Sunday, October 11, 2015

Plotnitsky, Bednov's murderer, confirmed and sealed today his status as a blatant liar hired by Surkov as Lugansk Judas

Plotnitsky, the willing executioner of Novorossiya hero Bednov "Batman, delivered a speech in Lugansk today. He praised his "diplomatic wisdom" at the Minsk negotiations at which both the DPR and the LPR are reduced with the help of the Kremlin just to passive empty ciphers merely waiting for the next batch of decisions and orders cooked up and presented by Merkel, Hollande, and Putin's assistance. Plotnitsky claimed that this "diplomatic wisdom" taught him that it is better to spill the ink of the Minsk (surrender) deal than to fight a war with fascism.

Next, utterly slyly, Plotnitsky presented a laughable lie that the Fall elections in the DPR and the LPR were not cancelled based on the unified demands from the fascists and the West, but their "postponement" allegedly happened because Normandy 4 "agreed to the proposal" of the LPR and the DPR NOT to have their own elections on the days they already chose (Moscow chose for them). The truth is simpler and cruder--Kiev and the West demanded that the elections not happen, Putin agreed. End of story. But now Plotnitsky is telling the people that to "postpone" their own elections was Plotnitsky's and Zakharchenko's own ideas to which Normandy 4 nobly consented. Otherwise the LPR and the DPR could not even postpone their own elections. Apparently.

It is also noteworthy that, in the stadium, the flags which predominated were "white flags" which say "Peace to all, order [sic] to everybody." These white flags [usually symbolizing surrender] represented Plotnitsky's political movement "Peace of the Lugansk region." The dominant message is this "peace" with the fascist junta.

This message was further reinforced and driven home at the end by a release of many inflated balloons in the blue and yellow colors of the state of Ukraine with an admixture of the white balloons of "peace."

Plotnitsky emphasized: "There is no alternative to Minsk. ... Minsk must be implemented!" This is now a brainwashing mantra passed from Putin all the way down.

One applause which Plotnitsky received came when he promised a salary raise to the teachers.

The next speaker, the head of the Lugansk administration, did nothing smaller than declaring the "civil war" in Donbass and Ukraine to be over! He presented Minsk as "the victory" of Donbass.

Lori Stuart appraised Plotnitsky's shameful sale pitch for the surrender to the fascists as follows:

What a con job and crooked sales pitch! Those 'leaders' need to be tarred, feathered and run out of town like any other snake oil salesmen.

A 'rally' today in Lugansk! Notice there are NO Russian flags or St. George ribbons, NO Novorossiya flags or symbols, very few LPR flags, drowned out by very generic plain color or decorative flags. If you know Russian listen, if you do not, click on 'cc' for a translation to your chosen language. Listen to him sell "Minsk" as victory! "Instead of shedding blood on the battlefield, we have spilled ink on the table! We have gotten the Normandy Four to agree with us that there is no alternative to "Minsk" and we win! The elections are postponed to give Kiev more time to have the Rada approve amnesty and constitutional amendments! In the spring, your cities will be rebuilt, your pensions paid, and you shall have a raise! Victory is near!" Then the second guy made a speech about how they fought and died and suffered through bombardment and were worthy of their ancestors in the Great Patriotic War and we WON! Because of our suffering, the Normandy Four have demanded Kiev give us special status!"....

Notice in the whole speech no one cheered except the part where he said the republics were giving public workers a raise. This was clearly organized by Surkov (via the Kremlin) as "Minsk" sales pitch and a way of gradually getting the people used to the idea of being sent back under Kiev rule. Compare this to the strong, proud, pro Russian, militaristic Victory Day parade last May, just before Lavrov and Kerry made the back door deal to dump Novorossiya. The handwriting is on the wall, people, no doubt. And since this was only for the audience of the locals, not spread on the news and to the world, the "Minsk" and Putin apologists cannot pretend it was just for show to the west and that it wasn't serious. It's deadly serious, and tragic.

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