Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Dutch MH17 report: first impressions

The Dutch MH17 reports says few important things:
1) if a BUK missile shot down MH17, it was fired just several miles east of Zaroschenskoye, initially identified by Russia's Defense Ministry as a location at which Ukraine's BUK missile battery appeared on the even of July 17.
2) the possible firing position of the BUK battery is placed by the Dutch report directly into the zone of intensive battles in the area around Mariinka at that time and Ukraine's new offensive in the second half of July and early August.
3) the reports admits that some of the most important information was purposefully withheld in order "not to impede the criminal investigation."
4) the Dutch report also provides weather information for July 17, which "disappeared" from usual weather sites after the attack on MH17. The report confirms that the weather was densely cloudy, with heavy overcast, thus, indirectly, casting a serious doubt on the famous bellincat photo with the Buk trail, which was showing a clear sky (is the photo a composite?). You may note that all the other images from July 17 and the crash site made at that time also show heavy, stormy clouds.
5) the Dutch report reveals Ukraine's serious losses in its planes and helicopters, BUT avoids any discussion [as far as I was able to glance] of Ukrainian Air Force activities on July 17.
6) No attempt is made to explain or discuss rounded holes in the body of the aircraft.
7) the report indicates the self-evident--directing/letting civilian aircraft over the military zone with significant Ukrainian Air Force activity and Ukrainian Air Force losses was, to put it mildly, irresponsible and unacceptable.

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