Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Powers that be and the Kremlin too are trying hard to present Ukrainian fascism as a "return to the new normal"

Ekaterina Kornienko: her sister Valentina was kidnapped (most likely from her apartment) two weeks ago in Donetsk, soon after materials were published on byzantine corruption and abuse of the DPR military intelligence department, its ongoing takeover by Kiev's SBU in cooperation with the DPR leadership and Surkov's management, which seems to be a sign of how the DPR and the LPR are being quietly made compatible with the fascist project of Ukraine and their re-incorporation--by changing the character of the republics from within. Ekaterian Kornienko's appeal is, in her own words, a "cry of the soul."

The DPR leaders are turning their back and "closing their doors" on the people. The DPR authorities did not even pretend to conduct any investigation into the disappearance of Valentina Kornienko. Moreover, Valentina is not the only case. Many people are "vanishing" in the DPR and the LPR. It has become a method of the Surkovian management.

The originally anti-fascist people's republics are now treating people as disposable small change. Very likely, the DPR authorities or now rather fascist Ukraine's "particular district in waiting" believed that Ekaterina Kornienko's sister knew some possible whistle-blowers from the military intelligence department. The signature and pattern of this situation would suggest that fascist methods of "investigation" might have been applied to Valentina to obtain the desired information.

Supporters of Novorossiya in the DPR and LPR are thus systematically weeded out, and, as of now, there is no longer any local voice or ideologue of Novorossiya active. They were either killed, dismissed, disappeared or otherwise silenced. Ekaterina Korninenko herself used to be Boris Rozhin's secretary. It had been well known for some time now that the original cunning plan was that Strelkov and his men would be left stranded and encircled in Slavyansk in order to be eliminated there back in the summer of 2014, while Donetsk was being quietly readied by Pushilin, Boroday and Company for a not-so-gentlemanly return into the "harbor of new Banderite, oligarchic Ukraine."

Unwittingly, Strelkov messed up these plans when, from his military point of view, he concluded that allowing his men to be defeated and wiped out in Slavyansk was not a good idea. Once Strelkov showed in Donetsk, Pushilin did not think it was safe for him there and he ran to Russia, while the SBU, the Ukrainian police and the Ukrainian, pro-junta mayor of Donetsk, who were still there before Strelkov came, dashed to Kiev.

This time around,  what was prepared for Donetsk at the beginning is now being pursued in a much more systematic, more professional (in a sense), and more gradual way. The key stress is on the stealthy character of the operation and its secrecy. The Maidan too was just a peak of the iceberg, so to speak. Its key prerequisite and main center of gravity was the infiltration of the state apparatus and Yanukovich's own government and leadership.

From the point of view of this system, normal individuals and even people as a whole are viewed as small and not more as a manipulable material. When Moscow uses the word "partners" (even though, in this, they have no reciprocation from the very same "partners"), they are using not just a figure of speech; there is a whole "philosophy" behind it, a matrix of ties, interests, and deeply engraved addiction to drinking the aphrodisiac opiates of the masters of the universe.

The Soviet Union and the Eastern camp fell because the elite decided that it was a good idea to ditch not only the system they led and profited from, but also to betray everyone else and the people. The Novorossiya movement was largely a (delayed) spontaneous revolt, which, with the exception of a smaller part of Donbass, has been successfully repressed, and the threat was contained within the south-east corner.

Now the experiment and the effort is aimed at turning the original treason from above into a universal self-betrayal. In the process, fascism is being cultured and given the best possible conditions for its growth--for the deliberate and systematic humiliation, corruption, and debasement is leaving and offering the door of fascism open, while making sure that other doors and venues are closed. Ukrainian fascism is now Ukraine's "new normal," and it is this new "normalcy" which seems to be making the Kremlin rather very sanguine or even quietly optimistic. As Putin recently put it, Ukraine, including Donbass, ought to be "normalized" rather soon. As reported by RT on September 4, 2015:

"[Putin] expressed confidence that eventually Ukraine will overcome the current political and economic crisis. 'I am sure that despite all difficulties of the current period the situation in Ukraine will also become normal and Ukraine will develop in a positive direction ...'"

Similarly, right after Minsk 2, Putin explicitly defined Minsk and its fulfillment (return of Donbass to Kiev) as a return to "normalcy": "The Russian president says if the Minsk ceasefire is complied with, the situation will get back to normal in Ukraine ... [Putin:] 'If the Minsk accords [agreeing a ceasefire] are complied with, then I am sure that the situation will gradually get back to normal.'"

The powers that be are hard or hell bent on presenting revived fascism and its Banderite rabid form as a "new normal" for the post-Soviet, post-communist/anti-communist Eastern Europe and Russia.

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