Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Believing and imitating our leaders and modelling our own character on what they do and say means to like them, support them and be like them

If one supports Poroshenko, one also ought to be anti-Putin and pro-Bandera for that's what Poroshenko stands for. But if you stand for Putin, you ought to support Poroshenko for, at Valdai, Putin went on record saying that "he was the first to support Poroshenko and will further continue doing so." Putin also keeps calling Poroshenko his partner, although Poroshenko would not even dream of doing this to Putin whom he keeps calling the aggressor. But if you support Putin, you might also need to think of Poroshenko as one of the common partners. One way of how to reconcile this above inconsistency or contradiction might be allowing for a possibility that Putin himself is anti-Putin.

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