hybrid" war aimed at Russia or/and destruction of Ukraine as a regime and country that existed as a latent, but more and more overt aggressive neo-Banderite project, which perfectly fits into Brzezinski's "great chessboard" post-Cold War plan to aufheben--negate and lift out of existence--the largest state and real estate on earth, the Russian Federation. If the US is our New (and for Brzezinski latest and last) Roman Empire, then Russia is its Carthege, and "Carthago delenda est" (must be deleted or destroyed). After Napoleon and Hitler, this is the third Titanic attempt in the last two hundred years.
4. But all this, Kolomeysky, of course, cannot tell the audience. But, as a good criminal, the temptation and urge to make a public confession, while hiding it in front of everyone, is simply too high. It is part of the morbid pleasure in the crime.
5. So, as Kolomeysky renders it, oligarchs in Ukraine no longer exist. What he does not add though is that these oligarchs do still exist. But they no longer exist in the old sense--in the sense of the previous regime, which was merely a neo-liberal, postcommunist kleptocracy. Now we have a Nazi regime (Nazism understood here as more virulently aggressive and oppressive fascism, for which marches and outward theatrics are no longer enough; it is fascism that recognizes in death and war against all the other "subhumans" its highest purpose).
6. So the same oligarchs still rule, but they are no longer rule by the same means or in the same way as before. So, in this respect, Kolomeysky is lying, but his lie also conceals a key transformation. (But how to be subtle on TV?)
7. To this, Kolomeysky also adds that these this oligarchy, which also includes himself first and foremost, "has died." But he is still alive, isn't he? And so is oligarchy, which is very vividly killing civilians from Odessa to Lugansk.
8. The answer to this sophistic enigma is at least twofold: i) for centuries, the term "dead" was used metaphorically and symbolically for the initiates, and 2) truth to be told, Ukrainian oligarchy's fascism and its crimes have made it already politically dead in principle. Conversely put, Ukrainian oligarchy has died to their previous more criminally banal and benign self and has been initiated through much of blood spilled into the darkness of fascist tyranny--the ultimate political evil.

Like Avakov's yesterday nervous denunciation of the current Maidan as "bandits" set up by Russian secret agents, Kolomeysky's self-denial is exposing the junta's Achilles' heel--its oligarchic character. While for a good number of Ukrainians killing ethnic Russians in the east is justified by their nationalism, it has become for the regime ever more difficult to hide and deny the simple fact that the junta's troopers are actually dying and killing for the oligarchs, who keep robbing them down to the bone, and for NATO's geopolitical megalomania, which serves them as cannon fodder to the Ukrainian fields. Slowly, but surely, many Ukrainians are now catching up to a realization that, if their work served the oligarchs before, it is now their blood, which the oligarchs demand--at the altar of new fascism to keep God Mammon happy.

Similarly, the fast diminishing deniability of the fascist character of the oligarchic regime in Kiev is now also posing ever more greater headaches and possible total public relations and political disaster for Merkel and Germany as the main European godfather and backer of today's Ukrainian fascism and Banderisim on account of Germany's dark World War II past, which Europe has never forgotten. Germany's alliance with fascism in Kiev can thus easily sooner or later tank and destroy much of the legitimacy and prestige which Germany has built so hard and carefully for the last 70 years or so. As recent leaks of the candid conversations of Poland's foreign minister Sikoriski revealed, Poland too is only now and very reluctantly waking up to the fact that its aggressive anti-Russian course is seriously endangering its own precarious geopolitical post-World War II status an indispensable guarantor of which is namely Russia. Similarly, Germany embracing Ukrainian fascists as her own long lost true friends might be more like a kiss of death for her role as a leader in Europe.

"What do you think the goals are now?" Oligarchs are realizing that people hate oligarchs. And more  rather than less and that even anti-Russian propaganda is not helping. So, in the face of this, they are left with just two options, both of which were voiced by Kolomeysky and Avakov respectively: to lie about being oligarchs, however implausible it is, and to use more force and terror. And so Ukrainian oligarchs now publicly wedded and welded to Banderite nationalists and fascists through ideology and massacres have stepped onto a road of no return. At the same time, their ever more clear fascist character and crimes are already making the regime and the West lose the info war and they are also making it now practically impossible to have NATO openly or officially involved on the side of overt fascists and murderous oligarchs. Too many people are now already seeing it with eyes sufficiently open.

«У нас с бегством Януковича олигархия умерла. У нас с нападением России на Украину нет больше олигархии в стране. Фирташ сегодня олигарх? Он очень способный человек, умудряется влиять на ситуацию в отсутствие в стране, даже в ожидании суда по экстрадиции. Фирташ у нас считался олигархом. А я считаю главным олигархом Левочкина. И кукловодом», — заявил Коломойский в интервью «5-му каналу».

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Heidegger,Dugin and Impious Euthypro from Ohio

Dugin is ripping Heidegger, who was for Leo Strauss the deepest Nazi "philosopher," and is trying to stick it to the cause of antifascist resistance in Donbass. Dugin in his own words: "Narod does not exist for all these ideologies ... But it does exist—it is the only thing that truly exists. Heidegger used to say, 'Dasein exists through a People' (Das Dasein existiert völkisch). .... Only when faced with death does it become clear what it means to be Russian. People go to Novorossia, to Donetsk and Lugansk, obeying the Will of Russian History, drawn in by the Russian Death. It is this Red Death that makes Russians what they are. Death in the world. In the name of Narod. Death for Narod is life. Thus, people go to Novorossia to live in the Russian way."

The cruel irony is that the leaders of the Right Sector do have a less mystical, but more precise understanding of Heidegger. With this sort of philosophizing, one introduces a set of views against which the people have risen in Donbass in a merely repackaged form.

Dugin's often penetrating political analysis is thus crafted on thinking, which heralded the "death of man" and "death of philosophy" as a march into "clearing" and Heidegger's (Nazi) politics and "poetics" of death. Dugin's anti-communism and hatred of liberalism is making him a Russian Heidegger. Yet, in this way, paradoxically, if not tragically, Dugin is doing something very similar to the Russian liberals. While Russian liberal Westernizers commonly import their own believes from the West, without blinking, Dugin decided to import Heidegger and construct his "Russian nationalism" out of it, thus trying to merge two very different things--one is death to another.

Thus Dugin came to believe that, if he is to mean something as a philosopher, he needs to speak Heidegger's language and so he does. His terminology is borrowed from Heidegger. Yet, in fact, this means that he thus stops talking like a Russian and takes on a persona of Russian Heidegger. But when one looks more carefully at his analysis where he is at his best, he does not need Heidegger's heavy-handed terminology. Heidegger's "cowardly" mysticism (to use Leo Strauss' own private appraisal of Heidegger) at best obscures Dugin's political analysis. At worst, it assimilates it with Nazi thinking.

God, please save us from ourselves for we don't know what we are doing! If Heidegger in his old age said that "only God can save us" (a new Nietzschean god), perhaps we can rejoinder by saying that, if we get really lost, then perhaps only God can save us from ourselves where (especially in relation to our atheistic comrades), I would only add that God can be here that part in us which (always) beats our own intelligence or prejudice, whichever happens to get into the way of the Good.

But since high caliber thinkers are the most incorrigible people in the world, and so it is usually too late to save them (from themselves), a prudent course of action would be to try to save people from them. And to keep Russian Heideggers further away from the walls of the Kremlin.

Here is, however, another production by Alexander Dugin also from today, which shows that when Dugin forgets to talk and think like Heidegger, he becomes his own man and becomes one of the strongest Russian political analysts (google translated, though):

"Enough help: save, save, STEPPING situation on Novorossia little clearer. Troops did not enter. Bad, but what can you do. But it seems everyone has realized that giving Novorossia equivalent accelerated junta attack on Crimea, which means exactly the war that so tried to avoid all delays with quality support DNR and LC. Now the picture is clear. Being reorganized defense, military and political centralization of control under the auspices of small arms and the official authorities of New Russia, and in the near future, I think we go on the offensive. Main cohesion and determination. Novorossia reunification with Russia postponed indefinitely (Transnistria scenario), but if we will defend the new state, the legal side of this question a hundred times will be revised. in Russia from May to July were two parallel universes: patriotic and information , continues the line of Russian Spring and active party plum, in the face of the sixth column, which not only screamed "not to send troops," "not to draw Russia into war" (for some reason, completely forgetting about the Crimea and and that the junta in any moment can draw Russia into the war worth it just to attack the Crimea), but generally opened a case to ensure that the right to bring Novorossia (requirement I. Jurgens Putin - "revoke Rifle and Beard", confirmed in kinked-schizoid konspiratsionistskoy manner provocateur Kurginyanom). The Kremlin took his time, balancing between these lines without throwing Novorossia completely, but not providing enough support to effectively protect people from genocide. Attention to the word "reasonable." If support would be "sufficient", many would not be a horror. So, it was not sufficient. And it is a fact. One explanation of this duality - Moscow game on the contradictions between the EU and the USA. I dealt with this topic for many years and is committed responsibly argue that for a complete split between Brussels and Washington until the conditions are ripe. And especially in the Ukrainian situation. Contradiction there, but still ahead, and it will have to work very seriously. As elsewhere, the personal actions of Putin's effectiveness and efficiency. But as elsewhere, his reforms have almost no institutionalization, everything rests on manual control, and should he turn away, all at once falls from his hands. NATO will not break up now, it will break later. And count on the fact that suspending aid Novorossia we convince Europe and this will push her ​​to take a specific position is simply naive. Theoretically correct (from a geopolitical point of view), but does not consider the timing of processes. It's on the next turn. All Ukrainian epic Moscow will have to go with support for themselves and partners multipolar club (also not yet ready to fully support and coordinated strategy). Lack of institutionalization perfectly reasonable endeavors to Europe Putin makes logical chain - "betray Novorossia Europe will support the thesis of" our Crimea "and" stop the war "- into something naive, ridiculous, and to give the sixth column. Not support (yet). We may have to go whole range of tests to return to the Russian Mir all 20 million of its citizens who are under the authority of the neo-Nazi junta and only then deal with Europe. Next. Sixth column mortally frightened Russian people with a gun, fighting not to order, and by his heart. Her deadly frightened patriotism and steep true folk reform leadership Novorossia. mortally frightened Her symbolic image of a small arm. mortally frightened Her rousing Russian people. So she climbed out of the skin, these two unbearable months to torpedo any means Russian Spring. tried to strike the final blow Kurguinjan, lashing out at Strelkova in the most critical moment when a feather on one of the cups weights predetermined decision on the adequacy of assistance this time. It's all understandable and certainly not over yet. Novorossia once whacks, threatens to turn into another state with Russian avant-garde folk and patriotic conservative agenda. And here Greater Russia faces a choice: to say to the New Russia "yes" to rely on the Russian Awakening, because this patriotic upsurge began precisely with the sharp and was taken up by "Hurrah!" Crimean people demarche Putin, or merge it to demonize its leaders and heroes, disown militias and new Russian Epic, emerging before our eyes. But it is fraught review support Russian masses in Russia itself. Putin is poised to lead the Russian Spring, but taking in this matter towards the sixth column, the contrary, he hit himself. In all senses - both morally and historically, and even technologically. A sixth column just waiting in secret. Once (God forbid) Putin will weaken support for the Patriots lost, the sixth column connects to the fifth and to take advantage of their insidious plans also by patriots (in the spirit of network warfare, where all the tools are suitable - for Evromaydane this technology connection between the liberals and nationalists, and even Neo-Nazis again tested). Sufficient help Novorossia - Patriots victory and Putin. And all in vain efforts to oppose him Strelkova. Shooters embodies the people, but the people, devoted to his State performing their duty. And if the state takes people and expresses its aspirations, the people of this State is faithfully. Therefore, the formula for winning the battle Novorossia Putin + arrows. Then all the risks transferred and assigned to the outside network Atlanticist agents of influence, that is, traitors. It will be difficult? Yes. But I do not agree with the hypothesis of our friend and patriot Yevgeny Fyodorov about "Putin's weakness," his hands and feet bound sixth and fifth column, as well as direct representatives of the World Government. I think Putin is completely sovereign ruler. And it will be quite a sovereign, if finally will support the Patriots. People he feels he understands Russian, it himself in the end, it is Russian and quite popular. That's what "our man in the Kremlin." But the fact that so many years he is operative game, what to do - the former does not happen. Draining Novorossia under any pretext (the argument can be any "avoid war", "an internal affair of the neo-Nazi State", "bad militias", "little children and women's bodies, "etc.) - both war (Crimea), and betrayal, and empty efforts to" separation of Europe "(early, not ripe), and loss of time and territory. And most importantly: the peoples of this opposition, namely the people - the basis of support for Putin. Therefore plums Novorossia - end Russia. The sixth column, together with the fifth and cheated and betrayed patriots, including returning from Novorossia fighters and refugees, plans to overthrow Putin. It is the American plan, including the repetition of the Maidan in Moscow. Here everything is transparent, and Putin is not blind not to see this perspective, and not suicidal, to seeing her continue in this spirit. I am today in the following. Party plum and its strategy will be gradually phased out. Novorossia will receive sufficient support to remain, protect and go to the counter-offensive. And we will move to where should. two-month delay ends. Putin + Shooters. From defense to offense. Last: It is important not to forget about the Crimea. How cheerfully he began as a folk patriotic impulse was shot down later. Revolution can not be transformed into everyday life, immersed in a lot of Russian Spring technological details. Crimea should not be just the same as Russia, it is not enough. It should be somewhat better - even in the idea, in theory, on the horizon - the present-day Russia, it should be at least one step closer to the New Russia to New Russia. After Aksenov Chaly - Russian folk heroes. Not just business executives. Stage movement in Russian future must be such Russian Crimea, New Russia. To Novorossia. Towards a New Russia. Therefore Crimea need another chord popular revolution, another revolution purification and takeoff."