Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just a little weather forecast

The NFA August 2014 offensive saved the DPR and the LPR from the jaws of defeat and destruction. Minsk 1 saved the Nazi regime from a decisive defeat and thus it saved for Kiev the war itself and also its very regime. Minsk 2 is but Minsk 1 reloaded after Kiev's failed winter offensive. As a result (that is much because) of all this cunning and cleverness, the Nazi regime has consolidated itself; from May 2014 on even the Kremlin legitimized it.

The Ukrainian army (consisting mainly of Ukrainian Russians) has no longer any issue with killing either civilians or anti-fascist Russians. Moreover, it has also taught itself how to fight the new war and is now a fully capable and combat ready army for which Ukrainian oligarchs and the West are a better deal than what the Russian liberal government represents to them--ideologically, politically, or even morally--as far as they are concerned.

The Nazi war machine has behind itself all the still great, existing and fully functioning authority, support, and intelligence of the best funded and richest Empire in the history of mankind. And there is no functional (as opposed to dysfunctional, isolated, and wandering ) organized communist force of a fully mobilized state and all its powers to stand up against as in 1941.

Moscow's insistence that the armed forces of Novorossiya (which, as an entity Moscow does not recognize even as a national liberation movement) fight or ought to fight merely for some administrative entitlements or a promise of local reforms and vague adjustments (Putin: "Nothing special," in fact) and for resumption of social payments falsifies and dumps/dumbs down the cause of the war, what is at stake, and what is defended and fought for.

If the current trends and dynamic are to continue without major re-calibration, Russia's current liberal, right-wing government will be soon either negotiating or directly implementing some kind of Minsk or "revolution of dignity" for Russia itself.

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