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UN SC Resolution 2254 on Syria: Foreign Illegal War on Syria Never Happened, and the Syrian Government Must Be Replaced with a New One by June 2016

The UN Security Council adopted unanimously (this means with both Russia and China voting for it too) a resolution on Syria, which prescribes a plan for action to the conflict in Syria in which the greatest demands are placed on the Syrian government, which was excluded from the negotiations and preparations of this resolution.

With Russia playing a part of Syria's official ally and, at the same time, a "constructive partner" of the West, as she did in the case of Kosovo, Libya, Iran, Yemen etc., China had not much of a choice to stake out its own divergent position. Again, when the US insistently presses and demands, the Russian leadership delivers. Whether it is Ukraine and the millions of the Russians there or Eastern Europe before or its own soul and honor, if they feel that they still had them.

The resolution legitimizes US, French, German and the US-led coalition bombing in Syria.

The resolution demands that all parties (hence, the wording in the eyes of the West, applies mainly to the Syrian government) The "cease attacks against civilians." A violation of this demand, as interpreted by the West, now gives a new political tool into the hands of the West, which can be converted into military force or enforcement. The idea of possible "enforcement" is also implied in the demand for "ceasefire," which the UN is now tasked to monitor and report on.

The Resolution also legitimizes and whitewashes all the terrorist and jihadist groups, which do not belong DIRECTLY or clearly to ISIS and al-Nusra.

And, most importantly, the resolution effectively demands and prescribes a regime change in Syria. It demands "credible, inclusive and non-sectarian governance" to be established within six months.

Note that this new Syrian government is to be set before the new Syrian elections, which are set to be held within the next 18 months. This means that the new Syrian government is to be formed by fiat and under (very likely) dictate by the new US-Russian alliance. The arbitrarily set and demanded deadlines are now yet another added tool in the hands of the West.

The word "inclusive" opens it wide to all the official "moderate," West and Saudi-backed militant groups, and "credible" is a cipher for what the West deems credible, which is not Assad and the Syrian government: France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius welcomed the deal but said that the idea of Mr Assad standing in elections was "unacceptable".

The resolution then also paints the present Syrian government  as not "credible" or "inclusive," for otherwise the resolution would not demand that a government, which is credible and inclusive, ought to be first newly established. Russia thus actively helped to color the Syrian government, the government of its ally, as not quite or sufficiently legitimate--not legitimate enough to be part of the process in which the resolution was adopted, while the new transitional government, which is to be installed without Syrian elections, is supposed to be legitimate ("credible, inclusive and non-sectarian"), when including the representatives of the militants, because the resolution sees it that way already ahead of time.

UN Security Council Resolution on Syria (No. 2254)

Calls for ceasefire and formal talks on a political transition to start in early January
Groups seen as "terrorist", including Islamic State and al-Nusra Front, are excluded
"Offensive and defensive actions" against such groups - a reference to air strikes by US-led coalition and Russia - to continue
UN chief Ban Ki-moon to report by 18 January on how to monitor ceasefire
"Credible, inclusive and non-sectarian governance" to be established within six months
"Free and fair elections" under UN supervision to be held within 18 months.
The agreement demands that all parties cease attacks against civilians.

Lavrov: the "Vienna principles" on which Resolution 2254 is based cannot be revised--they became the new "international law" which is no longer liable to revising (

The fate of Syria "needs to be decided by the Syrians themselves" (c) but “only by bringing together all EXTERNAL players that can influence what is happening on the ground can we achieve good results,” Lavrov said in New York. (

Lavrov is sure that Syria needs a new constitution and that an agreement on a new constitution for Syria can be reached in the next 6 months (

Russian soldiers have become new allies of the Free Syrian Army, and in Russian Air Force the Free Syrian now has its own Air Force.

The FSA has been and continues to be an enemy of the Syrian government and the SAA, but this is only a small fact which does not disturb Putin or the Russian government or the party of Putin's supporters.

The Russian Chief of Staff has now something new to boast about. Russia is now officially allying with US allies in Syria. From here it is not that far from doing something similar elsewhere too--perhaps in Ukraine or Russia itself. (

The New World Order has received a deadly blow today for Putin and Lavrov agreed on nearly everything the US, the West, and Arab dictators wanted. And, in doing so, Russia did not even need to have Syria be part of the process. Russia and Syria's enemies were able to adopt the UN SC resolution on Syria with implied instruments of enforcement without Syria being even allowed to have a say or at least to present its position during the talks. We all know that Russia would like to be treated exactly this way when her turn comes.

Putin thus did accomplish a sort of Minsk for Syria as well. In effect, Russia tried to sign a surrender deal on behalf of Syria and without Syria.

El Murid on UN SC resolution 2254:

"No one in the Security Council asked today the Syrian people about anything--the Syrian people were put in front of a fait accompli. Well, then, of course, the Syrian people will need to implement this agreement prescribed to them, the people, within its bounds. And if necessary, they will redraw these bounds again, without giving a damn about how the Syrian people would react to such freedom. Colonialism is on the march again. We should be proud for we are now in its established ranks as well. Colonialism has taken up under its wings too.

For the gracious partners graciously allowed the Kremlin to save its face--the main thing for the Kremlin, which has agreed to betray Assad in exchange of being permitted to lie about it out loud in any form or shape. The crime is done, and they say, who cares about it any more?"

"Сирийский народ сегодня в Совбезе никто ни о чем не спрашивал - его просто поставили перед фактом. Ну, а потом, конечно, решать будет именно сирийский народ. В предписанных ему, народу, рамках. И если потребуется, эти рамки опять перерисуют, совершенно не интересуясь, как этот самый сирийский народ отнесется к такой вот своей свободе. Колониализм на марше. Мы должны гордиться - теперь и мы в этих стройных рядах. На подхвате.

За покладистость партнеры милостиво дали Кремлю сохранить лицо - главное: Кремль согласился со сдачей Асада, за это ему позволено вслух рассказывать про что угодно. Дело-то сделано, так что пусть говорят, кому это интересно?"

Ну вот и "Минск-2" для Асада. Схема всё та же - переговоры с террористами (зачеркнуто) с умеренной оппозицией, режим прекращения огня, переходное правительство (где Асад вряд ли будет).
4 года Асад упирался - и тут пришел Вова и "помог".
Опыт Новороссии, видимо, не научил никого.

П.С. Кстати, Россия могла воспользоваться правом вето на этот документ.
Но нет.

П.П.С. По традиции повангуем насчет "хитрых планчиков". Мои варианты: "Заткнитесь, никто не слил", "Асад сам виноват, ему никто ничего не обещал", "Умеренная оппозиция не такая уж и плохая", "Главное, чтобы наступил мир!", "Мы не готовы долго воевать", "Нужно бороться против ИГИЛ, а с оппозицией пусть Асад сам разбирается", "Мы не держимся за Асада".

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