Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Controversial, obscure verses about Superman and "lower ethnic forms": What to make of it?

While the better read might know whose verses are behind this translation of mine. But my request is here directed precisely to those who don't know--can you describe the message of these verses? What is the political position that is represented in these verses? I can only add at this point that the verses are part of a poem which was written back in 1990.

Here are the verses:

People of lower ethnic types
Will roll and mire in the mud,
Though Russia has paid in full
To be other than this horse’s food.

Our beloved country pulls and moves
Over the bones of such symbols and forms,
And spits and spews and cries and groans
With power of a mare that befalls a mount.

With whatever Chinese beast
Should we mark this day and age,
The people will choose just one
To be the Horse’s Superman.

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