Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Teaching the Russians to repent for being (pro-)Russian and against fascism is hard, but not impossible, the Kremlin tries to teach Donbass

Boris Rozhin at least gathered himself to comment on the cancellation of the DPR/LPR elections. In particular, he noted that moving the elections in conformity with the demands of the Kiev regime and its Western allies will also entail putting off the (carrot of the) promise (held in front of the Donbass people if they were to vote as required) that, as a reward, they would start getting Russian passports.

Rozhin also seems to believe that the question of returning control over the DPR/LPR borders to the fascist regime, as stipulated under Minsk 1 and Minsk 2, is moving into the future too, but this is neither given nor guaranteed. It is possible that both Kiev and the West will demand from Russia to do just that by the end of the year--in accordance with Minsk 2--or more sanctions etc. With Minsk 1 and Minsk 2, the Kremlin already conceded a huge piece of ground (politically, morally, in terms of principles etc.), and on the question of the local elections which were to be held (supposedly to "legitimize the DPR and the LPR," as the false justification of Minsk 2  went), the Kremlin made yet another concession, which, moreover, destroyed the last remaining notion of any autonomous agency on the part of the Donbass republics.

The key, most important fact and one which the Kremlin tries to avoid and hush up is that the Kiev regime is fascist and also aggressively anti-Russian. It is now also a complete NATO colony, which Ukraine became last year under the watch or the utter lack of it on the part of Putin who opted instead to recognize the fascist government in Kiev as legitimate and call them his "partners." If you believe Putin and if you believe that Putin is right, then you too should follow Putin's word and example and declare the fascists in Kiev "legitimate" and "your partners" and "even friends."


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