Friday, July 3, 2015

Oh, no, "we" don't want Russia to truly defend herself or her interest or the Russians in Donbass, for it is "exactly what the West wants ..."

"[To support] stronger military action on the part of Russia and Donbass which is exactly what the American neocons such as Nuland want, so wittingly or otherwise you are pushing their cause. They want Russia pictured as the aggressor so they can re-arm Europe."

This is a by now well now Western spread meme (hypnotic insinuation) propagated through the social media, but also pushed by the Kremlin, which based on no evidence and no logic. But, if one cares to actually read and listen to what Western leaders and neocons do say and write on their own (as opposed to the social media bots), is the opposite: as weak Russia's response and defense is possible, which, ideally, would be as little as possible, hence ultimately none. Otherwise, Russia has already been pictured by the West as an aggressor anyway. The West always feared most Russia's possible determination and resolution--one that was displayed in Crimea. So the West did all it could (including the use of its assets on both sides) to make sure that this would never happen again. If the West wanted an all-out war, it would have already started over Crimea or just make and use some other excuse (MH 17 false flag or much anything else).

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