Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Zakharchenko on the camera: "I've not signed the order to withdraw the weapons and I'm not going to"

Zakharchenko right on the camera on July 19:

1) he calls the July 18 shelling of Donetsk by the Kiev regime "mild" ("melkoye"): 2 civilians killed, 5 wounded, 15 houses damaged;
2) tries to justify his praise for the Right Sector, saying that, as a "normal" and "true man," he too would do what the Right Sector is doing in Kiev. The face of the woman behind him, while he is saying this, is consternated and pale. (1:50)
3) then, on the camera, he bluntly lies: he says that, after this shelling, which has just called "mild," he would not sign the order for the withdrawal of the weapons from the front lines ... he "didn't sign it and now he will not sign it" ... well, unless the orders are issued by other people and he is just a local figurehead.


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