Friday, October 9, 2015

Mozgovoy, Novorossiya, Honor, and the Conscience of the People

Three days after the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Victory over Nazism in WWII, during which Putin bravely avoided to even mention or touch new fascism in power in Ukraine, spreading its darkness right by Moscow and over the millions of Russians, Putin and Lavrov met Kerry in Sochi. Lavrov presented Kerry with healthy red tomatoes. One week later Tzarev and others declared that Novorossiya is dead, that they trade it for "being part of united Ukraine" under the Poroshenko anti-Russian (and fascist) government and, in doing so, the DPR and the LPR would also be exchanged for a junta promise to make them "special regions"--just as Minsk prescribes.

Eleven days after the Putin-Lavrov-Kerry meeting in Sochi, which, unlike the Obama-Putin meeting at the UN, went under beaming smiles, Alexey Mozgovoy and his team were treasonously killed on their way for a scheduled meeting with the people of Plotnitsky. The assassination of Mozgovoy removed Novorossiya's greatest leader and voice.

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