Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ukraine has become a manufacture and laboratory of new fascism, and the powers that be work hard to make fascism desirable

As things are going, Moscow and the pro-fascist "partners" will insist that the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics as names are not conducive to peace and not compatible to Minsk and the obligations which Moscow signed to. Pushilin and others (like Putin and Lavrov) have already tried to use the word "areas" in conformity with Minsk instead of the terms which indicate some notion of statehood or independence.

The next step will be contriving a way of how to bring the first Ukrainian flag into the "republics" or those Ukraine's "particular areas."

Making the republics accept their subordination to Kiev's laws (and hence sovereignty) is already happening--with Zakharchenko's and Plotnitsky's insistence that Kiev apply to them Kiev's own law on particular regions, which merely says that these ought to be under a military, occupation administration until they are properly cleansed and filtered. The insistence on being ruled by Kiev's election law and rules is yet another example.

With Minsk, the Kremlin already wiped out Donbass' war objectives and political goals--anti-fascism, people's power, and the anti-oligarchic revolution. The NAF is under strict orders not to shoot and store more and more weapons out of their hands. The political and administrative crushing of the spirit of Donbass is systematic and relentless. No employee of the Russian state TV networks would now dare to even utter the word "Novorossiya."

Fascism in Ukraine is thus deliberately fed and spread in the aftermath of the collapsed socialism and corrupt, spineless liberalism, and nationalism is fed into fascist growing body.

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