Thursday, April 18, 2019

According to Strelkov, Putin decided to take Crimea most likely upon a US incitement (similar to that bait by the then US Ambassador April Glaspie to Kuwait toward Saddam Hussein) via someone like the big Brzezinski himself "whom Putin met on the very eve of the crisis":

Russky Chelovek
И.И по статье Путин марионетка Чубайса: Получается Путин взял Крым по кивку америкосов?

Igor Strelkov replied to Russky
Русский, не думаю. Скорее - ему кто-то из пендосов (возможно - Бжезинский, с которым встретился как раз накануне "кризиса") - пообещал "невмешательство". Но с определенной целью - "втравить". Для большей части "западных элит", однако, это был шаг ,вызвавший "отнюдь не легкий шок" и огромную растерянность. Даже натуральную панику. Но Вова "сдулся" так быстро и так позорно, что воспользоваться этим "шоком" даже не попробовал - он "сам себя испугался".

"Saker" and Dmitry Orlov joined forced in delivering another drivel packed with bombastic claims and disinformation to promote and extoll Putin's primitive, fasciziod gangesterism that is utterly destroying Russia

Over the course of the last several years I have been enjoying my blissful ignorance of people like Saker and other Putinist or pro-Putin propagandists, reducing my daily diet of toxic information mainly to either Putin himself or to his advisers and officials. For the Apollonian dictum "Everything with a measure" also applies to bullshit. My bliss was interrupted (as usual) today in the morning when I was directly asked to look at the latest opus in which Saker and Dimitry Orlov combined forces to deliver a new drivel made of Putinist megalomania, disinformation, fiction, and strong BS. Saker himself describes Orlov though as "the undisputed expert on social and political collapse, Dmitry Orlov whom I have always admired for his very logical, non-ideological, comparative analyses of the collapse of the USSR and the US."

First of all, "Saker" (a product of the White anti-Soviet emigration to the West) is a psy-op link between the Kremlin mafia and Washington. And his article that has a form of Saker's interview with Orlov starts off with categorical and stupefying claims like this one: "After some amount of effort by NATO instructors to train the Ukrainians, the instructors gave up. The Ukrainians simply laughed in their faces because it was clear to them that the instructors did not know how to fight at all..." Orlov is clever, but his intended audience is clearly the stupid. Or this: "They have to win, and they have to win without any help from the Russian military, which can squash the Ukrainian military like a bug, but what would be the point of doing that?" Or: "Therefore, we should expect most of the country to go dark over time.... After that point the Ukraine will lose access to Russian natural gas as well." Or: "Orchestrating a smallish but highly publicized radiation leak from one of the ancient Ukrainian nuke plants would probably work. Rather weirdly, Westerners think nothing of poisoning themselves with glyphosphate but are deathly afraid of even a little bit of ionizing radiation."

The combination of old trivia with old heavily prejudiced stereotypes and above all concentrated disinformation makes one puke. More of this utter nonsense: "We can imagine that this swirling tide of humanity, ejected from Western Europe, will head east, slosh against the Great Wall of Russia, and flood back into the west, but now armed with Ukrainian weapons and knowhow and entertaining thoughts of plunder rather than employment." Now the creeping fascism and racism starts raising its head as well: "Ethnoi (plural of “ethnos”) generally only last about a thousand years, and at the end of their lifecycle they tend to exhibit certain telltale trends: they stop breeding well and they become sexually depraved and generally decadent in their tastes ... What will spark the next round of Western European ethnogenesis is impossible to predict, but we can be sure that at some point a mutant strain of zealots will arrive on the scene, with a dampened instinct for self-preservation but an unslakable thirst for mayhem, glory and death, and then it will be off to the races again."

One of the many examples of unadulterated bullshit: "They are of a new breed of thoroughly professional career politicians with up-to-date managerial skills." Not even Soviet propaganda could get as low and demented: "The recent initiatives to let everyone in and to let non-citizens vote amply demonstrates that US citizenship, by itself, counts for absolutely nothing. The only birthright of a US citizen is to live as a bum on the street, surrounded by other bums, many of them foreigners from what Trump has termed “shithole countries.”... shiny young IT specialists skipping and whistling on the way to work past piles of human near-corpses and their excrement; ... well-to-do older couples dreaming of bugging out to some tropical gringo compound in a mangrove swamp where they would be chopped up with machetes and fed to the fish."

And I pass over the overly idiotic and utterly false praises by Orlov for Putin and the terrible reality of his regime both domestically and toward the world, the over the top falsifications and crude lies. The article is an attempt at direct attack on intellect, common sense, decency, and morals.