Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Russian Spring has been aborted by the supreme decision of the oligarchis masters: Long live Operation Attention Switch: Minsk is about to deliver Novorossiya as an aborted child into the hands of the Banderite partners in Kiev

Moscow did badly need to divert attention from what ought to be a final stage of the implementation of the Minsk deal in Donbass. Thus, while the greater and more effective aid to the battered and besieged heroic Syria was badly needed (and much sooner) too , Russia and its media and info sphere have pivoted sharply toward Syria--away from Ukraine and Donbass (not to mention Novorossiya, which for the official Kremlin and the Russian state media has been buried a while ago). Thus the help to one's ally, Syria, also serves as a diversion of sorts and can be called "Operation Attention/Focus Switch." This fact is well evident in Putin's UN speech--the share spent on the plight of the millions of Russians in Ukraine under the new Nazi regime and that devoted to ISIS is much 1:6-7.

Gennadiy Dubovoy, one of the best known war Novorossiya correspondents has just made this announcement on his Vkontakte page:

The basic incomprehension of constantly asking fellow citizens is becoming too heavy on me: "Gennadiy, why are there no new videos and articles [from Donbass]? What's going on in the republic? Is this the end of all our hopes?"

The answer is: 1. Yes, this is the end. There is nothing to report, the war is over, or to be more precise, we have been forced to end it. 2. What is happening in the republic? Everything has already happened. As it turns out, we fought for the restoration and strengthening of the oligarchic system of slavery. They have used us, and everyone who not play by the rules of this [oligarchic] system, will be destroyed. 3. I will decipher points 1 and 2 (if I'm still alive) in a series of essays and analytical articles, long promised to various publications.

Угнетает клинический наив ежедневно вопрощающих сограждан: " Геннадий, почему нет новых роликов и статей? Что происходит в республиках? Это – конец всех наших надежд?"
Отвечаю:1. Да, это конец. Снимать нечего, война закончилась, точнее, нас вынудили её закончить. 2. Что происходит в республиках? Всё уже произошло. Мы воевали за восстановление и укрепление неорабовладельческой СИСТЕМЫ, нас использовали и всех, кто будет играть не по правилам СИСТЕМЫ - уничтожат. 3. Пункты 1-й и 2-й расшифрую (если буду жив) в серии очерков и аналитических статей, давно обещанных для разных изданий.

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