Thursday, October 29, 2015

In Strategic Communication, the Choices of Russian Oligarchy Are Running into Serious Objective Constraints and Paradoxes

Russian oligarchs have proven and keep proving themselves to be more considerate and sympathetic to the fascists ruling Ukraine than to the Russian patriots [they prefer and make sure to call them "nationalists"] and the anti-fascists at home, and Russian oligarchs would want the people to do much the same. Somewhat similarly, Russian oligarchs are and always has been sympathetic to their own liberals--for, in this case, it does mean to be sympathetic to themselves. But since the oligarchs jeer and abuse [издеваются] the people, there was a need to split themselves and to create "the liberal opposition" from a portion of themselves set apart as a scapegoat and diversion. However, lately, Russian oligarchs have been moving steadily toward putting in the place of the designated scapegoat and official enemy the Russian patriots themselves (Starikov and Kurginyan were true pioneers of these efforts led from above).

When it comes to seeking support abroad, Russian oligarchs are left to seek their support mainly on the further right and on the left for the liberals are predominantly anti-Russian and also no big friends of Russian oligarchs unless they have some professional vested interest in Russia or unless it is just a business that pays off. The common contempt and derision the Western liberals have for Russian oligarchs bears some semblance to the contempt and derision in which the Russian oligarchs hold both their own and foreign people on the left. The liberal contempt of the liberals for Russia yields in strength only to the hate (vengeful hate) which the no-conservatives nurture for Russia.

Thus part of the message outside (as opposed to messages for internal consumption) massaged by Russian oligarchy is framed as pseudo-leftist and, at carefully dozed times, even apparently anti-imperialist. However, the trouble is that, deep, no, not that deep within, Russian oligarchs do despise the left by virtue of their own character and interest and it shows. That's to say the dissonance or hypocrisy is right in front of everyone's eyes if one only cares to notice.

With respect to the further and far right, Russian oligarchs do feel themselves more natural and more at home for here they see a potential and promise of true future solidarity.

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