Thursday, July 9, 2015

DPR high commander: This war is stupid. For what? For whom? Who knows? Just for money. On both sides. This is no longer our war. We are one country (Ukraine) and we can't be divided.

Commander of the Republican Guard of the Donetsk Republic Ivan Kondratov: "Right now there is as if silence [??] on our fronts, though there is isolated shelling ... some facts ...  so now overall the situation is calming down ... those [Kiev] battalions which continue to shoot are, as I understand, mainly those over which Kiev has not yet its full control [lie], those who are deciding for themselves whether to fight or not fight, the Ukrainian Army is fulfilling its Minsk obligations ... "

Too bad that, when saying this, he keeps for most time looking down instead of looking into the eyes of the people of the cities that are being shelled. But this lie is just a premise for his main point in the spirit of Minsk, which also does "lift the fog," as video was entitled, over how Moscow is trying to achieve the chief goal of Minsk: undoing Novorosssiya and restoring "one indivisible Ukraine" under neo-Banderas:

So Kondratov continues: "[Soon there we will also reach with these battalions the same understanding which we already established with the Ukrainian Army]. For who would like to die who knows for whom or what? In the beginning, people gathered and rose up out of enthusiasm to defend their house and their land on our side and also on their side. However, it is also the same. For we are one country and one and the same people anyway. And so this fratricidal war is actually stupid, that's what we understand now as time passed and at such a completely incommensurable cost. So we now understand that this war is really not ours. ... our land, the Donetsk region ... We are all the same, we can't be divided. ... We all understand on this side and they on their side what this war is for. The longer it lasts, the more some are making money on their accounts. ... Everyone wants peace, and no one wants to die any more. No one wants this war. This war is stupidity which cannot be compared to anything. I did think that human life is worthless, but as it turns out, it does have a certain price. ... So the conclusion is that it is senseless to fight. Enough of war. The time of field commanders is over. ... The most important, the task that is before me is to save a human life."

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