Saturday, July 25, 2015

Putin and Kremlin has taught all of us new previously thought-to-be-impossible lessons

Since May of 2014, the Russian government under Putin's leadership has taught the country and the world few important lessons:
1) a government, which is anti-Russian and Nazi (Russians are "Untermenschen" for them) and which systematically kills and tortures people who oppose this, is "legitimate."
2) The tortures and killers are not only "legitimate," they are also "partners," even "friends," "best chance for Ukraine," and "the party of peace."
3) Such anti-Russian, Nazi "partners" and "friends" deserve to be supported with billions via Russian state banks and with the cheapest gas.
4) Such support also goes further--for the Russian government, "sovereignty" and "unity" of Ukraine under such an anti-Russian, Banderite, Nazi regime is most important; all other principles are at best secondary.
5) Those who have fought against this anti-Russian regime have fought only for what the Russian government says and allows them. That is to say, as far as the Russian government is concerned, the only possible "legitimate" goals of the national-liberation struggle of Donbass or Novorosssiya, which Moscow doesn't recognize as such in contrast with the Nazi regime, are requests (not even demands) for "amnesty" for having dared to resist and for a chance to be able to talk to their Nazi overlords without having Russia to do that for them. Amnesty, moreover, presupposes acknowledgement of resistance to Nazism as a crime. Amnesty cannot be demand for what is/was right. Thus, Moscow in principle agrees that resisting Nazism is criminal and wrong by asking Kiev for amnesty. But, as Putin said in St. Petersburg in June, Moscow is really not asking for anything. It has just some of these opinions, perhaps mild recommendations.
6) All in all, for the Kremlin, anti-Russian Nazism as embodied in the Kiev regime is legitimate, deserves support and even partnership. On my part, I do humbly believe that this Kremlin position is anti-Russian. For I cannot explain otherwise the fact that the daily, continuous shelling and killing of the people of Donbass is for Moscow no longer even a matter of concern, not to mention a reason for stating publicly its support for the struggle of the people of Donbass and decrying the crimes not in abstract, but as crimes of the anti-Russian regime.
7) To sum it up, Putin's and the Kremlin's stance has been positing the systematic anti-Russian program with systematic killing and torturing Russians and pro-Russians by the Nazis as legitimate--thus positing and treating not only Nazism as legitimate, but also Nazism in power over the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine as being legitimate, and not just any Nazism, but specifically the murderous, anti-Russian kind of Nazism, in particular.

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