Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In defense of the Kremlin, Minsk, and Surkov, Starikov went to Donetsk to deliver this hit on Strelkov and all those who stand up for Novorossiya and her independence from Nazism

Having studied a bit Machiavelli, sophism and its fallacies and uses, I would find Starikov's new pro-Minsk offensive against Strelkov very entertaining had not my better self found it not merely shabby, but devious and repulsive.

On the occasion of Starikov's visit to Donetsk, only today almost 240 videos with Starikov's talks were added to youtube today.

One of them includes the said offensive or retake on the Neyromir debate, which he lost to Strelkov.

Now, with clever reductionism, simplification, and forceful twist, Starikov decided to go for a big lie itself. With few quick moves worthy of a wizard, he produced the following scheme (see the stilled image of the video), in which he argues that, on Crimea and Donbass, Strelkov is holding the same view and the same position as Obama, Merkel, Poroshenko, Nemtzov, and Turchinov. So what is the position, which Starikov constructed as one and the same for Strelkov, the Nazi junta, the US, and the West over Crimea and Donbass? It is the view which holds, as Starikov says, that Crimea and the conflict in Donbass represents "Russian aggression and occupation." He claims that this is also exactly what Strelkov proclaims, and, if so, then Strelkov is on the side with the Nazis and the Empire against Russia. Starikov says so, and the whiteboard has it even drawn.

Starikov: "[So] we see together that Strelkov is saying the very same what opponents and the same enemies of Russia are saying. [Strelkov] is in the one and same information warfare trench where Russia's enemies are." (10:30)

Starikov: "Is Strelkov syas the truth, then Obama tells the truth, so does Merkel, and so do Poroshenko, Nemtzov, Turchinov. ... If you think that Strelkov tells the truth, then you would have to agree first of all with all these [banderite and Western] politicians who are saying the same. ... If all this is true, then you have to do all what these politicians [Obama, Poroshenko, etc.] demand ... return Crimea [and they too demand Minsk,don't they?]." If you agree with [what I said that] Strelkov said then you should agree with all what our enemies say.

Starikov: "Strelkov is on the side of the enemies. ... So to unite with Strelkov means to unite with Obama, Merkel, Poroshenko, Nemtzov, and Turchinov."

Yes, Starikov, Obama, Putin, Merkel, and Poroshenko are all for Minsk.

The Minsk party is viciously fighting for pushing back DPR  and LPR into Banderite Ukraine.

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