Monday, July 13, 2015

Medvedev's historic Top Gun speech on Libya ... and its creepy parallels

When Russia (government) had no strategy to speak of for Ukraine for nearly 25 years since the time Ukraine was formed, it was certainly because it knew what it was thus doing. And when Russia did not have a strategy for something so vital, then very likely to create one with the same team should pose no problems at all. "Everyone knows" (c) that the one who messed up is the best qualified to fix one's own problems. If you or your surroundings also calls you a genius in addition, then there is nothing to worry about.

Similarly, when Russia supported the bombing of Libya, it too knew what it was doing and it was similar and similarly brilliant and strategic. As Medvedev, in a Top Gun outfit, explains very clearly in this historic interview:

"All that is happening in Libya is the result of the Libyan leadership's absolutely intolerable behavior and crimes they have committed against their own people. ... Therefore, it would be wrong for us to start flapping about now and say we didn't know what we were doing.This was a conscious decision on our part. ... At this moment, various words are being used to describe events taking place. So I do think we need to be very careful in our choice of wordings. It is inadmissible to say anything that could lead to a clash of civilizations ... this is unacceptable for otherwise we could see a situation which is far worse even than what is happening today. We must all keep this in mind."

You see much the same rationalizations are being used today for Ukraine as well. All what Moscow does is conscious. Ergo,criticism or used of wordings not supported or approved by Moscow is inadmissible and unacceptable. Doing so would make the situation far worse (Libya is a good example).

If you say anything critical of the obviously wrong decisions, you can always imagine that the situation could only become so much worse because of it as opposed to the alternative when critique of what is or appears wrong does not take place. "Everyone knows" (c) that if you don't say anything, the situation can get only better or, at least, be imagined to be be bound and condemned to improvement, if not even to victory.

At least, you can remember that "all that is happening is the result  of the leadership's behavior," as Medvedev clearly stated. In saying this about Libya, Medvedev must have spoken the truth for "to say anything else is unacceptable" and "could lead to a far worse situation."

As a result, a whole country was unjustly handed over to the Empire on a plate, destroyed and opened up to al Qaeda, with Libya's massive weapons loots channeled to other al Qaeda in order to destroy yet another country--Syria--and thus turn al Qaeda into one of the numerically largest and most combat-ready armies in the Middle East. And so imagine what else would have happened if Medvedev's decision and his self-serving rationalizations were criticized too soon and too fast!

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