Thursday, October 15, 2015

Minsk is not just about surrendering millions of Russians to the fascists; it also marks a full-fledged oligarchic, criminal, proto-fascist counter-revolution from (very) above

The case of Valentina Kornienko is just a very small tip of the dark, rotten iceberg. To make Donbass compatible to Ukrainian fascism, Moscow curators are leading their new-old management in Donbass to act more and more like the beast itself.

More and more compelling reports, stories, and indications are coming from the DPR and the LPR that confirm that, with the forced departure of Strelkov and the growing pressure on creating "the best possible conditions for the full implementation of the Minsk agreement," Moscow has undertaken a full scale counter-revolutionary remaking and unmaking of the people's republics both as "people's" and as "republics." There has been more or less concealed and outwardly quiet internal war on Novorossiya and on all those who might resist or defy returning Donbass to the fascists. Under Zakharchenko, many "old" SBU (political police) offices loyal to Kiev and the junta are coming back  and are executing the process.

In practice, this means and already meant that whole NFA units suspected of being anti-Minsk are being disarmed and dissolved. But not only disarmed  or dissolved. Soldiers and war heroes are being arrested, then imprisoned--here in this story for more than a month, beaten, tortured (yes, tortured too), starved, made sick, and systematically and sadistically punished for ever being pro-Russia and pro-Novorossiya. The old new oligarchic system returned to Donbass under the Kremlin's management and supervision thus resembles the bandit, criminal system of the 1990s. It looks like a bandit regime, it behaves like it, and it acts like it.

Hundreds, possibly thousands of soldiers and peoples, have been "processed" in this way--systematically, sadistically abused to break them down and apart so that the restoration of Donbass to the fascists can be carried out as smoothly as possible. The NFA captivates held by "their own" are treated worse than Ukrainian POWs for whom the authorities are mindful of the Geneva Conventions and the need to look neat and proper to the enemy and the outside.

The soldier who underwent such deliberate "decommissioning" aimed at the decomposition of the whole personality said in his interview to

"All the commanders who may say 'no' [to Minsk and surrender] when the Ukrops comes are now being cleansed. All the units, which may not comply with the order to surrender to the enemy, are being disarmed. And many people think about this just like me.

Do you know what is the most offensive? We fought so hard on the front line.

These were very tough battles. We were pounded from tanks. But we didn't retreat a single meter. And we just sent official requests that all who distinguished themselves in that fighting be awarded. And here we've got our awards [in the form of imprisonment, torture, and abuse].


We were all betrayed, said Nikolai when leaving. We were going to fight for New Russia, for the people's republic. There is no New Russia, our 'People's Republic' is packing [working, fighting] people themselves into the basements [illegal prisons].

- What will you do?

- We will overcome. If we need to, we will become partisans. But we will not surrender Donbass to the Ukrops.This is my land. If necessary, I'll die here."

 Всех командиров, которые могут сказать «нет», когда придут «укропы», сейчас зачищают. Все подразделения, которые могут не выполнить приказ сдаться врагу, разоружают. Многие думают так же, как и я.

А знаете, что самое обидное? У нас как раз были нелегкие бои на передке.

Очень жесткие бои – нас утюжили градами, атаковали танками. Не отступили ни на метр. И мы только что подали в наградной отдел на всех, кто отличился в этом бою, документы на награждение. Вот нас и наградили.

— Нас всех предали, – сказал на прощание Николай, - мы шли воевать за Новороссию, за народную республику. Новороссии нет, народная республика наша пакует народ по подвалам.

— Что будете делать?

— Прорвёмся. Если надо – уйду в партизаны. Но «укропам» Донбасс не отдам. Это моя земля. Если надо — здесь и умру.

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