Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Putin's bold proposal (whispered to him by Hollande) to make Bashar al-Assad team up with the Free Syrian Army caused tears in the eyes of Washington analysts

Charles Lister helps Putin know better who the "Free Syrian Army" is. Washington pundits were sincerely cheered up by Putin's proposal to have Ashar al-Assad ally himself with the Free Syrian Army.

Putin stated today:

"I discussed this matter just this morning with the Russian Foreign Minister. During my recent visit to Paris, the President of France, Mr Hollande, voiced an interesting idea that he thought is worth a try, namely, to have President Assad’s government troops join forces with the Free Syrian Army. True, we do not know yet where this army is and who heads it, but if we take the view that these people are part of the healthy opposition, if it were possible to have them join in the fight against terrorist organisations such as ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and others, this would help pave the way to a future political settlement in Syria.
The Foreign Ministry will continue these efforts, given that we are in contact with practically all of the opposition forces, but I ask you too to support the Foreign Ministry’s efforts through your partnership channels. That is my first point."
 And the reactions on the part of the experts who working for Putin's "partner":

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