Monday, July 20, 2015

Russian ruling oligarchy is treating Russian Donbass as runaway serfs who, under Minsk personally approved by Putin, need to be duly returned to their Nazi, oligarchic masters

Step by step, covering themselves with Minsk, Russian oligarchs in power and the Moscow managers of Donbass are teaching the rebellious serfs in Donbass that fighting back against their brethren, Ukrainian oligarchs, is wrong and criminal and that wrong and criminal was also the serfs' will to freedom from oligarchic serfdom and even from its Nazism which has been reborn and placed in power. A case in point: Moscow and Putin personally disliked the Donbass referendum, which, unlike in Crimea, spoke of a people's, anti-oligarchic republic, which was not the case in the "properly managed" and pre-approved refeferendum in Crimea. The story of Novorossiya is a story of Kremlin-managed systematic containment and confinement of the serf rebellion in Ukraine. 

That's also why the Kremlin made continuously sure that Novorossiya's possible strategic victories would be at best and at most only tactical successes. More is not allowed. Partnership with the Empire, oligarchs and the Nazis ruling in Ukraine does not allow it.

Hence the fact that the serfs tried to fight back was for Moscow always a necessary temporary evil, which needs to be curtailed, rolled back, contained and confined. For the Empire and the Nazi masters, serf resistance was always merely evil.

For, in the convulsions and convolutions of the Kremlin's policy and stance, there is some perceptible (class) logic at work--a self-styled iron law of oligarchy. Invariably, Putin's emissaries and handlers of Donbass tried hard not allow Donbass to act out of strength or firm ethical principles. For serfs, this is not allowed. Neither strength nor principles. Again and again, the Kremlin tried through the control of the command to push the Donbass serfs into an inferior position vis-a-vis the the Kiev junta, that is, into a position of inferiority where the Kiev junta is free to attack and kill at will, while Donbass is allowed to defend itself only from within ever tightening unilateral "rules" of Minsk confinement premised upon the serfs' imposed inferiority. That's also why the mantra which Moscow has been pressing so hard on the Donbass serfs was the presumed need to learn and demonstrate to the Nazi masters and the Empire the "virtue" of their "peacefulness," "rationality," "reliability" and obedience in the face of the masters' aggression and violence on which the masters are supposed to have a (restored) monopoly. For the masters, the serfs' peacefulness and pacification was always supposed to be strictly unilateral. In this, the Kremlin tried and tries to please the powers that be, hoping to be recognized again as one among the masters--"the partners," "allies" and "friends."

Caylus Martin on FB: "EVERY SINGLE time the DPR has pulled back weaponry to placate the so called Minsk Agreements the UKRAINIAN ARMY has taken advantage of the situation. Learning from its master the US to not play by the rules and that nice guys finish last. Wait and see.....Ukraine will use this as an excuse to launch new attacks, to shell Donbass cities and kill innocent civilians....ONCE AGAIN!!!! It is not for nothing that the Ukrainian Army is receiving every single day arms and heavy weapons/vehicles from the US. One thing for certain is that Ukraine is NOT arming for peace!!"

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