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Part of the Imperial "Multi-Dimensional" Imperial Chess Has Been Systemic and Rather Massive Infiltration and Even Internal Nazification (and Not Just Monitoring) of the Left. In this Process Russian Oligarchy, Putinism and Its Cult Has Played a Role of an Important Pivot. One of the (intended) uses of Putinism and Putin's cult was to make the left get screwed up by the (far) right and fall to/for it.

The Center for Syncretic Studies, Duginism, Neo-Nazis (and their Satanism), Fort Russ are part of the same psy-op, intel inter-connected and mutually supporting network. It's part of the infiltration of the opposition and its Nazification from within. Needless to say, they are all also staunch Putinists and promoters of Putin's cult and his "genius."

The question is then why would such right-wingers and shills be so invested in the creation of the Putin lie and deception?

Neo-Nazis, crypto-fascists, informants, and Duginists have effectively led like pied pipers a motley procession of the Putinist party--the Unholy Witnesses of Putin's personality cult largely made of Western lefties and "anti-imperialists." Dugin himself and the network he represents is part of the program meant to Nazify both the Empire and the "resistance" against the Empire by re-branding and repackaging fascism.

It is interesting to observe how fascists and various neo-Nazis(aided by Western spooks) are trying to climb to the sun on Putin's shoulders. The Putinists have always been part of imperial deception and strategy. Whether knowingly or as dupes.
The neo-Nazi Center for Syncretic Studies and its spreading network closely mimes the strategy set forth by the kindred "Order of Nine Angles" linked to the Neo-Nazi guru David Myatt (also MI-6), which requires that its members work undercover inside other political and social groups, read: systemic and massive infiltration: 

"Within the initiatory system of the ONA, there is an emphasis on practitioners adopting "insight roles" in which they work undercover among a politically extreme group for a period of six to eighteen months, thus gaining experience in something different from their normal life.[95] Among the ideological trends that the ONA suggests its members adopt "insight roles" within are anarchism, Neo-Nazism, and Islamism, stating that aside from the personal benefits of such an involvement, membership of these groups has the benefit of undermining the Magian-Nazarene socio-political system of the West and thus helping to bring about the instability from which a new order, the Imperium, can emerge.[96] However, Monette noted a potential shift in the insight roles recommended by the group over the decades; he highlighted that while the ONA recommended criminal or military activities during the 1980s and early 1990s, by the late 1990s and 2000s they were instead recommending Buddhist monasticism as an insight role for practitioners to adopt.[97] Therefore, "through the practice of "insight roles", the order advocates continuous transgression of established norms, roles, and comfort zones in the development of the initiate ... This extreme application of ideas further amplifies the ambiguity of satanic and Left Hand Path practices of antinomianism, making it almost impossible to penetrate the layers of subversion, play and counter-dichotomy inherent in the sinister dialectics."[98] Senholt suggested that Myatt's involvement with both Neo-Nazism and Islamism represent such "insight roles" in his own life.[99]"

"There’s a whole plethora of similar but less intellectually gifted personages all around the semi-public sphere of Internet based intellectual life, gathered around a handful of websites such as the Russian Katehon, American Duginist outpost Open Revolt and Serbian based Centre for Syncretic Studies, to name but a few.
They are now also exerting increased influence on pro-Russian flavoured alt media outlets and individuals, displaying the astonishing ability to attract people from a diverse political and ideological spectrum – from the radical Left to the radical Right, provided, of course, that they’re well read, self assured dimwits in search of return to Tradition, original Christianity, true Left or whatever ego trip they might be on.
We won’t attempt a comparative study of this strange bunch, because this will be an analysis focused on the fundamental ideas they share and investigations into certain (and uncertain) relations between proponents of ideas must always be secondary to the depiction of the substance they all share in – something “conspiracy researchers” tend to regularly turn on its head.
So the introductory question must be: how does one change effortlessly from avowed Satanist to Christian or Muslim and vice versa; or how can a post-Nazi all of a sudden become a radical Leftist and vice versa?
This question is not important for the purpose of investigating some of the persons mentioned before in order to “expose” them. They expose themselves very well – with quite an exhibitionist intensity, we might add – yet still they’re able to sell the personal role they’re playing to gullible intellectuals. The truly essential thing is that the understanding of this peculiar elusiveness – which indicates to a fundamental lack of anything substantial in the respective personalities of these people – provides a unique path towards an understanding of what LHP metaphysics truly is." 

How close is Dugin to the Kremlin and the FSB?

How close is A. Dugin to the Kremlin and the FSB, besides the internationally connected and West-special-agencies-curated network of neo-Nazis infiltrating much of social activism?

Here are three principal people on the “Supervisory Board” of A. Dugin’s Katehon (where Dugin moved from the Lomonosov State University after being officially demoted from his post there; Katehon was the principal Dugin’s platform till about February of 2017when a new platform was set up for him in the form of, besides various continued spin-offs such as, etc.)

The Supervisory Board of the Duginist Katehon:
1.      Konstantin Malofeev (President)
2.      Sergey Glaziev
3.      Leonid Reshetnikov
4.      Alexandr Makarov
5.      Andrey Klimov
6.      Zurab Chavhavdze

“Malofeev, 42, made his fortune in private equity and now runs Russia’s largest charity —the St. Basil the Great Foundation. He’s also president of Katehon, a right-wing think tank, and started his own television station, Tsargrad TV, a platform for figures like American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin — a man known as “Putin’s Rasputin,” as well as a member of Katehon’s supervisory board. Malofeev is a traditionalist, much like Dugin, and a devout practitioner of the Orthodox faith. … Malofeev’s ties to the American religious right extend beyond just Brown. He also hired former Fox News employee and devoted Catholic Jack Hannick to help launch Tsargrad TV. In addition to traveling in far-right circles across the West, Malofeev also occasionally dabbles in far-left politics. In 2014, a Russian hacking collective called Shaltai Boltai released a trove of emails between Georgy Gavrish — an associate of the right-wing philosopher Dugin — and Syriza officials, in which they discussed efforts by Malofeev and Dugin to identify political partners in Greece with Russian sympathies. … Alexander Borodai, a Russian citizen and former prime minister of the Russian-backed Ukrainian separatist state the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), is a friend of Malofeev’s and previously worked as his public relations consultant. …  Malofeev’s inner circle includes Father Tikhon (Georgiy Aleksandrovich Shevkunov), who is believed to be Vladimir Putin’s personal confessor, and Igor Shchegolev, a former minister of communications and Putin’s current internet tsar. Tikhon is also close with Putin’s former chief of staff Sergei Ivanov …

And a Duginist site reported this, for example: The meeting room of the Collegium of the FSB, where in February of 2016 was Putin, and in December arrested Mikhailov. A screenshot of the video site First this information was published by the website “Constantinople” created “Orthodox oligarch” Konstantin Malofeev. Malofeev attributed to the friendship with Andrey Ivashko, head of Center for information protection and special communications FSB (JI). CDC and JI to some extent overlapping, and therefore competing structure in the system of the FSB. Therefore, the appearance on the website controlled by Malofeev, the details of the arrest of Mikhailov’s not surprising. Although somewhat unexpected is the version put forward by the newspaper that the arrested FSB officer was associated with hacker group “Humpty Dumpty”.”

Leonid Petrovich Rechetnikov was born in 1947 in Potsdam, Germany.
Graduated from the Faculty of History, Kharkov State University in 1970. Undertook postgraduate studies at Sofia University (Bulgaria). Defended doctoral thesis in 1974. Author of “Russian Lemnos” (1st edition, Moscow, 2009; 2nd edition, Moscow, 2010; 3rd edition, Moscow, 2012) and “Return to Russia. The Third Path, or the Dead Ends of Hopelessness” (Moscow, “FIV”, 2013) and various publications on Soviet-Bulgarian relations between 1917-1945, Russian emigration to Greece, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia after the Russian Civil War, and the contemporary political situation in the Balkans.
Worked for the Institute of the World Socialist System from 1974 to 1976 and Foreign Intelligence from April 1976 to April 2009. Completed service as Lieutenant-General and Head of Analysis and Information Department, Foreign Intelligence Service, retiring compulsorily upon reaching the maximum age for military service.
Appointed Director of Russian Institute of Strategic Studies on 29 April 2009 by Presidential Decree.
Fluent in Russian, Serbian and Bulgarian.
Received numerous awards and honors, including the Order of Courage and Order of Honour bestowed by the State, and the Order of Saint Daniel of Moscow and Order of St Dmitri Donskoy bestowed by the Russian Orthodox Church.
Member of Scientific Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Scientific Council of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, and Public Council of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.
In a recent interview(dutifully translated by the Saker network), General Reshetnikov claimed that Novorossiya failed (was failed) because it was not sufficentlyright-wing and imperial(ist), but too much communist and leftist in terms of the people’s original aspirations and inspiration:

Reshetnikov: “Novorossiya was not created as some theoretical project; it was born through an explosion of the Russian historic self-awareness; an explosion unexpected for all – including Moscow, the Kremlin, the Russian public. Something that is hidden in the sub-consciousness in all of us – the yearning for the recreation of the Orthodox Russian Empire. Many have not yet realized what is Novorossiya, why it created such an enthusiasm in the society and why so many people went to defend it even at the cost of their own lives. That is because the idea of the Russian unity has survived under the layer of the dead ideology of the last hundred years. Why, then, the “project Novorossiya” wound down? I believe the reason is not only that some high ranking officials disapprove of it and closed it down (although that happened, too), but the main reason is that such project cannot be based on the Red Star: then that would not be Novorossiya, the resurrection of Russia, but an imitation of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, many in the political leadership and expert community returned to the Soviet paradigms of 1970-1980s of the last century. Those paradigms have shown their ineffectiveness long ago, and attempts to reuse them now could lead to the collapse of everything. Old Soviet schemes aren’t viable but the new ones – not Soviet, but liberal – have not been taken on by the majority, so for now there is no ideological foundation for Novorossiya . . .
History is moving along a spiral; repeats are possible only on a new basis. So, at the present turn of the historic development, the spirit of Novorossiya that broke through the ideological layers had to retreat temporarily. The politicians as well as ordinary people had insufficient understanding of what NOVOROSSIYA is, where are its historical roots and what is its true spiritual meaning. I do not agree that the project is dead; it is alive and will yet return. But! Only on one condition: if we ourselves realize what path our country has travelled on for the past hundred years.
Q: The return of LPR/DPR to Ukraine with the special status, isn’t it done for the purpose, as many suppose, to transform Ukraine from the inside, to convert it into a pro-Russian entity? What do you think the near future holds for the Republics? People that are surviving for the third years under the fire of the Ukrainian military are demanding a clear answer to this question . . .
Reshetnikov: There are different opinions in the Kremlin, but no definitive decision: to surrender Donbass to Ukraine. Yes, there are people that indeed think this way and want to do this. 
General Reshetnikov, a general behind Dugin, a Kremlin strategist: Russia can be only imperial and anti-communist.  General Reshetnikov (general behind Putin & Dugin): the USSR was lifeless; Novorossiya is dead b/c it was too Soviet

An interesting aside is Glazyev was connected to the Lyndon Larouche movement through an affiliated think tank, Schiller Institute.

Among Russian politicians who had already established…

Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics remains assigned to every member of Russia’s General Staff Academy.

Dugin and Kabbalists, gathered to honor R. Guénon - Kabbalist Center Tikoun Olam, Paris, January 9, 2011

Back in March, 2014, the Right Sector praised A. Dugin--he "understands" them: "A magical evening with the torches at the headquarters of C14 (former office of the Communist Party)... Up to hundred people gathered yestertoday, on March 29, at two-hour lecture of Igor Garkavenko "Right October," while far in the literal and figurative sense politicians and theorists like Dugin, who finally started taking seriously Ukrainian nationalism and makes recommendations for Right Sector, speculate that we are willing to conform to the new regime. We were talking about the transition from national to nationalist revolution that we have to accomplish now, deepening and bringing to fruition a sharp division between the current Maidan and its political representatives in the parliament..."

Speaking of ... in his latest interview, A. Dugin, a great supporter of the fiction of Putin's genius, has come out and compared him to a Chinese eunuch who demands that people use wrong words and wrong names for what they see. He now also calls Putin's "clever plan" for Ukraine to be "disgusting monstrosity":

Alexander Dugin on Russia's policy in the Donbass is disgusting monstrosity!
Today the site of the Izborsk Club posted an interview with Doctor of Science, Professor of Moscow State University Alexander Dugin.
Dugin: "...But it's disgusting! Our behavior is disgusting. ... Why is this all so fucked up? I say this, looking from the outside, but those who are looking from within don't understand this. We are forbidden to talk about this subject.- What does it mean--"forbidden"? Direct censorship?- I am forbidden to appear on some channels, on some programs. But I'm doing it a little now. But here I am because I refuse to glorify this ingeniously clever plan, this monstrosity, I refuse to praise it as the greatest wisdom of mankind in all the history. Monstrosity is monstrosity! And it is criminal, bloody, dishonest monstrosity. When I say this, they tell me that I rock the boat. And I speak the truth and I do not rock anything. I am a supporter of Putin, Russia, and it's hard to suspect me of not being so. But when they show you a horse and say "this cat", I do say - no, this is not a cat. With all the wild love for Putin - no.- So are you ready to defend your views, regardless of the consequences?- There was such a case in China. Once upon a time the eunuchs rose and deposed a weak emperor with 12 thousand prostitutes, so the eunuchs took power. One eunuch decided to set up an experiment.He put an emperor on the throne, gathered all the nobles and said: "Now we'll look at the best horse of the emperor." And he brought out a deer. Half of the nobles were indignant: "Where is the emperor's horse?" It's a deer. " The second half admired the animal and said what a beautiful horse it was, a steed, they've never seen such a thing.Then the eunuch said: "Anyone here who will say that this is some deer, which neither I nor the emperor can see, will have his family exterminated all the way down to the babies." Hearing this, some of those who were indignant to be forced to call a dear a horse began to agree - well, yes, it is a horse, and a good one. But the remaining half of the original dissidents still muttered: "You know, mister eunuch, it's a deer." And all these people who begged to differ had their families and children executed. Imagine this to be a real story!In fact, this choice is very complicated. It is a choice of heart, in fact. It is Donbass. That's where we, loyal people, have been hurled into this very situation: the same eunuchs have brought us the same deer and are forced us to say that it's a horse. But it is not a horse. And we are just as painfully scared, just as morbidly indignant and in pain, and cannot make sense of what we observe in Donbass.People continue to die. Nobody is calling things by their own names, no one takes decisive actions. And we behave in this matter, in my opinion, without honor. Half of the truth is dishonesty. Can you lose half of your conscience? Interesting isn't it?".Dugin: "Но это отвратительно! Наше поведение - отвратительное. Начал убивать - убей, не хочешь убить - отойди. Зачем все просто поганить? Я говорю, глядя извне, но там, внутри, никто этого не понимает. У нас на эту тему запрещено говорить.- Что значит «запрещено»? Прямая цензура?- Мне запрещено появляться на некоторых каналах, на некоторых программах. Я и так-то немного сейчас появляюсь. Но здесь из-за того, что я отказываюсь прославлять этот гениально хитрый план, это уродство, воспевать его как великую мудрость всех времен и народов. Уродство и есть уродство! Причем, преступное, кровавое, нечестное уродство. Когда я это говорю, мне говорят, что я раскачиваю лодку. А я правду говорю и ничего не раскачиваю. Я всецело сторонник Путина, России, и в чем-то обратном меня сложно заподозрить. Но когда показывают лошадь и говорят «это кошка», я все-таки говорю – нет, это не кошка. При всей дикой любви к Путину – нет. - То есть, Вы готовы отстаивать свои взгляды, невзирая на последствия?- Был такой случай в Китае. Однажды чем-то, чем был завладели евнухи - слабый император был, 12 тысяч наложниц, вот евнухи и взяли власть. Один евнух решил поставить эксперимент. Усадил императора, собрал всех вельмож и сказал: «Теперь мы посмотрим на лучшую лошадь императора». И вывел оленя. Половина возмутились: «Где лошадь императора? Это олень». Вторая половина восхищалась, мол, какая прекрасная лошадь, какой скакун, никогда такого не видывали. Тогда евнух сказал: «Кто еще здесь будет говорить про какого-то оленя, которого не видим ни я, ни император, того род будет вырезан вплоть до младенцев». Еще одно разделение: уже из тех, кто возмущался, почему им показывают оленя, стали соглашаться – ну, лошадь ничего, хорошая. А в оставшейся половине все-таки говорили: «Знаете, господин евнух, это олень». И все эти люди со своими родами были вырезаны. Представьте, это реальная история. В действительности, этот выбор – очень сложный. Это выбор сердцем, на самом деле. Донбасс. Вот где нас, лояльных людей, вводят в такую ситуацию: такие же евнухи выводят таких же оленей и заставляют говорить, что это конь. А это не конь. И мы так же болезненно переживаем, так же болезненно возмущены и так же страдаем, так же концы с концами у нас не сходятся, как и у всех остальных наблюдателей кошмара, который происходит на Донбассе. Люди продолжают гибнуть. Никто вещи своими именами не называет, никто решительных действий не предпринимает. И ведем мы себя в этом вопросе, на мой взгляд, недостойно. Тоже как бы наполовину недостойно. А можно потерять совесть наполовину? Интересно, да?».
One has to wonder what Dugin's denunciation of Putin's Donbass "strategy" as "disgusting monstrosity imposed by a eunuch-usurper" makes the Duginists, believers in the Putin's personality cult and his grand genius, all the syncretic and non-syncretic fascists, fascist occultists, and their "leftist" fellow travelers. Is this the moment when they would say: "Oops, we have lied to you"?
Dugin on Satan: Postmodernism, the will to nothing, is "pure Satanism." The Russians are stuck even before modernity; the Russians are "principally" pre-modern--for the Russians lack the will and rational judgment. The Russians "lack subjectivity."
What about this one--Dugin: The "swamp" is a black magic mirror, the universal hegemony, which is Satan. And "to win Satan, we must deal with it" ... for only on the basis of "deconstructing Satan we can build multiple alternatives." Only when you face Satan, you'll come face to face with Jesus. from 17:50

Alexander Dugin: "To post-modern people, religion is not inimical but indifferent. Moreover, specific aspects of religion, as a rule, relating to the regions of hell (the DEMONIC textures of the post-modern philosophers) are RATHER ATTRACTIVE. In any case, the epoch of the persecution of tradition has ended, although following the very logic of post-liberalism this will most likely result in the making of a new world pseudo-religion, founded on disconnected fragments of syncretic cults, unrestrained chaotic ecumenism and “tolerance”."  Russia's Sanctioned Conservative Philosopher Calls for Crusade Against Liberalism and Globalism...

And this's how the Duginist orpro-Dugin "new resistance," "open revolt" or "syncretic" fascists (part of COINTELPRO and GLADIO also describe themselves among themselves: "The ONA describe their occultism both as "Traditional Satanism",[52][a] and as a "mystical sinisterly-numinous tradition".[46] According to Jesper Aagaard Petersen, an academic specialist of Satanism, the Order present "a recognizable new interpretation of Satanism and the Left Hand Path",[56] and for those involved in the group, Satanism is not simply a religion but a way of life.[31] The Order postulates Satanism as an arduous individual achievement of self-mastery and Nietzschean self-overcoming, with an emphasis on individual growth through practical acts of risk, prowess and endurance.[57] Therefore, "[t]he goal of the Satanism of the ONA is to create a new individual through direct experience, practice and self-development [with] the grades of the ONA system being highly individual, based on the initiates' own practical and real-life acts, instead of merely performing certain ceremonial rituals".[58] Thus Satanism, the ONA assert, requires venturing into the realm of the forbidden and illegal in order to shake the practitioner loose of cultural and political conditioning.[7] Intentionally transgressive, the Order has been characterised as providing "an aggressive and elitist spirituality".[15] Religious studies scholar Graham Harvey claimed that the ONA fit the stereotype of the Satanist "better than other groups", something which he thought was deliberately achieved by embracing "deeply shocking" and illegal acts.[59]

"[Long] rejects the quasi-religious organization and ceremonial antics of the Church of Satan, the Temple of Set and other satanic groups. He believes that traditional satanism goes far beyond the gratification of the pleasure-principle and involves the arduous achievement of self-mastery, self-overcoming in a Nietzschean sense, and ultimately cosmic wisdom. His conception of satanism is practical, with an emphasis on individual growth into realms of darkness and danger through practical acts of prowess, endurance and the risk of life."

— Scholar of esotericism Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke[57]
The ONA are strongly critical of larger Satanic groups like the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set,[60] whom they deem to be "sham-Satanic" because they embrace the "glamour associated with Satanism" but are "afraid to experience its realness within and external to them".[31] In turn, the Church of Satan has criticised what they alleged was the Order's "paranoic insistence that they are the only upholders of Satanic tradition",[29] with Kaplan stating that these comments reflect "the intramural tensions" that are common within "the world of Satanism",[29] and about which criticism Anton Long wrote that the ONA does not "claim to be a peer organization with a claim to some kind of authority ... When in the past we and others like us have said things that others interpret as being against the [Temple of Set] or La Vey, we were simply assuming the role of Adversary – challenging what seemed to be becoming accepted dogma."[61]

Although conceiving of itself as having pre-Christian origins and describing Satanism as "militant paganism", the ONA does not advocate the re-establishment of pre-Christian belief systems, with one ONA tract stating that "all past gods of the various Western Traditions are rendered obsolete by the forces which Satanism alone is unleashing".[31] However, Goodrick-Clarke noted that the group's "ideas and rituals" draw upon "a native tradition", with references to the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon concept of wyrd, an emphasis on ceremonies performed at equinoxes, and the construction of incense using indigenous trees, thus suggesting the idea of "rootedness in English nature".[62] Practitioners undergo "black pilgrimages" to prehistoric ceremonial sites in the area around Shropshire and Herefordshire in the English Midlands.[14] Furthermore, Monette writes that "a critical examination of the ONA's key texts suggests that the satanic overtones could be cosmetic, and that its core mythos and cosmology are genuinely hermetic, with pagan influences."[13]"

After the December 2007 meeting in South Carolina between Joshua Sutter, the RPP, John Paul Cupp and Ziad, the group of extremist leaders decided to join forces. Joshua Caleb Sutter, Jillian Hoy (an RPP committee member), James Porrazzo (another White Supremacist leader), and others affiliated with the RPP were all present.
Literature and propaganda material also sent by the North Korean government to the Rural People's Party (RPP) Literature and propaganda material also sent by the North Korean government to the Rural People’s Party (RPP)
On February 9, 2008, a joint statement was released in celebration of Kim Jong Il’s birthday, announcing “The Songun Politics Study Group (USA)… are pleased to announce the formation of the US Preparatory Committee for the Celebration of February 16th and Red Sun’s Day.”
“The Committee will be chaired by John Paul Cupp and Ziad Shaker al-Jishi, Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI) will be the Vice Chairman,” the statement said. Included in the release was an RPP Statement, a letter to Kim Jong Il from John Paul Cupp and a similar letter from Ziad Shaker al-Jishi, Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI).” ... THE NEW BIHARD MANDIR WHITE SUPREMACY CONNECTION
The members of the  New Bihar Mandir temple include a veritable who’s who  of North American white power activists. They include a ‘Minister Black’ identified as ‘Works at New Bihar Mandir’ and a former white power activist; James Porrazzo the former leader of the American Front, once the largest white power neo Nazi group in the U.S.; ‘Emily Putney, Porrazzo’s girlfriend in Massachusetts and convicted of an anti-Semitic assault and hate crime on an elderly Jewish man in 2010; ‘Jayalalita Devi Dasi of Lexington, South Carolina’ who is Jillian Hoy of the Rural People’s Party and Joshua Sutter’s wife; ‘Rex Morgan’ a white power activist with a history of involvement in Satanic cults; and Chris Hayes a long time white supremacist activist with the American Front. ...
On July 4, 2012, on the white separatist web site run by Porrazzo “American Front”, there is a graphic labeled as the artwork of New Bihar Mandir dedicated to the military unit of suicide bombers of the Sri Lankan LTTE, listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S., the EU and others. ...  “In 1998, Porrazzo was arrested for assault against an anti-racist activist in Springfield, Missouri, given a one-year suspended sentence and ordered to give up racist politics”

American Front members committed numerous violent racial hate crimes in the 1990s. In 1991, police offers searching a Beaverton, Oregon residence found a “hit list” of Portland police officers. In 1993, in California and Washington states a series of bombings targeting blacks, gays and Jews were attributed to the American Front. The U.S. Attorney in Washington State said the American Front were part of a larger conspiracy to incite a race war.
Their motto was to “Secure National Freedom and Social Justice for White people in North America.”
In 1996 James Porrazzo took control of the group, and moved to Arkansas where he professed an ideology known as “Third Positionism” – an amalgam of far right racial politics and leftist communist economic policies which had its roots with the European fascist right.
In 1998, Porrazzo was arrested for assault against an anti-racist activist in Springfield, Missouri, given a one-year suspended sentence and ordered to give up racist politics.
“By the early 2000s,” the anti-racist Anti-Defamation League wrote, “Porrazzo had largely run the group into the ground and it was Porrazzo’s approach to Islamists which seems to have been the final cause of his undoing.” The group promoted not only Hamas and Hezbollah, but even Al Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden. After 9/11, that kind of promotion “inspired some heavy state harassment and severely limited our ability to safely expand or organize,” Porrazzo said.
Porrazzo advocated “socialist revolution in a racialist context,” explaining “We propose a workable, realistic alternative, and that is Separatism! White autonomy, Black autonomy, Brown autonomy and death to the current twisted system…. The only other obvious route would be an eventual winner take all race war: I don’t think anyone with any sense would want that… ”
After the September 11 terrorist attack, Porrazzo disappeared from public activism. The American Front was taken over by another virulent white racist, David Lynch, who was murdered by an assassin on March 2, 2011.
Like many of U.S. citizens supporting North Korea, Porrazzo goes to great lengths to hide his real identity and obfuscate his real political agenda by using a myriad of pseudonyms and front groups. In doing so, he and his confederates continued to try to lure potential supporters to their true political beliefs.
A careful dissection of their complex web of front religious cults, White Supremacist groups, and neo Nazi front organizations all lead back to the same core group of people and extremist political objectives.
“In 2008, Porrazzo, a long time member of the U.S. based Hare Krishna Hindu sect, joined forces with Joshua Sutter in the RPP.”

In a March 2013 interview with Polish National Socialist organization XPortal, Porrazzo explained “The American Front  took “what we could from left-wing sources” but a “very influential” ideology was what was called “ ‘occult fascists’, this on top of the foundation of our having been America’s first national ‘Skinhead’ organization” and “very importantly from Gaddafi‘s Green Book.”
“The Aryan is white and noble in contradistinction to the black and ignoble.”

The group all using numerous aliases.  are affiliated with white supremacist groups, Satanic cults, and underground political groups who call for the violent armed overthrow of the U.S. government.
On James Porrazzo’s web site “OPENREVOLT” he posted an article “NOTES ON THE BHAGAVAD-GITA” on August 22, 2011 which begins: “We assume, quite justifiably, I think, that the Bhagavad-Gita sets forth Aryan philosophy. The Aryan is white and noble in contradistinction to the black and ignoble. This book then, if Aryan, must give us a noble system of philosophy and ethics.” ... New Resistance is a clandestine front organization controlled by James Porrazzo, and other veteran hard-core members of extreme right wing white supremacists that had their origins in the Aryan Nations and American Front of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. ... The most prominent advocate of third positionism, James Porrazzo, explained his political strategy in March 2013.
“We took from left-wing sources” and the “very influential ideology of ‘occult fascists’,” calling American Front “America’s first national ‘Skinhead’ organization.”
“We studied heavily the Islamic resistance movements” which “backfired on American Front when Sept 11th occurred” with “heavy state harassment severely limiting our ability to expand. By 2002 we voted to put American Front into ‘tactical hibernation’.”
In 2009, Porrazzo sabotaged rival “bandit groupings, disrupted it and reestablished American Front as a National Revolutionary movement.”
In March 2011, American Front leader David Lynch was assassinated and Porrazzo attempted to seize power. Law enforcement infiltrated the group and uncovered a muder plot against to Porrazzo by rivals “conspiring with (white power group) Combat 18.”
Porrazzo recruited American Front members to his New Resistance group promoting North Korea, racial separatism, and the overthrow of the U.S. government.
In May 2012, 14 American Front members were arrested plotting “race war” and charged with stockpiling weapons, paramilitary training using automatic weapons, and murders of political enemies.
Porrazzo’s rival’s sidelined, he disbanded the group and its website, directing to links  to New Resistance. FBI documents show Porrazzo  threatening challengers to  his leadership.
“We “cleared the slate” continuing our revolutionary efforts under a new banner…and New Resistance was born. Anyone claiming to be American Front is a renegade,” Porrazzo said in March 2013.
On March 16, 2013, the far right Russian Defense League named Porrazzo its “Ambassador” to the U.S.

Peoples' Global Action - Wikipedia"Despite these discussions the 2004 European PGA conference in Jajinci, Belgrade agreed that "a fascist coming as an interested individual, respecting the hallmarks and whose behaviour during the conference was fine wouldn't be a problem.".[11] Although a rider was subsequently added, this controversy has been further fuelled by the sympathies held by Leonid Savin (the co-ordinator of the Ukraine PGA info-point) with politics of Alexander Dugin. After Savin was shown to be an activist associated with the Eurasia Party, the PGA Ukraine info-point was removed from the PGA website.[12] See also National anarchism." Chief-editor of - Leonid Savin 

Dugin: "Trump is capable of saving people all around the world from globalism;he began this really spiritual fight." Dugin: "The globalists remind me of the black periods of Soviet history - Stalin`s style of lie."
Dugin: "I am anti-communist and I am anti-Nazi, anti-fascist. ..I am simply a realist.. like Trump or Putin."

Aleksandr Dugin in 2007: "There are no more opponents of Putin's course and, if there are, they are mentally ill and need to be sent off for clinical examination. Putin is everywhere, Putin is everything, Putin is absolute, and Putin is indispensable" – was voted number two in flattery by readers of Kommersant

Fort Russ, a creature of the Center for Syncretic Studies ...

Kristina Kharlova, Fort Russ, with Jean-Marie Le Pen

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing

 The Ketehon network

Joachin Flores, who, like his comrade Porrazzo, had at some point serious issues with the FBI before he went on a mission abroad (see the following link for Flores' own statement on this), also revealed that his involvement with Dugin's (Kremlin's) Katehon had been more elevated: "Until March of 2017, I served as the copy-editor and political consultant on American Affairs for the Katehon think tank, and had the honor to serve under notable Russian political figures and theoreticians such as Sergei Glaziev and Alexander Dugin."
Inearly 2016, Andrew Korybko, lashing against un-Duginized leftists, who might criticize Russia's anti-communist regime and whom he called "new fascists," "secular Wahhabi," "useful idiots" of the US deep state and "structurally common" to ISIS and al Qaeda, brought out Rogozin's 2008 delusional dream and program of the Putinist oligarchic system--to form a bloc of "northern civilization," made of the US, the EU and Russia, against the threat "from the Third World," all the while the Putin oligarchy has been turning Russia into a new Third World country-colony now with the 73rd place in the world for GDP per capita.

According to Korybko, Rogozin's appeal for an alliance appeals above all the secular leftist critics of Putin as the key "civilizational" threat against which the combined force of the whole capitalist world ought to unite:

"... the Secular Wahhabis regularly engage in paranoid purges and "fascist" outings ... further underlining the behavioral and ideological structural commonalities between the Secular and Islamic Wahhabis. The rise of Secular Wahhabis has been directly facilitated by the polarizing ideological extremism that has resulted from the Immigrant Crisis, but even before this pivotal event was engineered, the Russian government had already predicted that such a hateful movement might one day rear its ugly head. In 2008, Russia's then-Ambassador to NATO and present Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the defense industry Dmitry Rogozin warned that a very dangerous threat was brewing in the world:

'...I think that in the XXI century, the real threat is posed by a certain bunch of people ... There is a new civilization emerging in the Third World that thinks that the white, northern hemisphere has always oppressed it and must therefore fall at its feet now. This is very serious. If the northern civilization wants to protect itself, it must be united: America, the European Union, and Russia. If they are not together, they will be defeated one by one.'"

This article was also shared on "Leftist Betrayals."

Till relatively recently the Center for Syncretic Studies, Russ Fort, New Resistance, Open Revolt, etc. had conveniently listed some key parts of their interlaced crypto-fascist network on their websites usually as "comrades in arms" or something like that, thus trying to promote each other. The network is truly international and tries to cover not only social media, blogosphere, but also news and analyses from/on key conflict zones and areas of interests. This network also includes, besides those already mentioned, the network build around Richard Spencer and his wife Nina Kouprianova/Byzantina. Its more outward layers also comprise South Front, Russia Insider, the Duran, Veterans Today ...

Till the very beginning of 2014, when the fascist Maidan was already in full swing, key Duginists still maintained very close and cordial relations and correspondence with the very Right Sector. But people from RT do maintain this rapport even today.

Former Right Sector spokeswoman and current Azov liaison office, Olena Semenyaka, with Dugin at a conference in Moscow in 2011. 

Back in March, 2014, the Right Sector praised A. Dugin--he "understands" them: "A magical evening with the torches at the headquarters of C14 (former office of the Communist Party)... Up to hundred people gathered yestertoday, on March 29, at two-hour lecture of Igor Garkavenko "Right October," while far in the literal and figurative sense politicians and theorists like Dugin, who finally started taking seriously Ukrainian nationalism and makes recommendations for Right Sector, speculate that we are willing to conform to the new regime. We were talking about the transition from national to nationalist revolution that we have to accomplish now, deepening and bringing to fruition a sharp division between the current Maidan and its political representatives in the parliament..."

30 мар. 2014 г.

Олена Семеняка: Магічний вечір з факелами в штабі С14 (колишній офіс Компартії) / Olena Semenyaka: A magical evening with the torches at the headquarters of C14 (former office of the Communist Party)

Магічний вечір з факелами в штабі С14 (колишній офіс Компартії)... До ста осіб зібралося вчора, 29 березня, на двохгодинну лекцію Ігоря Гаркавенка "Правий Жовтень", поки далекі в прямому й переносному сенсі політики та теоретики на зразок Дугіна, який нарешті почав сприймати український націоналізм всерйоз і роздавати поради Правому Сектору, вигадують про те, що ми готові прогнутися під нову владу. Йшлося про перехід від національної до власне націоналістичної революції, який ми маємо здійснити зараз, поглибивши й довівши до логічного завершення різкий розкол між нинішнім Майданом та його політичними представниками у парламенті...

Не буду переказувати те, що раджу всім послухати на відео, як тільки воно з'явиться; згадаю лише одну з найяскравіших метафор Ігоря: на кожного з присутніх в залі націоналістів уже відлиті кулі - чи надруковані банкноти. "Об'єднуйтеся незважаючи на те, що внутрішньовидова конкуренція сильніша за міжвидову, не грайте за правилами лібералів в суто парламентському полі, де ми приречені програти, бо сам ліберальний дискурс не передбачає ієрархію цінностей та героїзм, завдяки якому ми перемогли на Майдані," - пояснював Ігор. Бо ми були готові помирати, ідучи з дерев'яними щитами проти калашів, на відміну від наших супротивників, від живих трупів, які бояться зробити абсолютом смерть і у своїй агонії хапаються руками за повітря, вірячи в те, що це змінить їхню долю...

Згадаю лише три ідеї, які підкреслив Ігор: по-перше, це була також Фейсбук-революція, бо Інтернет - втілена безкінечність з необмеженим потенціалом проти скінченного режиму і найефективніший координатор, який об'єднує мільйони; по-друге, досить нинішнім "Наполеонам" приводити до влади і завойовувати землі нездарам, влада яких ніяк не відбивається навіть на мізерному пайку солдатів - пора іти війною на Париж і здобувати коронупо-третє, ця революція була не вибухом власне української автентики - це був тoй локус, де проросла всеєвропейська революція та знову виник майже зниклий тип воїна - людини, основна й найбільш цінована суспільством (!) доблесть (virtus) якої полягає у її військовій та історичній езистенції, бо світова історія - це перш за все історія воєн. Час діяти - чим більше ми зволікаємо, тим більше легітимності у тих людей, які привласнили собі нашу перемогу.

Дякую організаторам за незабутній вечір і сподіваюся на продовження подібних заходів в С14!

A magical evening with the torches at the headquarters of C14 (former office of the Communist Party)... Up to hundred people gathered yestertoday, on March 29, at two-hour lecture of Igor Garkavenko "Right October," while far in the literal and figurative sense politicians and theorists like Dugin, who finally started taking seriously Ukrainian nationalism and makes recommendations for Right Sector, speculate that we are willing to conform to the new regime. We were talking about the transition from national to nationalist revolution that we have to accomplish now, deepening and bringing to fruition a sharp division between the current Maidan and its political representatives in the parliament...

I'm not going to repeat what everyone should listen to as soon as the video appears, just will mention one of the most striking metaphors of Igor: for each of those present in the hall nationalists have already been cast bullets - or printed money"Unite despite the fact that intraspecific competition is stronger than interspecies fight, not play by the rules of the liberals in a purely parliamentary field where we are destined to lose, because the liberal discourse as such has no room for the hierarchy of values and heroism, owing to which we won on Maidan," explained Igor. We were ready to die, taking the wooden shields against the Kalashnikov rifles, unlike our opponents, the living dead who are afraid to turn death into the absolute and grab air in agony, believing that it will change their fate...

I will mention only three ideas that emphasized Igor: firstly, it was also the Facebook revolution, for the Internet is incarnate infinity with unlimited potential against the finite regimes and the most efficient coordinator that unites millions; secondly, our "Napoleons" should stop leading to power and conquering the lands for mediocrities, whose power does not affect even the meager rations of soldiers - it's time to conquer Paris and get the crown; thirdly, our revolution was not actually an explosion of Ukrainian authentic - it was that locus, in which sprouted pan-European revolution and restored nearly extinct type of the soldier - the man, whose main and most valued by a society (!) valor (virtus) lies in its military and historical existence, for the world history is, above all, the history of wars. Time to act - the more we wait, the greater becomes legitimacy of those people who arrogated to themselves our victory.

Many thanks to the organizers for the unforgettable evening and look forward to attending similar events in C14!

An old terror act from Australia, February of 1978, has a look of a GLADIO operation.

Ananda Marga's popularity in India put it in direct confrontation with the Communist Party in West Bengal. In 1967, Ananda Marga headquarters came under attack by locals who were allegedly incited by Communist leaders.[2]

The Hilton bombing. Two decades after Australia’s first act of terrorism the finger still points at a whacky religious cult, Ananda Marga.


Ben Hills 

The Crosslands Youth and Convention Centre, on a swathe of bushland near the outer Sydney suburb of Galston, is an unlikely starting-point for Australia’s first act of international terrorism – and what, to some, is still its greatest unsolved crime.
Anyone who managed to get past the guards into the camp that sweltering January week in 1978 would assume they had stumbled over another harmless if slightly dotty New-Age cult: meditating monks in orange and white robes and turbans, lots of dancing and chanting, steaming cauldrons of rice and vegetables.
But mingling with the devotees of Ananda Marga were agents of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), and informers for the now-disbanded NSW Police Special Branch. They believed that rather than following “the Path of Bliss”, some members of the cult were “capable of … politically motivated violence” and had infiltrated it so comprehensively that they were in possession of photographs, phone-tap transcripts, lists of membership and assets, even the names of disciples rostered for kitchen duties.
In spite of this intensive surveillance, so he later testified, during the retreat a young impressionable novice named Evan Pederick was taken aside for a stroll among the gum trees and recruited to plant the bomb which exploded outside the Hilton Hotel a fortnight later. It missed the then Indian Prime Minister, Morarji Desai, but blew two garbage collectors to bits, and fatally wounded a police officer.
In the thousands of articles written, and the dozen or so books and films produced over the past two decades – many of them by supporters of the cult’s former national spokesman, Tim Anderson, who was found guilty of the bombing but later acquitted on appeal – some intriguing conspiracy theories have been advanced about who may have been behind the bombing, including, inevitably, ASIO itself. There are grassy knolls of Kosciuszko proportions.
But the central players in the prosecution – Pederick himself, released last November after serving nearly eight years in jail for the three murders, the police, lawyers, other witnesses and informants – remain convinced that a number of people responsible for the bombing were never charged. Reports tabled in the NSW and Federal parliaments identify them as members of Ananda Marga, a cult which worships a now-deceased retired Indian railway clerk named Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.
For them, the central mystery of the bombing is not “who did it?” but “what did ASIO know and when did it know it?” Because documents released in the past three years – an enormous cache held in the vaults of the State Archives, the report of an investigation into ASIO’s role in a related operation, and a 235-page account by the former head of the police task force – indicate two things:
Before the bombing, ASIO should have known what was planned and taken action to prevent it. Afterwards, it is quite clear that the security service withheld information from the police that could have helped them close the case sooner.
Ananda Marga had been under scrutiny almost from the moment the cult arrived in Australia about 1973 and began attracting acolytes by the hundred. It was “monitored” by NSW Special Branch operatives from 1975 onwards, when the kidnapping of a policeman during the attempted theft of explosives from a depot in New Zealand by three Margis (as followers are called) signalled the start of an international campaign of terrorism, according to a report by the former head of the NSW police task force, Detective Inspector Aarne Tees.
Tees reported that over the following two years, Margis were linked with more than 40 demonstrations and crimes of violence, including bombings, around the world, mainly directed at the Indian Government and aimed at freeing Sarkar from prison, where he was incarcerated on charges of conspiracy to murder six members and defectors from the cult.
By 1976 ASIO was also actively spying on the cult. That year marked the end of Australia’s age of terrorist innocence when a bomb went off at a woodchip mill at Bunbury in Western Australia. In the next 18 months an Indian military adviser in Australia was stabbed and kidnapped from his home, and there were attacks on the Air India office in Sydney, including the delivery of bloody, severed pigs’ heads.
In September 1977, a group identifying itself with the Universal Proutist Revolutionary Federation, an organisation identified in the Tees report as the “military wing” of Ananda Marga, made its intentions chillingly clear when it wrote to the manager of Air India in Melbourne calling for Sarkar’s release and threatening: “Assassinations will be simple, quick and will come soon … the decision is in your hands as to how much bloodshed there will be: two deaths or 200.”
At the time, Tim Anderson vehemently denied the cult was involved in any of the violence. While Margis were eventually convicted in those three cases, today the cult’s new spokesman, Michael Andrews, says: “There were certain events with which we were associated. The difficulty is trying to make it clear what Ananda Marga as a mission does, and what certain individuals may have chosen to do that we can’t control.”
ASIO did not believe such disclaimers. By 1977, agents had permanent taps on telephones in five of Ananda Marga’s State headquarters, they were using listening devices, reading mail, engaging in “physical surveillance”, running informants inside the cult, and had circulated a “substantial paper” to regional ASIO offices and all State police special branches.
A tiny taste of the information that should have been ringing alarm bells in ASIO’s Canberra bunker can be gleaned from the documents, in spite of heavy-handed censorship. Four months before the Hilton bombing, for instance, agents conducted two interviews with the father of a child attending one of the cult’s schools who “had come to the conclusion that it was a dangerous organisation” and passed on information that Margis wanted to bomb the Indian High Commission, and had established a paramilitary camp on a farm near Stanthorpe in southern Queensland where disciples were trained in the martial arts and rifle practice. EVAN Pederick, now rebuilding his life in Western Australia, says he has heard that ASIO specifically “received some sort of tip-off” before the bombing, but did not act on it or pass on the information to police. “Reading between the lines, it appears that ASIO were more concerned about protecting the cover of their operatives than in helping the police … there was intense rivalry between ASIO and the NSW Special Branch and they were keeping things from each other,” he says.
Nor has there been any satisfactory explanation of why a telephone warning to Sydney police headquarters by the writer and painter David Wansbrough – who had become convinced, while working with the Margis, that they were “crazy and potentially violent” – was ignored. Wansbrough says he passed on the names of Margis who were making threats against Desai several days ahead of Desai’s arrival in Australia, but was fobbed off and told there would be “plenty of security”.
Pederick, who says he was unique in the prison system in having to defend his guilt, had in fact first come to the attention of ASIO late in 1977 when he was arrested for “minor offences arising from his participation in street marches in Brisbane” and for writing to the Courier-Mail newspaper in defence of Ananda Marga.
On February 14, the day after the bombing, Commonwealth police passed on this alarming information: “A disenchanted Ananda Marga member from Queensland, who described Pederick as the senior Ananda Marga member on the Redcliffe Peninsula, had reported him saying, `Do not worry about killing people, you kill flies and ants and cockroaches, so don’t worry about people’.”
There is a recommendation on the Commonwealth police file that Pederick should be interviewed “because of his reported tendency towards violence”, but this never happened, and the bombing remained unsolved until he walked into a police station and confessed to the crime 11 years later. “That was just incredible incompetence,” says Pederick. “It wouldn’t have prevented the bombing, but if they had leant on me then they might have solved the case much sooner.”
Even more remarkably, when Pederick moved to Canberra a year later, he applied for a job in the Department of Foreign Affairs and was subjected to an ASIO security check. The Hilton bomber was employed, with a clearance up to “secret” level, after ASIO could find “no evidence of Pederick’s involvement in acts of violence”.
An inquiry in 1994 by the ASIO watchdog, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, Roger Holdich, concluded that the agency was “genuinely shocked” by the bombing and had “… received no clear warning from either its agent or from telephone interception that the Hilton bombing was going to occur”, whatever that careful wording might mean.
So much for speculation about prior warnings. What is clear from the reports is that after the bombing, ASIO did not pass on material which could have helped the police; not only on Pederick, who eventually stood trial 12 years and millions of dollars worth of police investigation later, but of other members of Ananda Marga who were never charged.
The Holdich report cites a 1984 ASIO assessment which says “[the bombing] is consistent with other Ananda Marga attacks on Indian officials during the period, and there are grounds for strongly suspecting Ananda Marga responsibility” and identifies these five Margi by their cult names “… source information and circumstantial evidence suggests that “Ainjali”, “Suvod”, “Kapil” and “Dhruva” were directed by “Abhiik” to undertake the Hilton bombing”.
The report, however, concludes: “There currently appears [to be] insufficient evidence to initiate prosecutions.”
“Abhiik Kumar”, a bearded young American Margi whose real name was Michael Luke Brandon, and who had taken out Australian citizenship and used a number of aliases, is identified in the Tees report as the likely mastermind of the bombing.
“Violence had occurred in many parts of the world shortly after Brandon’s visits,” says the report. As well, according to an ASIO informant, Brandon had once given a lecture on bomb-making, telling his students Ananda Marga no longer favoured remotely detonated devices because they had twice failed to kill Desai.
Aarne Tees, a tough, experienced detective who was in charge of the B&T task force which took on the bombing investigation in 1989, has no doubt that ASIO failed to pass material on promptly – and, in all likelihood, is still sitting on important information.
“What they gave us was old hat. The problem was there was no co-ordination between ASIO and Special Branch, who had a lot of information, and the police who were doing the investigation,” says Tees.
“ASIO was sitting on dynamite, information that might have solved it [the bombing] at the time, but they didn’t want to let it go. For instance, they sat on `Ron’ [the code-name for a senior cult member who was an ASIO informant] for a long time, and did not say they had a man inside.”
The reports show that although eventually it did conduct some briefings and pass on some material to the police, ASIO refused the police access to transcripts of telephone taps on the Ananda Marga that may have helped crack the case, and had withheld other information, apparently for fear of blowing the cover of its informants.
But precisely what, if anything, ASIO could have done to prevent the Hilton bombing, or trigger the early arrest of those it believes ultimately responsible, may not be known until its 30th anniversary.
An ASIO spokesman says the files may be released under the “30-year rule” in 2008. But the Government can, if it wants, keep them secret for 40 years, or 50 years, or, indeed, for ever.


NOW aged 60, Aarne Tees retired three years ago after a distinguished career in the Police Service and is now practising as a barrister, mainly for the defence in criminal cases. “I’ve put enough of them inside over the years,” he says. “Now it’s my turn to keep a few out.”Te
es says he har tried to put the Hilton bombing case behind him, but still believes that because of the limitations of the courts only a royal commission could get to the bottom of the case, and bring those he believes ultimately accountable to justice.


THREE months out of jail, Pederick, aged 41, has moved back to Western Australia to be close to his family, has got a job, and is trying to get on with the rest of his life.
“As far as I am concerned, the Hilton bombing belongs in history,” he says. “There is no mystery about it. I guess I was quite unique in the prison system in that I had to keep proving my guilt, whereas everyone else said they were innocent.”
Pederick has used his time to write a book which he says will give the real story of the bombing – a story which, he says has been suppressed by the media because they have been “brainwashed by the Ananda Marga and timid because of the defamation laws.”


STILL suffering physically and mentally from the after-effects of the bombing, Griffiths, 54, was one of the six people injured in the blast. A senior constable on guard duty outside the HIlton when the bomb went off, he was hit by shrapnel which blew off parts of his leg, and ripped holes in the intestines.
Griffiths was forced to retire from the police through ill-health two years later, and has spent the past 20 years turning his house in Seven Hills into an archive of information about the bombing.
He remains convinced that the bomb was never intended to go off. He believes it was planted by the security forces – particularly ASIO and the NSW.


ANDERSON has left the Ananda Marga and , at the age of 44, is working at the Sydney University of Technology where he describes himself as a “teacher, writer and political activist”. He declined to be interviewed for this article, but in the past has claimed he was “framed” by police for the bombing, and has blamed various organisations for it, including the former Soviet security service, the KGB.
Anderson, who spent more than seven years in prison but now has no criminal convictions, has degrees in economics and politics and has written three books. The dust-jacket of the latest Take Two: the criminal justice system revisited (Bantam), says: “Take Two is the chronicle of a police vendetta and a portrait of the system that sanctions such abuses.”

Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sydney Hilton bombing
Hiltonbombing wideweb 470x314,0.jpeg
The scene shortly after the bombing
Location33°52′19″S 151°12′26″ECoordinates33°52′19″S 151°12′26″E
Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia
Date13 February 1978
Attack type
Deaths2 garbage collectors, 1 policeman
Non-fatal injuries
Notable attacks
Notable plots

Side view of the Sydney Hilton Hotel
The Sydney Hilton bombing occurred on 13 February 1978, when a bomb exploded outside the Hilton Hotel in SydneyNew South WalesAustralia. At the time the hotel was the site of the first Commonwealth Heads of Government Regional Meeting (CHOGRM), a regional offshoot of the biennial meetings of the heads of government from across the Commonwealth of Nations.
The bomb was planted in a rubbish bin and exploded when the bin was emptied into a garbage truck outside the hotel at 1:40 a.m. It killed two garbage collectors, Alec Carter and William Favell. A police officer guarding the entrance to the hotel lounge, Paul Birmistriw, died later.[1] It also injured eleven others. Twelve foreign leaders were staying in the hotel at the time, but none were injured. Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser immediately called out the Australian Army for the remainder of the CHOGRM meeting. [2]
The Hilton case has been highly controversial due to allegations that Australian security forces, such as the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), may have been responsible. This led to the New South Wales parliament unanimously calling for the Commonwealth to hold an inquiry in 1991 and 1995.[3][4] The federal government refused to hold an inquiry.
In June 1978, members of the Ananda Marga organisation were implicated by a police informant, Richard John Seary, but his evidence has been discredited. A member of Ananda Marga, Evan Pederick, claimed in 1989 that he had carried out the Hilton bombing on the orders of another member, Tim Anderson. Both men were given prison sentences, but Anderson was acquitted on appeal in 1991. Pederick served eight years in prison.

Accusations of conspiracy[edit]

There were a number of unusual circumstances surrounding the bombing, namely:
  • There was a continuous police presence outside the building since the previous morning. This would have prevented anyone placing a large bomb into the rubbish bin while the police were there.[5]
  • The driver of the garbage truck, Bill Ebb, stated that the bins would normally be emptied several times each day, but police had prevented three earlier trucks from emptying the bin that contained the bomb even though it was overflowing with rubbish.[6]
  • The garbage bin had not been searched for bombs. Searching bins is normally a high priority, and is specified in New South Wales police permanent circular 135.[3]
  • Army dog handler Keith Burley said that his dogs could smell very small quantities of explosives, and were expected to be used for the event. He said they were unexpectedly called off a few days prior without explanation.[3][7]
  • The entire truck and all bomb fragments were dumped immediately afterwards at an unrecorded location. This prevented forensic evidence, such as the type of explosive used, from being gathered.[3] (This was compared to the detailed evidence retrieved from the Pan Am Flight 103 that exploded at 30,000 feet.[3])
  • William Reeve-Parker provided a statutory declaration that an army officer had admitted planting the bomb by switching rubbish bins 24 hours earlier.[5] Reeve-Parker denied knowledge of who the officer was, although he "had helped his son".[5] Reeve-Parker was never called as a witness at the coronial inquest.
  • The officer-in-charge of police immediately after the bombing, Inspector Ian MacDonald, claimed there had been a "cover-up".[3]
  • Former Attorney General of New South Wales Frank Walker and Federal Government Senator Gareth Evans had been told by a CSIRO scientist that under pressure from ASIO they had made two fake bombs in the week prior to the bombing. The bombs were designed not to explode but could do so in a garbage truck compactor.[4]
  • The principal private secretary of a federal senator was told that the bomb squad was waiting nearby at this early hour of the morning.[5] That would suggest that they knew about the bomb. The government would not permit people from the bomb squad to be called as witnesses to the inquest.[6]
  • Sgt Horton stated that he saw an occurrence pad entry that showed the warning call was received at 12:32, 8 minutes before the bomb exploded.[6] It was not relayed instantly to the police out front. At the inquest four other versions of this pad were shown, each timing the call at 12:40.[5] (It may not have been relayed because police already knew about the bomb and the call was merely a pretext to call the waiting bomb squad.)
Many of these issues were identified by Terry Griffiths, a former policeman who was seriously injured in the bombing, who has called for an inquiry.[3] Barry Hall QC, counsel for Griffiths, argued that ASIO may well have planted the bomb in order to justify their existence.[6]
The 1982 Walsh inquest had been terminated prematurely due to the finding of a prima facie case of murder. The Indian prime minister Morarji Desai claimed that Ananda Marga had attempted to kill him due to the imprisonment of the organisation's spiritual leader, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. (There had been other alleged attacks by Ananda Marga, namely on 15 September 1977 the military attaché at the Indian Embassy, Colonel Singh and his wife, were attacked in Canberra. Just over a month later an Air India employee in Melbourne was stabbed.)[8] ASIO had infiltrated the Ananda Marga from 1976 and were monitoring it.[9]

Workers cleaning up the rubbish after the bombing[10]

Trials and inquiries[edit]

A few days after the bombing, Richard Seary offered his services to the police Special Branch as an informant. He expressed the view that the Ananda Marga society might be involved with the Hilton bombing; he soon infiltrated that organization, which had its headquarters in three adjacent houses in Queen Street, Newtown.[11]
On 15 June, Seary told Special Branch that members of Ananda Marga intended to bomb the home of Robert Cameron, a neo-Nazi, that night at his home in the Sydney suburb of Yagoona. Two members of the society — Ross Dunn and Paul Alister — were subsequently apprehended at Yagoona in Seary's company and charged with conspiracy to murder Robert Cameron.[6] Tim Anderson was arrested soon after at Ananda Marga headquarters in Newtown.
It was alleged that Dunn and Alister had intended to plant a bomb at Cameron's home, while Tim Anderson was to provide a press release. Dunn and Alister stated that they intended only to write graffiti at Cameron's home and had no knowledge of the bomb, which they claimed had been brought by Seary. Seary was considered by some to be an unreliable witness, having already given discredited evidence accusing Dunn and Alistair at the initial Hilton bombing inquest, being a drug addict and a "mentally disturbed fantasizer".[12]
However, there was also some police evidence, and the prosecution had strongly associated the matter with the Sydney Hilton bombing.[12] The trial relating to the alleged plot to bomb Cameron's home began in February 1979, but the jury could not come to a verdict. A second trial was held in July and all three defendants were convicted.[12][13]
A coronial inquest into the bombing itself was eventually held in 1982, even though inquests are normally held within a few weeks of a death.[6] Stipendiary Magistrate Walsh found a prima facie case of murder against two members of Ananda Marga – Ross Dunn and Paul Alister (but not Tim Anderson) – based on evidence from Richard Seary which was later discredited.[3] This finding caused the inquest to be closed prematurely.
Coronial inquiries are limited in their scope. No person appearing before the coroner has a right to subpoena evidence without permission from the coroner, and in this inquest Walsh rejected all applications.[14]
In 1984, the Attorney-General, Paul Landa, established an inquiry to investigate the convictions of Dunn, Alister and Anderson. The inquiry was similar to a Royal Commission, and was headed by Justice Wood. Richard Seary was in England at the time and did not take part, but after the inquiry he indicated that he was willing to take part. Justice Wood reconvened the inquiry and it ran through to February 1985. The result was that Justice Wood recommended the pardoning of the three, and they were released in 1985.[6] (The inquiry did not directly cover the Hilton Bombing.) The pardoned trio received compensation from the NSW Government. Alister ploughed his compensation money into land on Bridge Creek Road near Maleny, Queensland, which would become his home, and also the site of the Ananda Marga River School.[15]
According to Paul Alister's later account, points that emerged during the inquiry included:[16]
  • Tapes of conversations between Richard Seary and his Special Branch contact showed that Seary had originally suggested that the Hare Krishna group might have been responsible for the Hilton bombing
  • Police ignored the Hare Krishna suggestion and told Seary to spy on Ananda Marga.
  • Seary infiltrated Ananda Marga one month later than he had originally stated in court
  • Seary knew how to obtain explosives illegally, although he had said in court that he did not
  • Seary had told police about the alleged Cameron bombing plan five days earlier than he originally stated
  • Dr Emanuel Fischer, who had done a psychiatric assessment of Seary, said he was schizoid and psychopathic
  • Seary's girlfriend Wendy said that Seary had told her that he had thought they were going to Robert Cameron's house to put up posters, and he had been surprised that explosives were brought along
  • Wendy said that Seary had not volunteered to spy on Ananda Marga but had been pressured by the police
  • Seary's friend Dok said that Seary had a plan to bomb an abattoir when he had been in the Hare Krishnas
In 1989, a former member of Ananda Marga, Evan Pederick, claimed that he had planted the bomb at the Hilton Hotel on orders from Tim Anderson. Anderson was then re-arrested for the Sydney Hilton bombing, tried, convicted and sentenced to fourteen years. The crown prosecutor was Mark Tedeschi QC. However Anderson was acquitted in 1991 by the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal,[3] which held that the verdicts of guilty were unsafe and unsatisfactory. Chief Justice Gleeson concluded:
... there was one important respect in which, in my view, the proceedings miscarried ... The Crown was permitted, in an unfair manner, to obscure a major difficulty concerning the reliability of the evidence of its principal witness ... by raising an hypothesis that was not reasonably open on the evidence ... a direction given by the learned trial judge to the jury relating to the "sanity" of Pederick ... constitutes an additional reason for treating the verdicts as unsafe and the process at the trial as unsatisfactory ... The trial of the appellant miscarried principally because of an error which resulted in large part from the failure of the prosecuting authorities adequately to check aspects of the Jayewardene theory. This was compounded by what I regard as an inappropriate and unfair attempt by the Crown to persuade the jury to draw inferences of fact, and accept argumentative suggestions, that were not properly open on the evidence. I do not consider that in those circumstances the Crown should be given a further opportunity to patch up its case against the appellant. It has already made one attempt too many to do that, and I believe that, if that attempt had never been made, there is a strong likelihood that the appellant would have been acquitted.
Instead of ordering a new trial, the Court entered a judgement of acquittal.[17][18] [19]
Pederick had confessed to the bombing and so was convicted without detailed scrutiny of his confession. However, in the Anderson appeal, Chief Justice Gleeson said Pederick's account of the bombing was "clearly unreliable".[3] Pederick's later appeal was rejected when he produced no evidence to explain why his original confession had been false. Pederick was released after serving eight years in jail and stated: "I guess I was quite unique in the prison system in that I had to keep proving my guilt, whereas everyone else said they were innocent."[20]
Paul Alister later speculated about Richard Seary's motives, saying he was a "wild card" because he seemed to have his own agenda.[21] He stated that Seary seemed to have a mixture of motives for what he said, and seemed to dislike the police. Seary's girlfriend indicated that Seary had been pressured by the police to find evidence that incriminated the "Margiis". Alister and his colleagues speculated that perhaps Seary was being blackmailed into informing because of his former activity as a drug addict. Seary had also been present when someone had died of a drug overdose; this may have given the police leverage over him because he could be charged.[22]

Political effects and significance[edit]

Before the inquiries it was described in Parliament as the first and only domestic terrorist event in Australia.[3]
Prior to the bombing the security forces had been under considerable pressure. In South Australia, the White inquiry into their police special branch was very critical, and ties with ASIO were cut.[3] New South Wales was about to have a similar inquiry. After the bombing, the NSW inquiry was never held, and the Commonwealth increased support for the anti-terrorism activities of the intelligence services.[6]

30th anniversary of Sydney Hilton commemoration ceremony[edit]

A new plaque was unveiled at the site of the explosion in George Street on 13 February 2008, the 30th anniversary of the blast.
The then New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma commended Sydney City Council for restoring the memorial plaque to its original home, and said he hoped there will never be a need for any more.[23]

Plaque for victims of the bombing

Profile of Richard Seary[edit]

Richard Seary was born in Sydney in 1952.[24] His father John was a successful racer of motor bikes, but he abandoned the family in 1956. The children's mother also left not long after. He and his siblings were farmed out to various institutions, mostly in Queensland in Seary's case, because his father was living there. He had short-lived stays with his father, but was tormented by a stepmother he described as a psychopath.[24] He absconded from a Brisbane institution in 1968 and went to Sydney.
Seary subsequently became a drug addict and was convicted for heroin possession in 1971, but succeeded in breaking the habit.[25] He was then involved with the Hare Krishna group from 1972-74.[25] In 1974, through the Hare Krishnas, he met an English woman named Sally, who had a child from a previous relationship. They went to England, where Sally gave birth to a baby girl.[26] However, Seary and Sally split up at an early stage and Seary returned to Australia in 1976.[citation needed]
By early 1977, Seary was doing volunteer work as a Crisis Centre counsellor at the Wayside Chapel in Potts Point.[27] He went to England after the trial of the Ananda Marga members, but came back to Sydney in 1985 for the inquiry headed by Justice Wood.[28]
By 1992 he was doing welfare work at a church in Sydney. In late 1992, he fled to Queensland after an attempt was made on his life. In 2012 he published a book, Smoke'n'Mirrors: How the Australian People Were Screwed. In the introduction, he described himself as a spy and secret agent. He also claimed he was dying, without going into details.[29] He died in 2014.[30]


Winter Issue
November 11, 2012

The arrests last spring of 14 American Front (AF) members in Florida capped a year of tumultuous infighting that began with the killing of the organization’s national leader, David Lynch. Now, an earlier AF national leader has returned and is working to lead Lynch’s former followers to a bizarre new ideology that mixes ideas of the radical right with those of the extreme left.
The arrests last spring of 14 American Front (AF) members in Florida capped a year of tumultuous infighting that began with the March 2011 killing of the organization’s national leader, David Lynch, in California. Now, with his Florida rivals sidelined by their legal troubles, an earlier AF national leader, James Porrazzo, has returned and is working to lead Lynch’s former followers to a bizarre new ideology that mixes ideas of the radical right with those of the extreme left.
Based in Boston, Porrazzo has started a new group, New Resistance, that espouses ideas Porrazzo describes as the “Fourth Position” — a modified version of the Third Position Porrazzo once plugged, an ideology that mixed advocacy of racial separatism with opposition to capitalism, communism and globalism. He has tried to bring former members of the AF, along with others, into this new formation.
The AF, which is one of the nation’s oldest racist skinhead groups, was founded in 1987 in San Francisco by Bob Heick. It soon made a name for itself on the American extreme right, affiliating with better-known racist groups like Tom Metzger’s White Aryan Resistance and winning notoriety for episodes like breaking Geraldo Rivera’s nose on live television and posing for photos in a spread on neo-Nazis published by Sassy magazine. Much of its ideology was standard for racist skin crews of the day, emphasizing hatred for blacks, Jews and other minorities.
Since then, it has gone through many ideological changes.
Porrazzo’s first run at leading the group came in the 1990s, and he continued as leader until 2002, when Lynch took over. Under Porrazzo, the AF moved to Arkansas and became one of the only American radical-right groups to espouse the Third Position, which is far more common among groups on the European racist right. The Third Position is a brand of neofascism that advocates racial separatism and a racially based socialism that is opposed to both capitalism and communism.
Porrazzo took Third Positionism seriously, even holding that opposition to capitalism was more important than white separatism. In an interview posted online in 1999, Porrazzo said: “We actually see more in common, ideologically, with groups like Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party or Aztlan than with the reactionaries like the Hollywood-style nazis or the Klan.” During this period, the AF also joined the Liaison Committee for Revolutionary Nationalism, an umbrella organization of Third Positionist groups.
But this political alignment, which included support for radical Islamists, ultimately did not win many popularity contests among white nationalist skinheads. “By the early 2000s,” the anti-racist Anti-Defamation League reports, “Porazzo had largely run the group into the ground and it was mostly inactive.”
Porrazzo’s approach to Islamists seems to have been the final cause of his undoing. The group promoted not only Hamas and Hezbollah, but even Al Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden. After 9/11, that kind of promotion “inspired some heavy state harassment and severely limited our ability to safely expand or organize,” according to Porrazzo. A Florida AF member says it was even rumored in the group that Porrazzo had connections to the Taliban. Troy Southgate, another white nationalist involved with Third Positionism, says that the 9/11 attacks angered the native New Yorkers in the AF, causing infighting and a descent into Islamophobia.
Right Left, Right Left
Soon afterward, Lynch said later, Porrazzo “disappeared without a trace,” and Lynch took over, moving AF headquarters back to California, where he lived in a suburb of Sacramento. Porrazzo was little heard from in the period between 2002 and Lynch’s 2011 death.
Lynch, who was more of a traditional racist skinhead, steered the AF back toward the ideas it had originally espoused. He made alliances with traditional neo-Nazi skinhead crews such as the Hammerskins, Volksfront and Blood & Honour, among others. His AF website said: “We will work with any pro-white organization with common ideals and goals, regardless of their public image. We place race first in all matters and do not participate in, condone, or support fratricidal in-fighting.”
Beginning around 2005, Lynch began to successfully lead the AF to a major resurgence, especially after 2007. Known in the movement as a charismatic man, he appeared to be successfully bringing the group back into national prominence.
But then, on March 2, 2011, an unknown attacker burst into Lynch’s home in Citrus Heights, Calif., and killed him in a murder that remains unsolved. Suddenly, the leadership of the AF was thrown open once again, and Porrazzo stepped in.
Immediately after the killing, Porrazzo (also spelled Porazzo) launched a struggle over the group’s leadership against Mark Faella and his wife Patty, who were heading up the increasingly powerful AF chapter based in St. Cloud, Fla. It appears to have been Porrazzo who commandeered the group’s website, sent an expulsion letter to both Faellas, and posted a YouTube video mocking the St. Cloud skinheads and questioning their sexual orientation. Eight months later, in October 2011, Porrazzo said he was dissolving the AF entirely and accused anyone still using the name of being “a liar and a counter-revolutionary.” At the same time, he announced that all former AF members were now part of his newly christened group, New Resistance.
Porrazzo later claimed he long had been deliberately trying to destroy the American Front in order to save it. Starting in 2009, he said, “a number of us entered their bandit grouping, disrupted it as best we could and reestablished AF as a National Revolutionary movement.” He was referring to his efforts to reverse Lynch’s ideological course and drag the AF back to its previous Third Positionism.
But in Florida, Mark Faella won support for his own leadership bid, and his crew began making big plans. According to an FBI informant, Faella convened a July 2011 national gathering and “patched in” 10 new members, including the FBI informant who would prove to be his undoing. The Florida outfit then moved on to allegedly threatening Porrazzo’s life, with one member even claiming to have gone to Boston with another skinhead in a failed attempt to kill Porrazzo. (When Porrazzo didn’t show up at a pre-arranged meeting, the pair reportedly assaulted the two people, a man and a woman, who had gone in Porrazzo’s place. For his part, Porrazzo said that he waited for the Floridians, but they failed to appear.)
The AF has always had a reputation for violence, whether under Heick, Porrazzo or Lynch. Members have gone to prison for both murder and attempted murder, as well as a number of stabbings, drive-by shootings, bombings, and attacks on synagogues and churches.Porrazzo was arrested in 1998 for assault in Springfield, Mo., and reportedly was handed a one-year suspsended sentence. But now Faella allegedly went further, stockpiling weapons, training people, including felons, for what he considered an “inevitable race war,” and conspiring to ambush members of a local anti-racist group.
This May 12, the FBI arrested both Faellas and close to a dozen of their followers. All were charged with illegal paramilitary training, and eight were accused of conspiracy to shoot into a dwelling. Mark Faella was also charged with directing gang activities and leading illegal paramilitary training sessions.
And just like that, Porrazzo’s rivals had been eliminated.
Dugin and the Fourth Position
Today, as chairman of New Resistance, Porrazzo is pushing his new Fourth Position ideology, an attempt to meld together revolutionary nationalists and ethnic separatists of all backgrounds with Communist holdouts and anti-Zionists. As recently as August 2011 a post on his website had promoted the AF by saying the “Third Position offers a real future for the People of North America.” But shortly thereafter he did an about-face, claiming that Third Positionism had been ruined both by neo-Nazis who used the term “while keeping all their worst ideas” and by moderates who favored change through the electoral process. Porrazzo said, “The true ‘idea’ of the Third Position as left-right synthesis that we fought so hard for is valid, though dated, and was the starting point of what we are doing today.”
Now, Porrazzo holds that the Fourth Position — which he also describes as a kind of “left-nationalism” — is the “future of the revolutionary struggle against globalism, capitalism and liberalism.” His New Resistance supports authoritarian Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad, mourns the defeat of Libya’s late ruler Muammar Gaddafi, and praises Venezuela’s leftist president, Hugo Chavez.
Followers are encouraged to read leftist classics by Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara, all of which sit uneasily on his website next to fascist thinkers like Claudio Mutti and Julius Evola. Porrazzo’s favorite writer is Alexander Dugin, a Russian far-right political theorist who advocates a Eurasian super-state to oppose the Anglo-American alliance, liberalism and globalization. The Fourth Position takes it name from Dugin’s book The Fourth Political Theory.
Porrazzo’s group also employs left-wing slogans, calling for environmental sustainability, “social justice” and “direct democracy.” Still advocating racial separatism, it claims that in the future this will be voluntary; in areas where this is not possible, a form of ethnically based representation is proposed.
The New Resistance promotes the rambling Global Revolutionary Alliance (GRA) manifesto, which calls for global opposition to the United States, which is described as a country of “absolute evil.” In line with much anti-Semitic thinking, America is said to be inorganic, without collective identity, “a giant golem, controlled by the oligarchy.” The manifesto calls for an alliance of groups, from all races and religions, to destroy the “blood-sucking American oligarch liberal scum.”
Previously, Porrazzo was known for his high-octane anti-Semitism, calling Jews “a filthy, evil people the world would be better without.” But now, Porrazzo says his anti-Semitism was a “serious ethical error,” and that it was a mistaken outgrowth of his hatred of Zionism and capitalism; anti-Zionist Jews are welcome to work with New Resistance. However, just as the GRA manifesto’s description of the evil, inorganic, and cosmopolitan United States draws from traditional anti-Semitic formulations, so do Porrazzo’s descriptions of what he calls the “bandit state of Israel.” The “New Resistance Manifesto” that the New Resistance endorses states that “[w]e believe that Israel is nothing more than an imperialist, landlocked ‘aircraft carrier’ permanently moored to the Middle East, spreading destruction and subversion throughout the region.”

Although he has decades of political experience behind him, the jury is still out on whether Porrazzo and his New Resistance can establish a group with any real influence on the American radical right. One thing that seems certain is that he will be fighting an uphill battle, both because the American extreme right loathes the far left and because Porrazzo’s own penchant for infighting could destroy him.

Vladimir Suchan shared Yuriy Vinkov's post.
4 hrs
On May 9, in a number of towns, Putin's Nazguard rounded up and arrested members of the communist RKRP-CPSS and Rot Front for giving out leaflets criticizing the oligarchy.