Friday, October 23, 2015

Putin in Valdai, addressed him to the West: "What’s most important is to be honest and open," that is, "to treat one another as allies"

In concluding his Valdai speech, Putin made a proposal to the West to accept Russia as the West's ally and partner. In this spirit, Putin himself promoted Western countries from "colleagues" to "allies" in the "common fight" in order to implement at last the dream of "partnership in the name of common interests."

By destroying the Soviet Union, the "communist" elite thought that the West would accept them as allies and partners and that the West would from now on treat them now as happily thieving oligarchs well, with respect and as equals!

To this effect, Putin said, while completely and by that I mean totally avoiding in his Valdai speech any mention of fascism in Ukraine, any mention of Ukraine and any mention of Donbass (inevitably though, the question of Ukraine came up during the following questions and answers segment):

"We are also close to starting an exchange of information with our western colleagues on militants’ positions and movements. All these are certainly steps in the right direction. What’s most important is to treat one another as allies in a common fight, to be honest and open. Only then can we guarantee victory over the terrorists. For all the drama of its current situation, Syria can become a model for partnership" in the name of common interests ..."

"Мы также близки к тому, чтобы начать обмен информацией с нашими западными коллегами о позициях и передвижениях боевиков. Всё это, безусловно, шаги в правильном направлении. Главное, воспринимать друг друга как союзника по общей борьбе, вести себя честно и открыто. Только так можно гарантировать победу над террористами. Сирия при всей драматичности нынешнего положения может стать моделью для партнёрства во имя общих интересов"
If the West is to be Russia's "open and honest ally," and since the West is already an open ally of the fascist regime in Kiev, Russia or the Russian government might also try to become more than a many-times-avowed "partner" of the Kiev regime, which calls Russia "the aggressor" and the "enemy of civilization and mankind." Perhaps an "ally" too. Only the consent of the West and the Banderite fascists would be required. In addition to finding some "common enemy." Provided that the common enemy is not Russia or the Russian people themselves.

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