Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I observe that which each Putin's new fictional triumph of the day served by the media and fans, the easier and more automatic the lack, disregard, sacrifice, dumping, loss and ignorance of principles and logic becomes

Josh Cohen describes "what Russia's win in Syria would look like," and, judging by twitter, many Putin's supporters like what Cohen sees and how he describes as "Russia's military objectives."

Among these objectives and successes, Cohen also includes this:

"Indeed, the reported use of a Russian military plane to secretly transport Assad to Moscow demonstrates Assad’s total dependence on Russia, not just militarily, but for his personal safety as well. By all indications Assad is painfully aware of this dynamic — and Putin surely is, too."
And this: "To sweeten the deal further, Putin might even agree to implement “no-fly” safe zones in northern Syria where humanitarian organizations can tend to the millions of Syrians displaced by the war — an option which to date Russia has rejected. Naturally, Putin would demand the West pay a price for this cooperation. ... Putin might seek to use his Syrian campaign to force an end to Western economic sanctions over Ukraine. Although the United States is unlikely to accept a Syria-for-Ukraine trade-off, the Europeans very well might. "

The rule--once someone is or even just seems to be praising Putin, his supporters become emotionally excited and they swallow even a sell-out or disaster as long as it served and wrapped up as yet another fictitious triumph of the day and call this deal or exchange, to use NedoUkrainka's words (see the photo above), "sane and realistic" and "a breath of fresh air."

The idea of Russia's agreeing to Western no-fly zone included by Cohen as part of Russia's win in Syria would be in my view disastrous. The notion that Russia's intervention means that Assad has no longer any autonomy is in my view bad too. The idea that Russia is using Syria for some fictional trade-off is also bad. If Cohen is right, then Russia's intervention and "win" would rather only serve the West ... much like trading Russian military victory in Donbass last year for Minsk.

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