Monday, July 20, 2015

I begin to believe that all the so-called cunning plans and their even more cunning propagandist rationalizations are just a way of testing how low the IQ of a whole nation can be pushed

Boris Rozhin's local sources confirmed that the order to disband the Donetsk Ministry of Defense was issued and signed. But, when the information was leaked, the order was rescinded (or at least suspended). And, remember, Pushilin called those who who spread the information (alias "false rumor") "enemies."

Somewhat similarly, when the media reported about the decision to unilaterally withdraw weapons of less 100 mm (which includes even heavier machine guns), some were quick to denounce this as a lie. When the decision became confirmed, the best defense of this unilateral demilitarization was that all this is but politicians' talk (Boris Rozhin himself) who lie, while no such an order exists. When it became obvious that the order does exist, then the new fall-back lie/excuse was that  the order too is a partial lie for the withdrawal of all means only a small part or just some. Clearly, neither the order, nor the policy behind it or the lame excuses and forced lies are helpful or any good. The other supporting excuse was that this too is yet another Putin's cunning plan--if the NAF moves away most of its weapons (and with them also some of its troops--for weapons do not usually go by themselves or on their own), then the junta would be successfully "provoked" into attacking the compromised and exposed defense lines of the Army of Novorossiya. Please note that no one, not even Donetsk or the Kremlin, is even mildly suggesting that Mariupol or Avdeevka will be also reciprocally demilitarized. Serfs, whether betrayed or not, but especially the betrayed ones, don't deserve in the eyes of their oligarchic masters any reciprocity.

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