Saturday, September 4, 2021

Some Minds Are Like Brothels

 Back in 2018 on this day I wrote:

Some minds look like brothels where everything and everyone is easily linked in the most grotesque, bizarre and vulgar way--just like Putin is "linked" to communism, which is to say, just like Putin, an anti-communist sociopath, is linked to communism the big chunk of which he appropriated as his own in the the form of the Soviet assets and socialist property turned into wealth fueling his and his oligarchic cronies' greed to become a new fascist mafia don and a shill of the powers that be.

If communism had been once a kind of discourse about justice, a massive attempt to have a relationship with justice (and not just screw it up), then Putin and his oligarchic criminals, aspiring fascists and shills related to that discourse as its HIV.

All the idiotic worshiping of Putin and his nomenklatura of thieves and lumpen may be simply expressed in its intent as a slogan: "Sociopaths and idiots of all the countries, unite!" For both sides of this slogan are clearly firmly linked. One depends on the other and also desires and needs the other. And their power depends on the existing supply and production of sociopaths and idiots in the world.

"So as Renée Pennington points out, even the Chinese communists had their origins with the help of the Russian Bolsheviks. So when Putin and Xi meet to discuss how to deal with the West, they have that link that stretches back to that point of origin. Do not think that Russia is not a communist country, because it is, as China is, ideologically linked to Lenin and Stalin."