Monday, November 25, 2019

Long before the Chinese communists (that's some twenty centuries ago), God of the New Testament was also a believer and a practitioner of the one child/one son policy in his own household

Don't worry--the God of the Universe was born from a merely human mother who might or might not have been a virgin. Certainly (that's we know it for a fact), there was no goddess available for that open position in the cosmic plan.

For to think that the God of the whole Universe might have also been dating a mortal woman is equally normal just as his exercise of perfect parental planning. So utterly unlike Zeus who could never control himself. Had not that being the case, just imagine with how many Giants and gods we would have to cope and wrestle! God was happy to leave us with the legions of spawning devils and a fixed number of sexless angels instead.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

As al Qaeda and ISIS were in the middle of their quickly expanding offensive on Syria, seizing soon more than half of Syria, there was a simulatenous organized and well financed effort to ensure their mobility and logists, for example, by buying used pickup trucks in the US and sending them via Turkey

ImageOne of many used pickup trucks from the US in the hands of the jihadi terrorists at war with Syria.
To remember: back in 2013-2014 ... under Obama somebody was buying en mass used pickup trucks in the US and was shipping them for the jihadists and terrorists engaged in their genocidal war on Syria via Turkey.

"The Texas plumber whose old work truck was acquired by Syrian jihadis who mounted it with a large gun has settled a lawsuit against the car dealership that resold the vehicle without removing a decal bearing the company's name and phone number.

The lawsuit sought more than $1 million and was settled quietly for an undisclosed sum."

“There was no news coverage on the settlement. Seems like there was something else going on at the time,” Eiland says, adding that he cannot comment on the specifics of the resolution.