Saturday, October 10, 2015

Minsk is not just a "toilet paper" initiated by Putin, as Putin's apologists liked to call it, it is a working psychological program made to reset the Russians into the (pro)fascist mode

However idiotic, perverse, immoral, and outrageous Minsk 1 and 2 are with Putin's commitment to return or rather herd the Russians of Donbass bound, tied up and packaged back into the "sovereign" hands of the anti-Russian fascists, the way this treason was designed is diabolically clever and smart. The perversity and effectiveness of this arrangement ironically depends in a crucial way on Putin himself. How?

One of the key smart and clever demagogues and manipulators of Russia's (self)destruction, Sergey Kurginyan noted in one of his many (long) talks an important psychological feature, which the CIA identified and weaponized a long time ago--the great tendency of many Russians to idolize, worship and deify their leaders. This was not just with Stalin. Brezhnev who brought the Soviet Union into a stability of pre-terminal stupor (supposedly stable stagnation), Gorbachev and even Yeltsin, a drunk clownish traitor and thief, were all in their times massively "loved," idealized, and looked upon as miraculous saviors of the otherwise lost and desperate, but now fortunate souls who were again thanks to the one leader on the one right path. Who, in hell, would ever fall for worshiping such men? Normal people behaving abnormally is actually more normal than we might normally think.

So Kurginyan, a former geophysicist-turned-theater expert (Surkov too is a theater expert) was gleamingly emphasizing this very notable trait, which, as he indicated, follows a path of an addict--a great height followed by a crash.

A new cult of personality has yet again succeeded in Russia. But now the cult is not about the leader who would save the Fatherland from the fascist menace (Stalin) or Brezhnev who would "save" the Russians from taking socialist ideals seriously. It is not about Gorbachev who would save the Russians from their own greatness by simply telling them that he is up in his sleeves something new for them, and it is not about Yeltsin who would bring to the Russians yet again the most and the very last enlightenment: "Now we do know how the universe works, what the magic words are, now at last we have wised up and got rid ourselves of the infantile prejudices of yesterday." Now it is about Putin who, in the wild 1990s, was busy under Sobchak doing all kinds of charitable deeds in Petersburg. It is about Putin and the agenda of making the Russians safe for the new oligarchy. In this new mindset, genuine care and sustained work is not needed. The world is rather simple--all you need--and Putin does it--is to find the next magical trick of the moment, which will crush the empire, the bankers, the Zionists in a new and totally surprising way. People just need "to watch, eat popcorn" and to interfere with the play of a genius. Well besides watching, what is also necessary for completing and ensuring the magic is worship and deification of the leader. One's worship is, moreover, an assurance of one's own intelligence, brilliance and membership in the special club of the chosen and those who know. So this is the background. Does this create any political weakness or liability on the part of Russia whatsoever? Of course not.

Unless US and Western meticulously groomed specialists are doing nothing else but playing golf, going to bars and watching reruns of Homer Simpson or American Dad. But then again the national addiction to deifying and worshiping idols of leaders (or just the top bureaucrat) is so very hard not miss or notice. It is not like something that it is so totally into your face, isn't it? So why not to use such a great resource when it is literally coming to you all by itself?

And what does mesmerized, uncritical worship mean anyway? Uncritical worship is, indeed, uncritical worship--suspension of judgment, which, if suspended for a while, becomes a loss of judgment and loss of thought. Paradoxically, but somehow justly, one loses one's soul to the object of one's worship. Once this is done, the mind then operates on the principle of a loop with pre-set truisms that utterly defeat any reality, argument or reason.

So how did the so laughable geeks at the CIA and the Pentagon put this to use with Minsk 1 and 2? Oh, I forgot, Putin himself invented Minsk when he doodled it on a piece of paper while on the plane to Ulan Bator. So deciding or signing away millions of the Russians in Ukraine and then more elsewhere is thus like a magic of illumination in-between other chores. Repeat ... But going back to what is more likely--oligarchs are traders and mercenaries. The world for them is made of business partnership, business deals and bargains. And their "soul" is greed. If greed is wetted, a deal is created.

As a result, a magical chain of dependency is created: oligarchs depend on the continuation of business, I mean, theft. This dependence, in turn, depends on making the money (or the theft) ultimately stashed somewhere in the West. You know the best oligarchs are always too smart to trust themselves in this or their own country in this. This means that, almost no matter what the oligarchs do, they end up giving the ends of their ropes into the hands of the West.

However, on the other side, through the cult of personality, the oligarchs created, in turn, dependence of the people on the worship and deification of Putin. The whole system is based on the (dream-image of one) person's deification. And this puts the people who do so not only in a state of psychological dependence, but also in a precarious position. For this allows the great leader to do anything, and his worshipers cannot help but follow all what he says and does. In fact, not just to follow, but also automatically admire, and not just admire, but they themselves automatically and magically explain to each other the greatness and brilliance of all that, automatically rationalizing all that in their minds and then all around. And if the leader does something wrong or even treasonous, the same mechanism works and continues to work. And the greater the dissonance and irrationality, the more viciously and intensively the machine works.

The essence of Minsk is very simple, brutally simple and thus also brutally smart and effective. To "save Donbass" and "Russian lives," etc. Putin personally adopted in his cult the principle, the idea, the decision that the Russians of Donbass belong to "united and sovereign Ukraine," which means in truth to "united and sovereign FASCISTS"--to fascism, in short for this is what the cipher of Ukraine here means. As they say the actual truth is always concrete, not abstract.

Once the West goaded (or perhaps just asked) Putin to do this--first, to declare the anti-Russian, Nazi regime, which murdered and burned anti-fascist Russians in Odessa, legitimate,and then "deciding" that the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics are and must be a property of the new fascist regime, what can Putin's worshipers and idolaters do? What is there for them left to do? Only this: 1) to justify it no matter what (and no matter how), 2) worship even more (even more viciously and even more irrationally), and 3) obey.

What does this psychological mechanism then do? Step by step Putin's worshipers begin to justify and rationalize "return" first of other Russians and Ukrainians under the power of fascism and then, soon enough, return of others of the other Russians also to fascism--at first as part of some masterful cunning, but, soon enough, simply because, as Putin keeps repeating to the masses, "there is no alternative [to Minsk]." If brought down to the basic, Putin has thereby asked, but not just asked, but ordered the Russians of Donbass (and by extension other Russians too) to "return to fascism" and, in return, to rationalize it and accordingly retwist and reprogram their own brains, minds, and souls.

Minsk is, indeed, not just about Donbass. In its essence it is a very clever (but also nasty) massive psychological experiment in rewriting the very code of what it means to be Russian. For through the mouth, body and face of Putin, it legitimizes and justifies fascism. And not only that. It legitimizes, justifies and prescribes fascism, and not just fascism by itself, but "return" of the Russians (not just in Donbass) to fascism.

And thus through the "love" and worship of Putin, millions of the Russians, whether awake or asleep, have been busy justifying to themselves the Satanic "wisdom" of fascism, returning to fascism, and "united and sovereign Ukraine," that is, "united and sovereign fascism"--and all for the love of one 63-year old man.

Once your mind and soul is captured, and that's what leader cult and worship is, the soul can be led anywhere. Even to Hell or into fascism. Once your soul and mind is not your own, the chances that it will be led (or misled) through some dependence to some good place is slim. Very slim.

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