Thursday, October 15, 2015

Just came over a strong indication that Minsk 1 (September 5, 2014) was planned and decided in early July of 2014 or rather before (in Normandy? ... rather even earlier)

Following the invisible hand of my daemonic adviser I randomly looked at the site of Quemado Institute in New Mexico, which, as I have relatively only recently discovered (there only so much an absent-minded Czech poet can do), has been doing tons of great work in analyzing and spreading awareness about the events in Novorossiya, Donbass, and Ukraine. In doing so, I equally randomly opened their archived entry from December 20, 2014 and found this:

Quemado Institute sent on July 12, 2014 copies of their peace proposals to a number of select VIPs and individuals. The one who cared to honor these good people with more than just a formal reply or silence was Dieder Burkhalter, the Swiss head of the OSCE, which was to play an important role in Minsk 1 on September 5, 2014, and who already famously met with Putin on May 7, just 5 days after the Odessa Massacre during which over 100 (officially some 40) anti-fascist Odessites were burned alive and killed by Kiev-organized regiments of Nazi storm troopers. At the press conference with Dieder Burkhalter, Putin memorably told the people of Donbass to "postpone" (effectively to cancel) their May 11 referendum.

Quemado Institute writes of Dieder Burkhalter's the following: "In a rather detailed but cold reply, he made it clear that the OSCE, of which he was acting head, fully supported Poroshenko’s peace plan (ie. the “plan” under which the massacres were being carried out) and that, in any event, nothing could happen until scheduled talks in September. September?"

Good people at Quemado Institute realized that something was here odd. The OSCE already knew that important talks were scheduled for September and that these talks make all other peace plans and ideas irrelevant and immaterial. But this means that the main, key decisions were already made! Burkhalterwas cold, but he was also kind enough to give Quemado Institute a heads-up--something in return for trying to help.

Now just remember and think what the situation was in early July! Strelkov and his militia of Novorosssiya volunteers just got out of the death trap, which Kiev and other big players planned for them there. The Kiev junta was already well on its way of cutting the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics from the borders with Russia. The Quemado Institute initiative also came just 5 days before the MH17 false flag operation, which was then followed by a massive offensive of the armed forces of the fascist regime, which cut off (as we now know) Gorlovka apart from Donetsk and both of them from Lugansk. Dieder Burkhalter's answer also came before the sudden and fast counter-offensive in the second half of August, which was then stopped in tracks by these very September talks, of which Dieder Burkhalter was apparently talking in early July.

But since, as I brought it up, Putin was asking (demanding) Novorossiya's rollback back in early May and he did that openly and publicly right next to Dieder Burkhalter, the indication is that talks and a fundamental agreement between Russia and the US, the two key players, over what was to happen or not happen, had to or very likely happened prior to Dieder Burkhalter's visit to Moscow--unless Dieder Burkhalter too is part of some very special fraternity, which runs the world in the place of the official heads of the states or figureheads.

So, to sum up, here we have a very curious, but rather compelling indication that Minsk was pre-decided and pre-planned before the most important battles of the summer of 2014 even started. As Karl Polanyi quipped, even capitalism was planned, though (official) planning was not planned.

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