Monday, October 12, 2015

Everyone and everything is now promoting peace in Ukraine, except the truth (even though US and NATO officials are now on record calling what Russia does both in Ukraine and Syria "aggression")

A basic rule for winning a war or campaign is that, first of all, one actually needs to want to win. Till now that was understood without saying. In Ukraine, the Kremlin (following the important precedents of how the Soviet Union won, that is, lost the Cold War) successfully overturned this basic rule of all other rules.

In Ukraine and Donbass, NATO like the USS guided-missile destroyer "promote peace."

Minsk 1 promotes peace, so does Minsk 2.

Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko promote peace. Plotnitsky's own movement is "Peace to the district of Lugansk!"
Zakharchenko's silence over the kidnapping of Kornienko promotes peace. 
The hypnotizing mantra "there is no alternative to Minsk" promotes peace unconditionally.

Moscow promotes the same peace.

Peace means "reaffirming Ukraine's commitment to NATO."

Peace means that "Ukraine is already a KEY partner for the US" and NATO.

Peace means that Moscow did not recognize the DPR and the LPR and that it will never do so. Moscow recognized them as Ukraine's districts. That too promotes peace.

Cheap oil and gas to the fascist regime peacefully Nazififying Ukraine also promote peace. So the billions of dollars passed to Ukraine through Russia's state banks as possible reparations.

Poroshenko is "a man and party of peace" (Kremlin argued).

Moscow's strategy objectively helped the fascist regime to establish its control over all Ukraine except for the eastern corner of Donbass to which Moscow succeeded to limit and contain the anti-fascist and pro-Russian uprising and there to freeze it, while moving forward with the implementation of Minsk. This too promotes peace.

The murders of Mozgovoy, Bednov and Ischenko also "promote peace."

Deliberate transforming the people's republics into oligarchic, criminal fiefdoms promotes peace very much.

Merkel and Hollande also promote peace. Individually, together and also collectively as Normandy--Operation "Our Bridgehead and Beach on the Don."

Berlusconi is peace personified.
Securing Mariupol for the junta from the NAF 2014 victory also promoted peace. 

Blind confidence in all this peace also promotes peace. The same one.

The doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope--the infallibility of the Great Leader infallibly promotes peace. Infallible peace. As infallible as the infallibility of Ukraine into the hands of a foreign oversea power.

The US "is committed to maintaining a PERSISTENT presence" in Ukraine, in the whole of Ukraine, while Russia is not. Russia sees in the fascists who hate Russia her "partners." This too promotes peace.

Pushilin is peace embodied.

Lies promote peace. And more than anything else.

"Bolstering Ukraine's defenses against Russian aggression in Syria and Ukraine" also promotes peace.

"The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Porter arrived in Odesa, Ukraine in support of the NATO initiative to promote peace in the region.

The U.S. Navy says the Porter's presence in the region is meant to reaffirm its commitment to NATO, while also allowing U.S. maritime forces to connect with local forces and strengthen the alliance.

"During our port visit, the crew will have the opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine as well as strengthen bonds between our maritime forces," said Cmdr. Blair Guy, the commanding officer for the Porter. "Ukraine is a key partner for the U.S., and our presence here demonstrates the U.S. commitment to maintaining a persistent presence in Eastern Europe." ... The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Porter arrived in Odesa, Ukraine in support of the NATO initiative to promote peace in the region.

... The Porter's arrival comes as NATO officials move to bolster their defenses to counter Russian aggression in Syria and Ukraine." 

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