Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alexey Mozgovoy and the Meaning and Idea of Novorossiya

This greater meaning of Novorossiya’s struggle carries not only a new potent message, but it also presents a new (potential) (re)orientation of the existing order. And it was Alexey Mozgovoy who, I would argue, was able to identify and formulate the political (and I would even say philosophical) program of Novorosssiya’s struggle better than anyone else: 

People coming to join the militia are of a higher class today. The people that are coming are first and foremost a people led by a firm idea. For us, the greatest problem today is to unshackle personality from the depths of men and women and to extinguish in them the slave. That’s the main thing. Today, people that are coming to us are namely those who are ready to do just that. Such people are coming to us every day. These people are inspired by the idea of justice associated with the promise of Novorossiya. That’s the idea. This is also the idea of Russian Mir’s rebirth. This is the point. This is also the starting point, the beginning which we have reached and established. .... This is also the uniting idea. So far, for all these years, we have been divided, and political parties worked on dividing us because they have been dividing us from our own self. As a result, we have been losing faith in ourselves too. No existing party has a power to unify. Existing political parties offer only consumerist values—values which are consuming our own selves. But there was and is no spirit in them. Only spirit can truly unite us again--spirit which will establish personality where has been a slave.[1]

Earlier, in the same spirit, Alexey Mozgovoy also argued:

What it takes not to surrender [in the face of the terrible]? Only people with clear conscience can endure to the very end. Those [whose conscience is clouded] will start surrendering in order to keep their business, portfolios, etc. … We have only spirit, honor, and conscience. That’s why we can go to the end. The end minimum is a military victory. The end maximum is to effect change in the spirit of man so that at least a portion of people come to understand that we are not slaves, a mere biomass or little people (homunculi) …[2]

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