Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Ukraine was won or lost; the winning formula: Sun Tzu combined with greed

 The fresh picture is from the biggest NATO exercises so far on the territory of Ukraine, happening now.

This is how victory looks like these days.

While the Baltic Republics as well as Ukraine  are busy removing and destroying monuments to the Soviet soldiers who once liberated Europe from Nazism, this image might soon become a new monument symbolizing the historical reversal of proportions the importance of which cannot be underestimated unless one remains in the state of denial or lethargic apathy.

(The holes in the old Soviet tanks were obviously originally made for slimmer soldiers, but that's not the point.)

The patient and systematic work towards Ukraine gave its fruit. If the Soviet leadership sold its allies for a permission to produce an impressive number of instant billionaires, now twenty some years later, Ukraine, a vast prime real estate, which includes Russia's own ancient lands, and just 400 miles from the Kremlin, became not only available, but also taken.

In the meantime, Russian oligarchs have been busy buying out old British aristocrats' estates.

Historians will study for years how with relatively so little, the US achieved relatively so fast what Hitler tried to take with brute force and what other Europeans were merely dreaming of for centuries.

On top of it, Soviet weapons and their soldiers have now become, as CNN once truly put it, American in their function and purpose.

Formula? Sun Tzu and greed changed the game.

At least someone's chess strategy is working. Don't worry, this was all part of Putin's long term plan.

In this chess plan, his king has become the best partner of the other king (at least in his eyes).

PS: Somehow, this also reminded me of the old Yugoslav joke made at the expense of the Bulgarian comrades who beat the Soviet Encyclopedia by copying all its volumes and then adding one of their own: "On the Bulgarian [non-existent] Elephant, the Best Friend of the Russian Elephant."

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