Thursday, December 3, 2015

Russian oligarchy's vicious dialectical circle: a perfect loop with no exit in sight

Only the lazy and the naive have not realized yet that the financial, fiscal, and economic policies of the Russian government under Putin and Medvedev have been largely under the direction and supervision of the US. However, these neo-liberal and (pro)oligarchic policies are bullet-proof. Not only because any alternative is treated as an anathema encroaching on the sanctity and necessary greatness of Putin, but also because any alternative has no chance of being considered otherwise than as an attack on Putin's own genius or his secret plans or, as a minimum, as part of the US own anti-Putin conspiracy and regime change.

Thus, even the protest against the oppressive and crippling levy on the Russian truckers is cast as part of the US regime change plan.

It thus turns out that Putin defends the interests of Russia and is a patriot by carrying out US-dictated economic and financial policies and that the US controls all the sides of Russian oligarchy's vicious dialectical circle. This whole setup is so smart and clever that it too must have been devised in Washington D.C. by the US best Ivy League's graduates.

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