Monday, July 13, 2015

Mukachevo and the Right Sector: Nazification grievously misunderstood (yet again) by the hurray crowds whose strategic thinking seems to be fed by the cartoons they are so fond of sharing

All those who assumed (who knows why) that Poroshenko and the Right Sector, an essential force among the most "advanced" Nazis in this regime, would be a replay the match between Hitler and the SA were wrong. Both the West and the regime are too much invested into the Right Sector as the ideological and military vanguard of their new order.

The Kiev regime responded by laying off all the staff of the Carpathian Customs Service. Arrests of local officials followed. And opening of criminal investigations against local officials has been announced by Yatsenyuk himself. The Kiev regime fully supports the Right Sector narrative about local "banditry" and "corruption."

All this indicates that the Kiev regime shares and supports the Right Sector offensive against the insubordinate Carpathian Rus. Differently put, both the Right Sector and the Kiev regime, using the safety they enjoy in Donbass thanks to Minsk, embarked on a forcible Nazification and local regime change in Carpathian Rus to bring it fully under control and up or rather down to the standards of Maidan's Banderites uber alles and to seize and divide spoils, loot and business.

In doing so, they are just demonstrating on a smaller and lower-scale case, what they are fully determined to do if Donbass reverts back under their "sovereign rule" as prescribed by Minsk and "unconditionally" sanctioned by Putin and the Kremlin together with the junta and the West.

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