Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Two more strange things in the Dutch MH17 report

1. As you  can see from the Dutch map of the crash sites of MH17, the Dutch reports tells us that, after the plane was hit at the last location/last moment of the recording of the Flight Data Recorder, the cockpit and the front section of the plane turned around and flew, damaged and destroyed, at a 120-140 degree angle backward, against their momentum--and into the direction from which they very hit, into the left side. In doing so, the cockpit ultimately landed as far as 4km away and backward with respect to the vector of the flight from where the plane was hit.

2. Furthermore, and quite grievously, the Dutch MH17 report bluntly and grossly falsified the calculation of the supposed launch site of the BUK missile by the Russian BUK-producer Almaz-Antey. This where the Dutch reports claims the launch area falls in as calculated by Almaz-Antey, putting it where the Kiev-Western team wanted it to be--within the area claimed by Kiev and its Western allies:

However, Almaz-Antey was kind enough to publish what its own calculation of the launch area actually looks like and it is here:

Now, if we were to put the Dutch and the real Almaz-Antey's calculated launch areas on one and the same map, then the Dutch team's moving of the Almaz-Antey's launch site "into their camp"--almost 20 miles eastward becomes very clear:

In red, I penciled out the likely launch site as per Almaz-Antey, and in blue (and it makes for a much larger area, as you can see) is the "science" presented by the Dutch report over which the Kiev regime exercised a veto power (if there was anything Kiev would be afraid of--on top of the concerns shared with his NATO allies).

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