Friday, July 17, 2015

Nikolay Starikov in Donetsk, avoiding hard Qs and making Pushilin proud and beaming

Earlier this week, Starikov showed up in Donetsk for a session of the Izborki Club. His visit coincided with Surkov doing the same, undoubtedly to accelerate and explain away the now more and more evident "unilateral implementation" of the Minsk deal to which Moscow ordered the DPR and the LPR leaders to agree, hence they prefer to call this "Minsk Agreements"--under them, Putin decided to send Donbass back to the Nazis, while affirming together with Minsk that the "sovereignty" and "unity" of Ukraine is "uber alles" (above all and all other interests or principles),

Shortly, after his arrival in Donetsk, Starikov went to deliver his main public lecture there.

Right at the start he confessed: "We who are in Moscow don't quite fully understand how to help you and how all this is for all of us important."

Then he continued: "In twenty years, they [the West] will say that their support for the Kiev junta was a mistake." He didn't mean Minsk, did he?

After trying to placate the local audience with references to Russian Mir, which the official Kremlin all but abandoned, and promises of victory, Starikov delivered his main demand or prompt that ought to frame the people's minds:

Russian mir (world) needs to have only one Grandmaster of chess,and we should let him play the game in peace. ... the Grandmaster needs to have a chance to play without being disturbed. ... When we believed that the one who is sitting on the other side of the chessboard is ours, then we ended up in tears. For what is happening now in Donetsk is the direct effect of what has been happening since 1985. Today's killed and injured children are victims of perestroika ... only back then it was not self-evident when [we believed what we were told] ... and we all were told different things at the same time.
So what is happening today is the direct result of perestroika, and, at the same time, the present has nothing in common with perestroika. It is way so different ... And, thus, one you believe what you are told, you will either "end in tears" or you will win. At any case, make others think for you.

According to Starikov, the war is a chess game in which Ukraine has become a soccer ball. Minsk is important because it establishes a recognized "procedure" and we are showing to the West and public opinion that these procedures are not being followed by Kiev. ... We wait for the public opinion in the West to change so that the public opinion will change policies of the West, and the policies of the West will change the Kiev junta and the situation.

The demand to suspend one's critical faculty and conscience was then backed by assurances  and promises of what would happen if people only do and believe what Starikov wants them to. The "idea" is all that is needed. It's Starikov idea: to leave the Grand Master at peace, undisturbed. When it comes to Ukraine, she cannot be won or conquered, but only persuaded by an "idea." It is also this "idea" which will dissolve the Kiev regime. There is no other way. Trust me, and don't even try to think otherwise, was Starikov's message.

According to Starikov, "Russia needs the whole of Ukraine" (and so the DPR/LPR is not enough, hence Minsk ...), "just like she needs the whole of Belarus, the whole of Kazakhstan, the whole of Armenia, etc. ... Russian mir has been split by an idea and can be restored only by an idea [PR?]. Only an idea can beat/kill an idea."

Starikov then continued:

Russia should only be assisting the healthy pro-Russian forces in Ukraine. Ukraine will change its view, but for this an idea is needed. ... That's why the needed idea is the one that will become attractive to the citizens of the whole of Ukraine. For today's idea which started the war is the European idea ... this can be killed only by a different idea, but THIS IDEA [STILL] NEEDS TO BE FORMULATED.

The idea has not been formulated yet ... and all depends on it ....

On the question about the idea, which ought to win Russia back "the whole of Ukraine," when the current Russian constitution forbids the state to have any ideology, Starikov says: "The Russian Constitution [the father of which is officially A. Sobchak, Putin's mentor from St. Petersbug--my comment] was written with the help of a copier machine by American advisers ... In practice this means that the ruling ideology is liberalism, and there is but a little difference between liberalism and fascism." (at 53:30 of the video)

THE IDEA, THE TRUE IDEA WAS ALEXEY MOZGOVOY. THE IDEA IS IGOR STRELKOV. And someone wanted to kill this real idea very badly.

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