Monday, July 20, 2015

"Bad peace ( = terrible serfdom) is better than any war (dignity or freedom)"--message from a DPR commander (mis)leading Donbass for the sake of bad oligarchic "peace"

In the peacefully, militarily and politically unilateral spirit of Minsk designed by the masters for the serfs in revolt, Aleksander Matyushin, DPR commander of the Republican Guard (formerly Khodakovsky's Vostok) continued in the spirit of de-motivating the anti-Nazi, anti-oligarchic and national liberation uprising of Donbass. His statement confirmsthat the early promise to liberate the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics at least to the borders of the former regions is being unilaterally "fulfilled" in reverse--by moving weapons toward the Russia border and away from anywhere where it could defend even the current positions. Not to even mention having or thus creating any chance of breaching the lines of the Kiev forces which continue to shell Donbass at will and with ease.

The goal with which the current and political command was clearly tasked by Moscow is to de-motivate resistance and struggle. As the aforementioned commander argues with a help of a would-be truism: "Even bad peace is better than any war." If he truly believed that, then he should not be in the army in the first place. Crawling on one's belly toward one's new (and once rejected) Nazi masters might also be called "bad peace," perhaps even very bad peace, in fact. In political and moral terms, the phrase translated as: Any obedience is better than resistance.

A truly marvelous piece of sophistry to gag and silence the mouth of a serf whose serfdom can be secured only if the serf in fact becomes also a serf in his mind by consuming such lies served to him by other serfs on behalf of the masters.

If Matyushin truly believes what he says, he should lead by example and do what he says unless he believes that it is better not just to crawl in that way by himself, but also to make the whole Donbass follow him, Minsk, and his disgraceful lie/phrase with its "unilaterally peaceful steps" and "unilaterally peaceful marches" bound to cement not only the existing Nazi rule, but also the serf status of the serfs at the hands of the Bandera junta.

Otherwise, Matyushin also believes that having most of one's weapons 3 km away from the front lines means to that this distance is "not big" and that they can be "returned at any moment." Obviously, according to the new cunning military doctrine, once you are attacked, you can always reach your weapons 3-km away, perhaps either by walking or by running. The enemy's attack would certainly allow it (once you start to  run), and receiving the needed permission (required in fact) will be equally simple, fast, and easy. Of course, there might also be a much more simple explanation that Matyushin and people like him have no idea what 3 km is like if it is to be someone else's problem.

In a way, this does makes strangely a sense of sorts. After Moscow has done for 25 years nothing effective or helpful in terms of having what might even deserve to be called a strategy for Ukraine, its strategic genius  (Grand Chess Master) needs to start to learn how to strategize with some very basic, almost infantile schemes.

"замначальник штаба 5-ой батальонно-тактической группы Республиканской Гвардии ДНР Александр Матюшин (позывной «Варяг»): «Насколько мне известно, отвод вооружения произошел не глубокий — на три километра от линии разграничения. Мы можем вернуть свою технику на боевые позиции в любой момент. Если украинские войска пойдут в наступление, мы откажемся от выполнения Минских соглашений и развяжем все силы для начала полномасштабной войны и отброса украинских оккупантов с нашей земли и от наших городов. Если украинская власть покажет полную несостоятельность в выполнении Минских соглашений, то мы также не будем их соблюдать и предпринимать миролюбивые шаги, потому что наши миролюбивые марши являются односторонними и не приводят к ожидаемому результату. Пока мы идем на крайние шаги, чтобы удержать перемирие, потому что худой мир лучше любой войны», — сказал Матюшин

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