Friday, October 2, 2015

Putin ran away from Paris, leaving Merkel and Hollande (and Peskov on the side) to confirm as diplomatically, indirectly and vaguely as possible the fate of the Russians in Ukraine--death of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics

Key decision made in Paris, which Peskov whom Putin bravely left behind to say something tried to  obscure: the fascist junta ought to adopt a law on local elections under which the elections in what used to be the DPR and the LPR ought to be held WITHIN 80 days from the adoption of the law by the Banderite regime. Decision No. 2 (based on Minsk 2), on the very next after the local elections (which ought to put in place new local rulers beholden to the fascists), Russia ought to start giving to the junta control over the borders with the former DPR and LPR, which Ukraine does not currently control and for which Srelkov's men so desperately fought in the summer of 2014. Condition No. 3: the US insists that the Minsk agreements must not be extended past the year of 2015 (in accordance with Minsk 2).

Soon enough, we will see whether the local subordinates of Surkov (and possibly Kiev) will cancel their scheduled elections and/or run them in conformity with the will and the law of the fascist junta, which would also mean with fascist candidates whose immunity Germany and France, two key NATO members, demanded from Putin in Paris and to what Putin seems to have also agreed.

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