Friday, September 4, 2020

Briefly on Navalny

To understand the broader context of the Kremlin's hit on Navalny, it is necessary and critical to understand first the West's feeble protest against, de facto assent to the murdering of Nemtsov, the previous official head of the pro-Western opposition to Putin,and other pro-Western dissidents.

After the Kremlin's hit on Navalny, the leader of the pro-Western opposition to Putin, a second such move after the killing of Nemtsov in February of 2015, the West is again mulling whether or not and how fast, as before, it could start patting Putin smilingly again on the back. 

После отравления Навального, лидера прозападной оппозиции Путину, и уже второго такого акта после убийства Немцова в феврале 2015 года, Запад снова размышляет о том, может ли начать, как и в случае с Немцовым, скоро снова с улыбкой похлопывать Путина по плечу.