Friday, October 9, 2015

Basurin, the military voice of post-Strelkov's Donetsk army: There is no Novorossiya, and there will be no Novorossiya

Eduard Basurin, a deputy commander of Donetsk Corps and a Minsk-fitted DPR officer for PR have an interview to Anatoliy Shariy's program. Among other things, he said:

1. "What connects people first of all is money." With this mindset, it's easy to nod to Mozgovoy's death
2. "[Since] Russia's politicians dropped Novorrosiya, Novorossiya will simply disappear with time."
3. "There is no Novorossiya; it does not exist. I don't hear Russian politicians talking about it any more." [accompanied with a smirk]
4. "The Strelkov age is over. Like others, I try not to pay attention to him." 5. "I don't want Ukraine's breakup, neither does Russia, Europe, or US."
6. As of now talking to the fascist regime is "very hard;" they see anyone else as Untermenschen.
7. "People don't know or study history." Apparently, Basurin does.

In this interview of his, Basurin makes it clear that he does not care about the DPR as such or how it is called. For him the future is "back into Ukraine" and he identifies his own goal and wish as staying with and within Ukraine.

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