Sunday, July 12, 2015

Putin in Ufa: "Partnership" with the Nazi Kiev remains the Kremlin's frame of reference and Minsk is "unconditional"

Putin (from official transcript) in Ufa, June 10: " I do think that to a certain extent the settlement is stalling due to the fact that our PARTNERS IN KIEV are not willing to negotiate directly with Lugansk and Donetsk. It looks a bit strange, as precisely our PARTNERS IN KIEV insisted on the Donetsk and Lugansk leaders showing up in Minsk and signing these documents. They did come to Minsk and signed the documents, stating that they are prepared to COMPLY. ... However, we all agree on one thing – there is no way to resolve the Ukraine crisis other than peacefully by fully and unconditionally complying with the Minsk agreements."

"Fully and unconditionally"? As in a full and unconditional capitulation? ... for that's how the term was traditionally used. "Fully and unconditionally" means: 1) the one who is supposed to behave that way has NO FREEDOM and no option to disagree, deviate or object; 2) it also implies that no revision is allowed; 3) in practice, "unconditionally" always means existence of certain conditions or exclusion of some specific conditions; in this regard, Moscow's rhetoric creates an impression that these disallowed conditions are certain formal measures (partial autonomy, some consulting, etc.) required from the Kiev regime, which do absolutely nothing in relation to its Bandera, Nazi character. However, if this rhetoric is for real is a big question is in no way guaranteed, especially in the light of the fact that no action and no violation by Kiev Moscow has approached as invalidating the Minsk deal.

Minsk does demand that the DPR  and the LPR be dissolved into "certain regions" under the sovereign rule of the Kiev regime, which is pursuing firmly and unapologetically Nazification of Ukraine. Not to see that means to be delusional or objectively on the side of the regime in Kiev.

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