Thursday, July 2, 2015

25 years ago, one would be called insane if she predicted that Nazis would be in power in Kiev, today we are told that it is but a part of a ingenious chess game in which losing means winning

What would have happened if the US had a 200,000 (or 100,000) hostile anti-American army operating 400 miles from Washington D.C. or just along the border of the US and killing and torturing Americans?

Now, 25 years after the USSR was dissolved by an unconstitutional act of a few apparatchiks, Russia is faced on its borders and 400 miles from Moscow with a very hostile Nazi-led anti-Russian 100,000-200,000 army killing and torturing Russians. Moreover, the army and its regime are leaving no doubt that they are seeing themselves at war with Russia and the Russians. In addition, Ukraine is being Nazified and mobilized as an anti-Russian war machine.

For almost all these 25 years, Russia did nothing of note against the spread and rise of Nazism in this once leading Soviet republic and limited itself to business deal with the incredibly corrupt, immoral, kleptocratic and increasingly anti-Russian oligarchs. What is stunning in this respect that, in Moscow, no one has been held responsible for this colossal neglect, acquiescence and even still ongoing support for these rabid anti-Russian, fascist forces. No one even acknowledged any responsibility in this regard. In fact, the opposite--a massive, fully armed and completely and openly hostile anti-Russian force just 400 miles from the Red Square is, according to the propagandistic assurances, not more than a result and confirmation of the superhuman genius, which allowed all this to happen.

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